Friday, June 27, 2014

The Great Uncut

Late winter quarter freshman year. Volunteered by my fraternity President to attend an All-Greek meeting. I think it's an honor. No one else will go.

I walk into the auditorium. I’m told to sit in the first three rows. Everyone is scattered throughout this 200 seat classroom. No one is in the first three rows. I see a guy from Sigma-something in the back. Their house is near ours. Decent guys. Mostly jocks. Mostly not too bright. I've seen him around enough that we nod to each other on campus. I go sit one seat over from him.

His name is Brad.  Didn't volunteer; drafted. Junior. 6'6" 250# Plays football. Beautiful eyes. He's hot. Has one foot up on the seat in front of him. His package is big. Seriously big. Without looking at me, he passes me a flask. "It's the only way to get through this..."  The meeting is long and