Monday, July 30, 2007

Total Cock Worship Monday

Monday. Dry weekend. I’m horny as hell. I need cum. I need it bad. I call my assistant. I’m going to be late. Move meetings, etc. I start work earlier than most. By the time everyone else gets there, I’m way ahead. Today I need to feed.

I call a few fuck buddies. Either their phones are off or their asleep. I leave messages all over: “I want to suck you off.” I’m seriously bummed. I even think about heading into work.

Then I hear Mike’s motorcycle.

Mike is a hottie. I’ve known him since he was in college. Not sure how we met. He constantly asks me for advice. He’s somewhat straight and totally insecure. He has a small dick. Not quite five inches. Not too thick. We occasionally talk about it. His insecurity has cost him girlfriends. His small dick doesn’t bother them as much as it bothers him.

Mike sucks dick because it gets him close to big dicks. Dicks he wishes he had. He’s good at sucking. I can tell he enjoys it. I like guys like Mike. I know they’ll keep coming back. Guys that are just horn dogs will eventually decide to play it straight. One day, they just stop coming.

Pete was like that. Handsome. Great bod. Nice dick. Liked to fuck around. Loved having me blow him. I hadn’t seen him in a while when he walks up to me at Safeway. We chat for a second. Then he drops the bomb: he won’t be coming around anymore. Met a great girl, etc. She’s at the end of the aisle. I wave to her. She waves back.

I ask him if he’s in love. Pete says yes. I ask him if the sex is great. He nods. Then the big question: “Does she suck cock as well as I do?” He pauses before giving an unconvincing “Yeah… it’s different.”

I wish him well. He starts to turn away. I stop him. “You know what the difference is between her giving you head and me?” He shrugs. “She loves you… while I…” I step forward to make my point, “I worship your cock.” The truth stuns him: He will never get a mind-blowing blow job again. He stands there as I walk away. When I turn at the end of the aisle, his girlfriend is looking at him concerned, holding his face. She looks to me as if to say, “What the fuck did you say to him?”

The truth, baby. I told him the truth.

Mike is in HVAC. Starts in the late morning. He tells me he has plenty of time. I tell him I just want to blow him and send him on his way. He’ll go for that.

I do him in the entry. Against the door. I pull down his grungy work pants. I swallow his already hard dick.

Mike is compact. Maybe 5’7” and 165. Not much hair, Kinda cute. Full, pouty lips. Those lips are perfect for sucking cock. Today, he won’t need them. I run my hand up his chest as I lick his dick. I slobber all over it. I slurp. I gulp. His balls are small, too. I play with his fuzzy nuts. He moans softly.

I pump my face down onto his dick. He moans a little louder. I grab his hands. I put them on the back of my head. He doesn’t get my point. I pull off and look up. His eyes are closed. He’s got this beatific look on his face. I hate to pull him out of it. I go back to slurping on his cock.

After a few minutes I pull off again. I tell him to fuck my face. Mike gently pumps a few times. I pull off again. “Fuck. My. Face.” I start pumping down on his dick again. This time he gets it. He grips the hair on my head and begins to fuck my face. His movements are short. Quick. A longer dick would choke me, maybe even hurt me. I can easily breathe.

Mike starts whispering as he gets closer to nutting. He starts to talk a little louder… then louder. “Take it, take it, take it!” He gurgles when he cums. Not sure where that comes from. It can be disconcerting if you’re not used to it. Sometimes even when you are.

I swallow his spunk. There isn’t much there. Poor guy, small all over.

I remain on my knees as he catches his breath. I gently kiss the light fur his flat stomach. Small kisses thanking him for feeding me. He taps my shoulder. “Gotta go,” he says. Ah, straight-boy guilt. Fine. Go. You’ll be back.

He zips up. Says “thanks” for the hundredth time. I ask for a kiss. He gives me a quick peck. Ah, straight boys… I hug him and kiss his neck. He likes that. He gives me a longer kiss. Closed mouth. But decent.

He hops on his motorcycle and zooms away.

I go out to get the paper and I see Brian riding by on his bike. He looks good in bicycle shorts. Too good. He pulls over. Returning after a long early morning ride. He’s back for the weekend from football camp. “Good for the quads,” he smiles. His quads look amazing in red bicycle shorts. So does his giant package.

I ask him if he’s got time. He does. We go in.

The phone rings. It’s Rick. He’s driving by on his way to the gym. Will my offer still stand in an hour and a half? “Absolutely.” He asks about “the stud on the bike.” I tell him he won’t be there when he arrives. “Pity.”

I hang up. Brian is all over me. I tell him I just feel like blowing him today. He begs for more. I tell him I’m not in the mood. It’s a lie. I don’t feel like getting fucked by his massive dick today. Today I want to pray at the altar of cock.

Brian grabs me and hugs me tight. He smothers me with kisses. He stinks. The bike ride has left him smelling a bit ripe. I’m not sure when the last time he’s washed his riding kit, but it turns me on.

He takes off his shorts and jock. He heads to the living room. He drops in the big leather chair.

Brian is already hard. His dick is laying flat on his hairy belly. I kneel before him and pull it forward. Just before I put his giant schlong into my mouth, I look up at him. He looks so happy. My mission is to keep that expression on his face.

I take him into my mouth. From tiny Mike to huge Brian. Man, what an incredible difference. Sucking on his massive cock is instense. It fills every bit of my mouth. His giant, pulsating monster-cock is stretching my mouth and throat. There’s still a handful and a half left. My mouth is in serious salivation mode. I’m slurping all over this monster. My hands follow my mouth so his whole shaft is constantly surrounded.

My whole world is his huge cock. Nothing else matters. I am at home. I am at peace. I want only one thing: to worship that dick. To praise it to heaven above and to drink its essence. Finally, it gives forth.

Brian groans. “Bruiser” pumps out thick ropes of cum. I pull back to allow for my mouth to fill with his seed. It spills out from my lips. It runs down his shaft. It leaks onto his pubes and stomach. I wait until the flow stops before slurping up all the excess. Taking the last bit into my mouth, I gently kiss his muscled thigh. “Thank you,” I mutter.

“No,” Brian says, “Thank you.” I want to correct him and tell him I was thanking God for letting me suck on such a divine cock. Instead, I just smile. I don’t want it to end. I find myself giving his thick shaft small, loving kisses. I’m hoping he wants another go. An excited knock on the door breaks the spell.

I can’t help but think of the remarkable luck in timing I’m having: one guy cums, another one comes…

Shamus is a bartender at a local Irish Pub. He looks a lot older than his 28 years. But he’s got a body and a dick like few others. We hooked up a few months back in a clumsy, drunken episode. I’m ashamed I can’t remember much more than while we thought we were having a secret tryst in the supply closet, the door was open and people were taking pictures. I know this because every week I get email with a picture from some dude’s phone with the message: “Is that you”? I don’t remember fucking him. Pictures don’t lie. He thoroughly was enjoying it.

Brian is bookended by two small guys. Shamus is a wee bit smaller than Mike: 5’4” and maybe 140. He’s a thin bloke. He’s got ginger hair all over—lighter than Red. Owns an oddly curved member. Shamus also sports a dead sexy, thick Irish brogue.

Before I can even shut the door, Shamus is all over me. I remember him being a fantastic kisser. He’s keeping that memory alive. He says something. I can’t understand it. We work our way to the stairs. He sees Brian standing in the living room. Brian is fully dressed. Shamus is not. He’s dropped his pants. He is standing in my entry, naked and “pointing” at the dining room. Brian nods to Shamus. Gives me pat on the shoulder. A nod to Shamus’ member. He’s out the door.

Shamus asks if he’s interrupted. I think that’s what he says. The accent is thick. He talks fast. I shrug. I pull off his shirt. Sweet. I rub my hands all over his body. I feel every inch of his hairy torso. The fur makes him look thick and healthy, instead of just skinny. I set him on the stairs so I can work my way down to his cock when the doorbell rings.

I met Paul at a Party a few years back and we hook up every now and again. I didn’t remember calling him. In my attempt to get some action I called a lot of people. Paul sees the naked and very excited Shamus on my stairs.

“How many dudes did you call?” I lie and tell him three and Shamus was the first to show. He rolls his eyes. He asks where he should wait. I yank my leprechaun off the stairs and tell Paul to stay put. Paul and I have hooked up at enough at parties for him to know I’m worth the wait. So is he. He’s got a big unit.

“Should I take a number?” he asks while I drag Shamus into the living room. Shamus doesn’t say a word. This might be normal for him. Who knows? He’s reaching for my cock in my boxers but I tell him “no.” I tell him I just want to suck him off—he looks disappointed. Next time.

I sit him in the same chair that Brian was just in and almost laugh. Brian is 6’5” and filled the chair with his muscular frame. Poor Shamus looks lost in it. His cock, however, is a lot like Brian’s. I smile. I tell him we need to be quick, since Paul is waiting. “Who doesn’t love a quick gobbler?”

I assume that’s good.

I kneel before his shillelagh. I take it into my mouth. Probably as long as Brian’s. Not as thick. Much easier to take. Even with the bend. I rub my hands up his hairy torso. I drop my head deeper and deeper into Shamus’ lap, taking more of his cock into my mouth; my throat. With every inch into my mouth Shamus says something I can’t understand. I’m worried I’m going to laugh. Every time he speaks I try to figure out what he’s saying. It distracts me from the task at hand. All I can think of are clichés. I swear at one point he yelled “Top of the mornin’ to ya!” Not sure as it was garbled and his hands were on my ears.

Shamus worked the night before. He still smells of beer and cigarettes. He has a musk that is intoxicating. Not dirty. A bit of sweat that belongs to a hard working man. It’s all over his shaft. I’m determined to suck it off him.

I suck his balls for a while. I nibble on the two delicious, hairy globes. Then to his taint. More musky goodness. He lifts his legs. He offers up his hairy hole. My tongue dives in. I chew on his hole while stroking the long shaft.

He shouts “Mary, Mother of God!” Also, something that sounds like “may the road rise up to meet ya.” I feel his cock pulsate rhythmically in my hand. He cries out. I shove my tongue deeper into his hole. He clamps down on it. I can actually feel his cock get harder as he cums.

I pull my tongue from his ass. I take his shaft in my mouth. It is still throbbing. I catch the last shot of jizz from the glans. His furry chest and stomach are covered with cum. His cock bends naturally out of the way as I suck the spunk from the fur. Cleansed of his load, I give him a kiss.

He smiles. Says something rapid and unintelligible. I kiss him again. He nods to the entry way and my other guest.

I’d briefly forgotten about Paul. I give Shamus’ still pulsating shaft two or three more tender kisses before I get up and walk to the hall.

Paul is not alone.

Sitting on the stairs with him is Davis—another guy I’ve hooked up with at a Party. The look in Paul’s eyes is both damning and admiring. I smile and ask, “Who’s next?”

Davis stands up. He’s so excited for this he forgets Paul was there first. Ever the gentleman, Paul actually says that “the kid” should go first. Hot and generous. He deserves—and will get—a really great BJ…

Shamus is looking for his shorts—Paul points to them in the corner. Shamus nods, mumbles something and leaves. Then rushes back in and gives me a quick kiss, “Give us a call!” Just as quickly, he is back out the door.

I look at the two guys and smile. Paul points to his chin. I wipe Shamus’ seed from my chin. “Better get going, kid,” he deadpans, “before the next rush of immigrants.”

Davis is not so much young as he is immature—at least in the ways of gay sex. He’s Mormon, went to BYU, got married, became a lawyer and then realized he was gay. His family is BIG in the Church. He can’t come out. They did allow him to divorce and—as long as he’s discreet—he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

He is naïve on a lot of issues in regards to homosexuality. Innocence combined with a hot body makes him adorable. Thick blonde hair. Piercing blue-eyes. Davis is so clean-cut he practically squeaks. He stands before me in a full suit and tie. Paul, left his jacket in the car—why would he need it? Davis is always properly dressed.

Davis likes the idea that Paul is there watching. I remain in the hallway—Paul sitting up higher on the stairs, near the first landing. Davis is on the bottom step. Davis likes to be completely naked for any kind of sex. We once had sex in his truck. I’m there with my schlong hanging out of my pants and he’s buck naked.

I remove Davis’ jacket & tie and place them on the bench in the entry. He’ll be distracted the whole time if he thinks his clothes are getting wrinkled. We all have issues.

Paul snaps his fingers. He wants to move things along. He takes the remaining clothes and places them on the landing. Seconds later, Davis stands in his garments—the Mormon underwear. They are beyond unattractive. It only works on him because he’s so fucking cute. I pull the shirt portion off. Then come the underpants.

Davis stands before me naked. He looks so innocent—except for the perfect raging hard-on. His cock is beautiful—average by most counts. But big and thick enough to thoroughly enjoy. Not much hair to speak of, besides the untamed bush. He’s in great shape. I’m craving his perky nipples. He sits on the stairs. Leans back into Paul, who puts his hands on his shoulders and gives him a peck on the neck.

Davis likes to kiss. I give him a long slow kiss. His hands are all over me, exploring me, grabbing at my cock. I move down. I nibble on his neck. I push him back to Paul. Paul and I kiss. I know where this is going. So does Paul. I nibble on Davis’ chest, chewing and biting on his nipples. Moving from one to the other. They are hard and perky. He is definitely hard-wired into them. He makes the funny noises when I chew on them. I know there is enough deodorant in his pits to choke a horse. I move down.

I love his hairy bush. Very few men don’t trim even just a little. Davis does not trim at all. I really enjoy that about him. I take his cock deep so that my nose is buried in his pubes. Contrasting to Shamus, he smells clean—like Irish Spring!

I kneel before him. Rubbing his thighs. Playing with his balls and taint. Working up to his asshole takes a lot of time. I’ve fucked him twice. Both times it was wonderful, but exhausting on an emotional level. When he’s fucked me, he was wild, intense and non-stop. Davis can go and go and go—more aptly: cum and cum and cum.

His dick and balls are perfect. I get lost in the enjoyment of them. I treat them with such reverence, I forget myself. They are not enormous, but the shape, color, texture, and taste are amazing. If there is absolute perfection in this world, sucking on Davis’ dick is it.

I pull off to admire his cock. I hear some serious cock sucking. Davis is laying back on the stairs, while Paul is feeding his ample cock to Davis—by kneeling above him, and leaning forward while holding onto the handrail for support. Paul and I are practically face-to-face. We kiss.

I tell him I want his cum. “You’ll get it.” He closes his eyes. Davis is doing right by his cock.

I go back sucking on Davis’ balls for a short while. Perfect, hairy globes. I tease them with my tongue, I pull on them with my mouth. One, then the other… then both. With Davis, not only do I love his dick, but his balls as well. I’m furiously beating his thick rod.

Paul groans. He announces he’s going to blow. He tells Davis not to swallow. “Save it… share it…” and then he nuts. Still holding the handrails, he pumps into Davis’ mouth. It spills out. He pulls out and shoots a line of jizz straight down Davis’ torso. I lean in. I smell it. I lick it up.

Spent, Paul pushes himself back and rests near the first landing. Davis sits up and our mouths meet. We share Paul’s spunk. It’s delicious. As I’m snowballing Davis, I feel his cock tense and he throws his head back. I move down. I catch his heavy load. Davis shoots five or six thick shots right into my mouth. I swallow him hungrily. The little that drips down, I slurp up.

We sit on the stairs, panting. I’m exhausted. I haven’t nutted yet, but I’m spent. Paul zips up and zips out, almost without a word. Davis dresses and quietly leaves. Issues. Guilt. Whatever.

I decide I’d better shower. I head upstairs. The doorbell rings. Damn. I forgot about Rick. Usually, he’s at my backdoor. (No pun intended.) It’s not Rick. It’s Andrew.

Andrew is in love with me. Every time we fuck he tells me he loves me at least three times. I just say “I know.” It’s not that he’s not hot. I just don’t love him. Andrew is about my height with a nice bod. He’s cute, with a sweet dick and solid balls. He has a perfect, perfect ass. He loves to get fucked and takes it well.

Because he’s so available, there is no chase. No challenge. He offers himself fully. Completely. The sex is good. Everything else is boring. He’s incredibly jealous. We’ve never dated. Still he’s jealous of anyone else I fuck. Whatever.

He sees my hard-on right away. He assumes it’s for him. In a way, it is. We kiss. An excellent kisser. By far the best. Passionate and hard; soft and loving. It’s always great.

We continue to kiss. He’s naked almost instantly. We’re upstairs in a flash. He’s on the bed sucking my cock. I’ve held it all morning. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. I know I’ll only have one nut today. I’m late for work. No going for seconds. I push him off. I dive for his dick. He tastes good. Not too clean. A little musky. I devour his dick like I haven’t sucked anything for days. He cums. I swallow. It’s delicious.

I start kissing my way up when I hear Rick downstairs. “Anybody home?” I look at Andrew. I tell him to wait. “I got a package arriving…” I think I’m clever with my double entendre…

Rick is in the kitchen. He’s sweaty from the gym. Damn. He’s gorgeous. Early 50’s, looks 30’s. Masculine. Sexy as fucking hell. We kiss. Not as good as Andrew, but he’s got my dick aching.

I yank off his shirt. I start licking those pits. They’re ripe. They’re delicious. I devour them. I work my way down his sparsely hairy chest to his shorts. I pull out his thick cock. I mention Andrew. I tell him we need to be quick. He wants to go up and join in. I tell him he needs to blow and go.

“Fine. Suck it.” I do as he commands.

I pull his foreskin back and suck on his thick rod. Cheesy. Delicious. I pull the foreskin forward and delve my tongue in. I roll it around the glans. He gasps. Rick likes. I play with the head until he is swaying. I take it all the way down and grab onto his muscled ass. He nuts in my throat.

Rick curses when he cums. It’s quiet. It’s nasty. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck you. Fucking asshole. Fucking douchebag. Fuck you. Fuck…” I swallow. I love it.

I stand and give his cock one last loving tug as I head upstairs. Any other day I’d wear that bastard out. He stops me and gives me a kiss. He thanks me. I nod and run upstairs.

Andrew is on the bed. Waiting. Arms behind his head. He’s hard again. He tries to kiss me. I realize I have Rick’s scent all over me. Hell, even I can smell it. I turn him over and start eating his ass. I tongue him hard and deep. He is groaning loud enough I worry about neighbors hearing. I don’t stop.

He begs me to fuck him.

I open the nightstand to get the lube and condoms. He tells me he wants to bareback. “I want your seed in me.” I continue putting on the condom. He tells me he wants me to truly be inside him. He tells me he loves me.

“I know, baby.” I roll on the condom.

I put him on his back. Pillow under his ass. That perfect, tight hole staring at me. I start to put it in. He pushes back. “Take off the condom.” I push forward. He cries out. I tell him to relax. Again, he tells me he loves me… and wants my seed.

I put my hand on his chest. I lean forward. I kiss him gently. He relaxes. I’m in. I kiss him again. “Please…” he begs. I shake my head. I’m getting mad. Let me fuck you, I think. He whispers, “I haven’t been with anyone else…”

“I have.” He tenses. I let it out. “Andy, baby… I’ve blown six guys… today. One of them downstairs while you waited. When I kissed you a minute ago—that wasn’t your ass, on my lips. That was his.”

He’s stunned. He’s hurt. I see a tear. Do I stop?


“Baby, I’m a fucking whore for dick. I worship it. I love sucking it. I love swallowing cum. Give me a dick—any dick—and I’ll drink his seed. You don’t know where I’ve been. The condom stays.”

He’s crushed. A tear drips from his eye. I lean in close. I push further in him. “You still love me?” He closes his eyes. Tears quietly pour out.




He opens his eyes as I thrust hard into him. I start to fuck him hard. All the while I’m looking in his eyes. He tries looking away. I move my head so he’s looking at me. “Huh, baby? Still love me?”

I’m a fucking asshole.

I’m pounding his hole hard. He keeps looking away. I keep moving to make eye contact. We’re shifting. His head is hanging over the side of the bed. He is groaning. Maybe he’s sobbing. I can’t tell. It’s loud. He’s matching my thrusts. It’s angry. He hates me. That makes me harder.

I lean forward. My mouth to his ear: “Of all the guys today… you’re the only one I’ve wanted to fuck.” He groans loader. He pulls me close. “Still love me, baby.”

“It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?” It’s Rick. He’s at the door watching us. Andrew tells me to stop. I just fuck harder. Rick walks over. He runs his hand up my leg, ass, back… I stop fucking.

Rick introduces himself. His thick cock is hanging inches from our faces. He asks Andrew to suck on it. Andrew looks away. “I bet RL will do it…”

I do. I’m going to hell. Andrew is pinned beneath me, still impaled on my shaft. I suck on Rick’s dick. I stop. I ask Andrew to suck on it. I give him a kiss… “Please… If you really love me…” He does. If you need me, I’ll be in the farthest reaches of hell.

Andrew’s head hanging over the bed makes it easy for Rick to fuck his face. I continue pounding his ass, while Rick punishes his beautiful face. After a short while in Andrew’s talented mouth, Rick pulls out and nuts all over Andrew and me.

Andrew loves to be cum on. Just as Rick blows, Andrew spews. It’s a small pool in the cum gutters that are his abs.

My cock is in serious overload. I can’t hold anymore. This is going to be intense. I want to nut inside Andrew’s tight hole. But I want to see this load even more. I know it will be magnificent.

I pull out. I yank off the condom and fling it across the room. Three hard pumps and I begin to spray thick ropes of spunk all over Andrew’s beautiful body. The first, sprays a continuous thick rope from his belly button to his forehead. The second rope, shoots past him and smacks Rick’s abs. The rest of the ropes land squarely on Andrew’s torso. I don’t think I have ever cum as much in a night full of heavy sex as I did in this one orgasm. The boy is drenched.

I’m shaking. I’m spent. I can’t speak. I lay on top of Andrew. The loads mix together between our two bodies. I feel it. I revel in our spunk. I roll him on top of me. We kiss.

“I love you,” he says softly.

I reply as always, “I know.” I quickly add, “You’re the best.”

“I know.”

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I hooked up with pilot Sunday. I think I need to adjust my attitude that I consider myself a top. I was his bitch all night.

Pilot is black. Tall and built. Early 40’s. Divorced three times. He can’t figure out why… He blames the exes. Yeah, it’s definitely their fault.

He fucks me hard. Screaming orgasms from both. He lays on the bed, spread-eagle. His big cock resting on his thigh. It pulses slightly.

I light him a cigarette. He likes that. I feel like some moll from a 40’s movie. The feeling lasts for only a second. My goddamned ass is twitching for more. I lick his neck. His pecks. His pits. He laughs. It amuses him. It does not turn him on.

Then I ask “The Question.”

He answers a resounding “No!” As always, he claims he doesn’t like it that much.

I plead. A few kisses… He doesn’t think it’s dignified. I know what the problem is: he feels it makes him gay. It’s odd. He can kiss me, suck me off (swallowing) and fuck my ass raw—but getting rimmed is “gay.” With most guys, I’d write it off. But his ass tastes so fine.

Eventually, he relents… after the cigarette.

He rolls over to extinguish the cigarette. That’s my opportunity. I move my mouth to his gorgeous ass. He’s got that black man’s ass that is so damn stunning: bubble, mostly muscle, but just enough fat to grab onto.

I get my tongue in there. I pull apart those two perfect deep, dark brown globes and tease that hole. I kiss it. I lick it. I French kiss it. All the while, pushing his cheeks into my face—creating more suction than he can stand.

He moans—loudly. I keep at it until his legs start twitching. That means he’s losing control. I made the mistake once of continuing on. He inadvertently kicked me off the bed. The man is a stallion.

I pull away. Pilot moves back. His asshole chasing my mouth. Seeming to offer up his ass. Wanting more. I reach forward for his ample cock. It is no longer hanging—it is flat against his six-pack abs. He turns over.

Pilot is hard as steel. The Beast is completely rigid and my mouth descends upon it. I lick. I suck. I drool all over the shaft. I also make sure that my fingers explore that asshole.

He calls out. He loves this. I love doing it to him.

I pull another condom out from the nightstand and slip it on him. Making sure he and I are both properly lubed, I move into position. Pilot lays flat, while I sit atop him and impale myself on his large endowment.

Christ, the thing is big.

I have to keep reminding myself to breathe.

“You okay, baby?” I nod—I can’t speak. I am at once in agony and euphoria. Pilot drops his hips. Instinctively, I move to follow by sitting fully upright and start to drop down onto the thick shaft. With a sudden, quick thrust, Pilot pushes his hips upward. Just as I am let go and drop down.

My mind explodes.

I black out. Pilot later says I’m speaking in tongues for ten minutes. I come to. Pilot has me on my stomach. A pillow gives my hips support. He’s holding my arms behind my back. He’s fucking me hard. Slamming with his full muscular force.

My shoulders ache. My legs are in pain. My asshole is being assaulted by a huge pounding cock. Pain engulfs my entire body. My cock aches it is so hard. The pillow is soaked with precum. He likes to pull all the way out and then ram The Beast back in. Do it. Do it now. Do it hard. The pain intensifies the pleasure.

Pilot releases my arms. He reaches around. Pulls me back to him. I think his cock goes in even deeper. He bites my neck hard. I will have horrible bruises later. I don’t care. Bit me, motherfucker.

He stops. Kisses my neck and pulls out. “Gotta pee,” he runs to the bathroom. I hear the condom snap off. “Hey,” Pilot calls from the john, “wanna hold it while I pee?”

It glistens off his body. He tells me to push down on it so he can pee. We stand there. Waiting. It pulses in my hand. It is not going down. I push down more. A tiny dribble comes out. “Damn,” he cries, “that’s worse. I gotta go more.”

I tell him that maybe I shouldn’t be holding it. He smiles. “Maybe you should be in front of it…” No. I don’t do piss. No interest. He knows this. I tell him no. Firmly. He grabs my arm. The circulation is cut off. “You want my dick in your pussy, boy?” He is not smiling. He’s serious.

I can’t look at him. I’m scared. My aching cock continues to drip precum from it’s engorged state.

He jerks my arm hard. “Well?” His voice is forceful and commanding. Looking down, I can only nod. With one quick motion, he yanks me onto the toilet. I look up. I’ve got tears in my eyes. I have to do this. I want that cock in me so bad.

I reach up and pull down. He softens slightly. I pull his head to my lips. Instinctively, I lick the head. The head enters my mouth… Pilot sighs…

The golden liquid passes onto my tongue. It’s hot. At first, it is easy to drink: a small trickle. Quickly, the stream goes stronger. It’s dribbling down my chin. Pilot laughs.

“Drink it, bitch.” My humiliation is complete. Or so I think.

Pilot pulls back. His piss splashes off my chest. I reach to take it back in my mouth. He steps back and aims for my face. “Don’t touch it,” he commands. I sit there as he bathes me in his warm urine.

I feel like it goes on forever. Pilot finishes. He stands back to look at his work. He laughs. Tears fall easily from my eyes.

“What a mess,” he says in disgust. He tells me to clean up the mess in the bathroom and to shower—“I’m not fucking that,” he says dismissively as he walks out.

Showered, I walk into the living room. Pilot sits in the recliner with a hard on. He’s watching porn. Actually, he’s watching a previous session of ours he filmed. I’m telling him how much I love his huge cock. I sit on the couch. I feel like an idiot to be so hung up on someone’s cock.

He asks me what’s wrong. I shrug. I look at the TV. He asks me if I liked it. Tears fill my eyes. Yes. I enjoyed it. That’s what bugs me. He took me to a place I didn’t want to go. A place I’ve mocked with friends. I’ve become what despise. What really pisses me off is that I’m all teary-eyed.

Fuck. I think I’m in love with this dude. That totally sucks.

Pilot gets up. I think he’s going to kick my ass. Instead, he kneels next to me. He tells me how proud he is of me that I did that for him. “You did that for me, baby. I know you hate it, but you did it for me.” He gives me a kiss.

Fuck. I am in love with him.

We make out for a while. Soft, gentle kisses. I know why he’s been married three times. He makes you fall hard for him.

Pilot picks me up, throws me over his shoulder and carries me to the bedroom. Gently, he puts me on the bed. He hands me a condom. I roll it down the long shaft. It doesn’t go all the way down. He’s too big.

He lifts my legs and enters me. I close my eyes. I want to feel every inch of him enter me. Unlike the earlier assault on my ass, this doesn’t hurt as much. It’s painful, but it feels good. He leans forward. We kiss as he starts fucking me.

I wrap my arms and legs around him and he slowly fucks me. “I love you, baby,” he whispers, looking into my eyes. He’s wrong. He loves fucking me. I realize that I love his cock, but not him. I arch my back. He goes deeper. Pilot starts to pump harder. My cock, rubbing against his hairy six-pack begins to spew. I grab onto his shoulders and meet his thrusts. Pilot dumps his load deep into my hole.

He will cum two more times in my hole this night. Pilot doesn’t own my heart, but he does own my ass. Which is fine by me.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Years ago, when I came out to some of my buddies that played rugby, I was taken aback that they were so homophobic. I was hurt. Finally, I called them on it.

"You guys are the most gay of any guys I know."

I explained for hours. They still didn't get it.

Watch this. See if you get it. This is exactly the way they were. Exactly.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


My boss calls. Always on Friday. Always just before 5:00pm. The office is empty by 4:00 on Fridays. I stay. Finish the week’s work. Plus, the call may come. He’s been traveling internationally the last few weeks. First call in a while.

Boss is a relative term. He’s actually my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. We started the same week some years back in different departments. We stumbled upon a secluded men’s room that first Friday. He’s on the corporate fast track. Me? I’m just a cocksucker.

He’s in his office. Seventeen floors above mine, it has a commanding view of the bay. I hardly notice it anymore. I do notice him. Suit and tie. Jacket is on the couch. He’s on the phone. Business. He motions me in.

Always a looker, he is hotter today. New haircut, working out more, new suit… it all works for him. Position aside, his height has always made him a commanding presence. Even sitting, he dominates.

I shut the door, lock it, and turn. He motions again for me to come around the desk. Continuing his conversation, he points to his crotch.

Direction has been given.

I kneel and look up. He smiles at me, touches my chin and goes back to his conversation.

I rub his crotch through his expensive slacks. I unzip his pants and reach into his boxers. He’s flushed but not hard. I pull out his cock and take it into my mouth. A few gentle sucks and he is hard.

I suck and slurp on his ever growing cock. It’s not huge, but—like mine—worthy. He doesn’t like his nuts played with, so I leave them. I love his nuts: salty and hairy. He doesn’t shave. So many guys do—but he has no time for it. I wish I could play with them.

He’s fully erect and I drop all the way down the shaft. His cock fills my mouth and drops a bit back in my throat. He lets out a soft sigh. I lick and play with his shaft. Occasionally, I look up to see his expression. His head is back and his eyes are closed. I flick the head with my tongue. He opens his eyes and looks at me. Grabbing the back of my head, he pushes into my mouth.

Slowly he fucks my face. I reach up and feel his muscular chest through his dress shirt. I want to undo the tie, but he waves me off. I won’t be playing with his fuzzy chest. I guess he’s got plans with and “the wife.”

He ends his call. He tells me he has missed me. Then, in the same tone he ended his business call a minute earlier, he says, “I gotta nut. Kelly and I are hosting a cocktail party...” Who said romance is dead?

Actually, it’s not a problem. I like drinking his cum. Just the right thickness, it tastes great—not sure what his secret is.

He grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my face—hard. I know at this point to make my mouth just a hole; something to fuck. I keep the pressure consistent and try not to drool over his $900 pair of pants. He slams into my face. It hurts. I love it.

The rhythm changes as he nears climax. The strokes slow. No longer quick jabs in and out, now they are long, slow movements of the shaft all the way in and out. He pauses when the head touches the back of my throat. He whispers “Awesome.”

Just as quietly, he nuts.

His cock is stuffed into my mouth. His hands are on either side of my head, holding me while he empties his balls into my hungry throat. I take it all, careful not to let any of it drip on his pants.

I stand. He smiles. He offers no thanks. Just a weary smile. Much like our first encounter six years ago.

As I walk into his private bathroom, I hear him on the phone with his wife. He’ll be home soon. She has no idea that a man in his office is caring his sperm in his mouth.

Normally, I beat off in the toilet. However, I see the black tiled sink and smile. I unzip. Pull out. I did not swallow his load. I spit it onto my palm. I still taste him as I pump my shaft. I look in the mirror… it’s hot. I piston pump my rod until a huge load of creamy white ropes stream out across the onyx surface. I don’t clean it up. The cleaning crew won’t say anything to him—they’ll just laugh that he’s beating off.

I zip up and open the door. Jacket on, he’s ready to head out. If I had taken another two minutes, would he still be in the room? He gives me a pat on the shoulder as we enter the elevator.

We stand next to each other in the elevator. Not a word has been spoken. Both staring straight ahead, I pretend he’s a decent guy. He pretends he’s not rubbing my ass. I get off on my floor and wish him a happy weekend. I don’t look back. He doesn’t respond.

His rubbing my ass made me hard again. I find the men’s room. Five stalls. Two are occupied by guys jerking off. I can hear it. I sit in my stall and join the guys in my final Friday ritual before heading home for the weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bruised on the Fourth of July

Brian came by to see me on the Fourth. I’ve known his family since he was a kid. Puberty hit him hard. He was an average-sized kid and then—BAM!—at 13 his body massively grew. By 16 he was 6’2”—buffed, hairy, bearded. He’ll be 19 next month and no one has carded him in the last two years. He looks like he could snap any guy in two. In reality, he’s a softy.

We sit in the back yard. We bullshit about school, friends, confidence, whatever. And having to go back in a few weeks for football camp.

I pop open a few beers. We drink on the patio. The sun is nice. I take off my shirt. The kid follows my lead—not sure if it’s idolization, but whatever I say and do goes. In some ways, this giant of a man is still 12.

We make small talk. I’m trying not to leer. His body is fucking fantastic and I can’t stop. I’m fascinated by a drop of sweat on his pec. It rolls down through the hair and is poised to roll across his nipple. Fuck. I’m going to burn in hell for drooling over this kid.

“My teammates tried to give me a nickname…”

“What would that be?” My mind whirls.

“Bruiser” he says simply. I nod and grunt. “Because it’s so big,” he clarifies. He glances down at his shorts.

“Yeah,” I smile, “got it.” I roll my eyes. You can practically see the thing a mile away.

“Wanna see?” he pulls at his shorts. He’s not wearing underwear and “Bruiser” makes a brief appearance.

“Not really…” I lie. He lets go of his basketball shorts and his rod and balls disappear from view.

I want to explore his unit bad. He’s fucking 20 years my junior. I’m practically his dad, but I got needs and the guy is a walking sex machine. “What do the girls think?” I’m trying for a little misdirection.

“No time. I study too much.” He looks down. Damn… he’s lying.

I’m stunned. The guy is a major stud: beautiful green eyes, Romanesque features, luscious lips, that amazing body. “You must jack-off a lot,” I laugh.

“All the time.” He pauses. He wants to say something.

I need another beer. I walk in. He follows. It’s hard. Christ. It’s bigger than I imagined. We walk into the kitchen. I open two more beers. Those fucking puppy-dog eyes are working me over. The goddamn drop of sweat is dangling on his nipple. He opens his mouth to say something, but I step forward.

I don’t think. Consequences don’t matter. I move into him. My lips pounces on his nipple. I lick the sweat in the hair around it. Salty. Sweaty. Fucking delicious. I chew on his nipple. I bite his chest.

He pulls the elastic on the mesh basketball shorts and his thick cock swings up and out. It smacks against his hairy belly. I reach for it. It’s like holding a hot rock. The fucking thing is gigantic. I have a decent-sized dick. Not huge. But worthy. His is almost grotesque. Big. And thick. All I can think of is how I want it in me.

I pull on his dong with my left hand and explore his body with my right.

He says nothing. He stands there. He’s stiff, but not rigid. I pull off his nipple and look at him. His eyes are closed. He’s enjoying this. He is smiling. I’m enjoying the look on his face.

He opens his eyes. He opens his mouth to say something. He stops and moves his hand to my head, pulling me back to his chest.

I’m trying to be patient, but I’m anxious to get on that dick. I feed on his nipple for a few more minutes. My knees feel weak. I need that dick.

I drop down and look up to him. I start to take his cock in my mouth… and he comes! A small bit shoots in my mouth, but he tries to stop the flow by grabbing his dick and stepping back. All this does is get jizz on my hard wood floor.

He’s embarrassed and upset. He keeps apologizing. I keep saying it’s okay. He’s almost in tears. I take it as a compliment and tell him. Brian starts to cry. The giant man-boy is crying. Why does this make me harder?

I grab his cum-soaked hand and bring it to my lips. He lifts the other hand. I clean that too. I look up to him and we kiss. Long. Slow. Passionate.

I am going to hell.

I take his arm and walk towards the bedroom. We stop at the couch in the living room. He’s hard again. To be 19 again…

He sits. I climb on top. We kiss. Bite. Rub. Explore. His arms wrap around me. He pulls me tight. He rolls me. He’s now on top. He stops. He nibbles on my neck. Something’s wrong.

He’s tired. The adrenaline rush has taken a toll. I tell him to rest. He puts his head down. Instantly he’s asleep. I’m pinned. He’s crushing me. I can barely breathe. I finally manage to squeeze myself free of the snoring giant.

I sit the easy chair. We’ve played around twice before. Each time the guilt tore us apart. He’s too young. I’m like his dad. I doze.

I wake to the booming sound of fireworks. The house is dark. Brian and Bruiser are still asleep.

I stand naked in the backyard and watch the fireworks. I hear his heavy footsteps across the deck. I keep my eyes on the sky. Brian puts his arms on my shoulders. He pulls me close. Bruiser leaves a precum trail as it slides up my back.

Brian kisses my neck as he reaches for my dick. I tell him we shouldn't. Last exit before Hell. He grabs my hard dick. I turn. We kiss. He kisses different. He kisses like a man in control. No longer like an inexperienced freshman. There are fireworks in my head, too. I guess this is how you are greeted when you go to Hell.

His large hands explore me. Alternating between grabbing and touching. The grabbing hurts. It feels great. The touching is so soft. It feels better.

One of his thick fingers begins to probe my hole. I stop him. There is no way I can take it. He smiles. We kiss. The finger finds it’s way back. I try and stop him, but he continues. Damn. It feels so good. He pushes it in a little. It’s as big as some dicks I’ve seen. A slight twist… I groan loudly. He laughs.

We lay in the grass and continue kissing. Sucking. Exploring. Fingering. My cock is practically pouring precum.

His fingering is expert. It’s driving me crazy. I keep reminding myself that I consider myself a top. Finally, I stop him. I need Bruiser in me. I go into the house. I come out with lube and condoms. Brian leans back in the cool grass. I see his beautiful smile in the glow of the fireworks. I lube us both up.

I squat over his cock and start to lower myself. Fuck. It’s so goddamn huge. I don’t think it’s going to go in. It hurts too much. I try more lube. I ease myself down. I’m not sure if the head is all in.

Brian grabs my waist and thrust. I arch my back and scream as a large shell explodes overhead. I try to pull up. I lose my balance. Dear God… I impale myself on the massive shaft. I’m screaming. The pain is excruciating. Brian rubs my chest and tells me to breathe. “Deep breath… good.” He’s done this before. “Now, another deep breath.”

I start to pull myself off. Brian pushes me back down. I lean forward, hoping to ease a bit out. I realize that his shaft does not taper. It is one long thick rod, top to bottom. I slide forward and Bruiser comes out. I lay there for a second, not sure if I’ll walk again.

Brian is on top of me. Kissing me. Telling me how good I felt. I feel like I’m being played. In fact, I know I’m being played. This is classic shit a guy uses to bag a chick. I’ve used this before.

I try to look into his eyes. The fireworks still exploding behind him, leaves me only his silhouette. Again, he tells me how good it felt. I feel his hard shaft poking at my asshole. “Now we know you can take it…”

I want to tell him to shut up and fuck me. I kiss him. I lift my legs. He guides himself into my hole. My back arches again. He pushes hard. Again, I shout. He eases out… and back in. Slowly, he starts to fuck me. Brian quickly builds up speed.

I cannot breathe.

He turns me over. Face down in the grass he enters me again. This feels wonderful. He pumps and bites at my neck. I think my dick is in a gopher hole. I tell him I want to be on my back again.

Brian pulls up on my legs as he enters me. He soon moves back over me. He is in absolute command. I am happy to turn myself over to this amazing man. I am completely at peace.

The fireworks. The gorgeous football stud on top of me. The cool grass on my back. Bruiser deeply penetrating me. The lack of oxygen. I am in sensory overload.

I release. Cum shots arc and splatter over my chest. This is his cue to fuck me as hard as he can. Brian pushes my legs all the way back and begins to fuck like a machine. We are grunting so loud I fear someone will hear us over the crescendo of the fireworks.

Brian lets out a loud yell—like an animal. He stiffens up. His head pulls back and in very quick short fucks he dumps his load. He collapses on top of me. I look up to the sky and see the smoke of the last shell drift in the sky. In the distance, I can hear cheers from the crowd.

God Bless America.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mike

July 7. Mike’s birthday. I decide to stop by and wish my buddy a happy 39th. There is a sign on the front door of his condo: “Come on in.” Did he not invite me to a birthday party?

I walk in. Six guys are sitting in his living room in various forms of dress and undress. One of them tells me to sign in. The list is long. 20 names. Nine are crossed off. WTF?

“Where’s Mike?”

One of the guys looks away from the porn and nods towards the bedroom. “Gotta wait your turn…”

I start towards the bedroom and a guy yells out, “Didn’t you hear? Gotta wait…” I stop him.

“Friend of the family…” I turn and walk into the bedroom. Mike is on his back, ass over the end of the bed. He’s being fucked by a big black dude with a huge dick. Four other guys are standing around with their dicks in their hand.

Black Guy pulls out and tells Mike to roll over. Mike offers up his ass. Black Guy takes him hard. Raw cock in raw ass. Mike barebacks. A lot. I don’t know why he’s not positive.

Black Guy grunts and snorts like a bull. Mike’s head is on the mattress, eyes closed. He is smiling. Black Guy bends over Mike and power fucks him until he cums. He stops fucking but doesn’t pull out. He’s kissing Mike’s neck and whispering to Mike. Black Guy pulls out and walks out of the room without looking at anyone else.

Mike rolls over, spreads his legs open, offering up his ass. Another guy steps up. The guy mumbles “happy birthday”—and without waiting for a response from Mike—he plunges in. I feel sorry for him. Black Guy was huge, this guy is average. Mike moans. He’s faking it. I smile and lean against the door frame.

Mike looks over and says hi. I wish him a happy birthday. I ask him where my invite went, he answers “Craigslist.” Ah.

Average Guy cums quickly. He leans in for a clumsy kiss, pulls out, grabs his clothes from the floor, and leaves. He looks full of shame as he leaves. I give his shoulder a pat as he leaves. He stops and looks to me for approval. I wink and smile at him. He looks relieved. He’s coming to a gang-bang for approval? Fucked up. I watch him put his clothes on in the hall. He’s cute in that ‘everyman’ kind of way. He keeps looking at me. Is he expecting me to hit on him? He crosses off his name of the list and writes something. I’ll look at it later: “To the friend: call me 408-269…” As if.

I look back and Mike is now being fucked by some old guy. Chubby, bald… Mike’s ad must have said “anyone” because Mike would never fuck a guy like this on a normal day. Everyone celebrates in their own way.

Old Guy is turning red. Mike stops him and asks if he can sit on his dick. Old guy looks relieved he doesn’t have to stand anymore. Mike sits on the guys cock and he cums instantly. Mike tells him he was great. Old Guy asks if he can see him again. I chime in to leave a number on the sign in sheet.

Old Guy wants to chat, one of the other guys clears his throat. Old Guy does not take the hint. Mike finally tells him he needs to go. “I’ll write my number down,” he says hopefully as he leaves. Good luck on that, I think.

The dude who cleared his throat is ready to go. He’s pretty hot. Mid 30’s, built like a god, with a killer smile and gorgeous blue eyes. Looks like he knows how to fuck. I’m going to enjoy this.

Blue Eyes crawls on the bed and grins at Mike. He flashes his smile and wishes him a happy birthday. They kiss. Long and slow. This guy is trying to be remembered. He will succeed. He kisses his way down Mike’s body. He licks down Mike’s happy trail to his flushed cock. A few slurps and Mike is hard.

Blue Eyes pushes Mike’s legs back and lifts his ass into the air. He begins to eat out Mike’s cum-filled ass. Mike’s eyes roll back and he begins speaking in tongues. This guy knows how to properly eat out an abused ass. No tongue fucking for him. He teases Mike’s hole, gently caressing his tender hole with his tongue.

He lays down on the bed and positions Mike on top of him. “I want it all,” he growls. Mike squats over Blue Eyes’ face. Mike is euphoric. His eyes are glazed over. Mouth open. Half smile. He coos softly. I see jizz dribbling down Blue Eyes’ cheek. Sloppy slurping is the only noise in the room. The other two guys are watching slack-jawed.

Mike leans forward and takes Blue Eyes’ amble cock into his mouth. It’s not too long, but it is thick. I want to see that in him. Smile lifts his legs a bit. Mike grabs both of his ass cheeks. He takes the whole cock in his mouth. The guy can take a lot from both ends.

The go like this for a little while. It feels incredibly intimate… only there are three guys standing their watching them. Mike pulls off Blue Eyes’ dong. He moves around to impale himself on that thick cock. Mike backs over the thick rod rubbing it with his ass cheeks. Mike guides the thick beast into his hole. He groans loudly. Mike leans back and groans louder.

The two fuck slow and gentle for a while. Each moaning and groaning. Two of the guys from the living room come in. I think they want to make sure I’m not jumping the line. They are probably concerned because the last two left quickly and this guy has been here for a while.

The cuter of the two stands next to me. I lean over and whisper I think they might be in love. He lets out a soft chuckle. I jokingly put my head on his shoulder. It’s actually comfortable, so I leave it there. He moves his arm around me. I snuggle in, watching the show.

Blue Eyes gently moves Mike onto his back. The two kiss for a while. Mike is very into this guy. I’m expecting to tell everyone to leave except for the charmer with the killer smile. Blue Eyes flashes his grin at Mike every few minutes.

He enters Mike again. Mike wraps his legs around Blue Eyes. They start to fuck. Mike matches Blue Eyes’ thrusts. They are going at it hard and heavy. They are in complete sync. Every few minutes they change positions. Without a word they move and shift into something hotter and wilder.

My arms are tight around Cutie. I’m not sure when he took off his shirt. His cock is hard in his baggy cargo shorts. I unbutton them and they drop to the floor. His beautiful dick sticks straight out, slight bend downward. He pushes me down. I take him in my mouth.

Cutie has a long dick, but it’s not too thick. It slides easily down my throat. Mike and Blue Eyes are making short grunt noises. I look up to Cutie. He’s watching them intently. I reach my hand up to massage his lightly hairy chest. I feel his balls tense up.

I look up to see if he wants me to stop. Is he saving it for Mike? He looks down at me and smiles. Cutie closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath. I feel his body tense. My mouth is filled with his thick semen. His seed pours down my throat. I keep sucking until his soft cock falls from my lips.

I stand up and he smiles. With only a slight “thanks” he turns and leaves the room, pulling up his pants as he leaves. I’m not expecting love, but I do expect reciprocation. His shirt is at my feet. I pick it up and smell it. Damn. He smells good.

Mike and Blue Eyes are going for broke. The other guys in the room are jerking hard watching the two of them fuck. Blue Eyes is back on top of Mike, looking deep into his eyes. Blue Eyes is about to cum. He pulls Mike close and the two attempt to out scream each other to the finish.

When he pulls off of Mike, Blue Eyes has cum all over his hairy chest. Simultaneous orgasm. Mike spewed Blue Eyes came. They laugh. They kiss. One of the guys watching applauds. The other guys join in. Mike and Blue Eyes look up. They look embarrassed. Caught up in their fuckfest, we’d been forgotten.

Blue Eyes looks for a towel. The bed is clear of sheets. They fucked the bed empty. I toss them Cutie’s shirt. They wipe up the mess. They kiss.

One of the other guys asks for the shirt. He’s still jerking his meat. Blue Eyes tosses it to him. The guy holds it up to his face. Immediately he drops it to his small cock. He cums on the shirt. Finished, he tosses it into the corner.

As if on cue, Cutie walks back in. Where he’s been, I have no idea. How do you forget a shirt? I don’t care. Selfish fuck. He finds it in the corner and puts it on. How he doesn’t notice the sweat, lube and spunk all over the back is beyond me. He smiles and leaves. I hope he doesn’t have cloth seats. I smile. I quickly change my mind.

Blue Eyes has to leave but promises to call. The other guys walk out as well. I check and find everyone else has gone.

“I guess they couldn’t handle the competition,” Mike smiles.

Mike and I discuss the days events as he pulls the ad from Craigslist. We see the notes on the sign in sheet. The guys that left early wrote some interesting comments. Blue Eyes’ name is Mike as well.

We watch TV. Correction: I watch TV, Mike snores on the couch. Thirteen guys in your ass will do that to you.

Mike wakes and asks me about Cutie. I give him the short version. He’s bummed I didn’t cum. We kiss a little. I’m hard. The guy is a great kisser. Mike gets up and goes into the bedroom. I assume he’s going to shower. He comes back in with a condom. I tell him we don’t have to. He seriously should rest his hole.

He pulls my cock from my jeans. His mouth is wonderful. I lean back and let him go to work on my shaft. Just enough pressure from his lips, light teeth, deep throat… perfect head.

Mike holds up the condom. I toss it aside. I put my hands on his head. He begins to laugh, which makes him choke. Mike pulls off to catch his breath. He kisses me.

He fingers my hole as he finishes off my cock. I blow in his mouth. He moves to kiss me. The second his lips meet mine I know: his mouth is still full of my cum. We pass my load back and forth.

Happy birthday, buddy.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

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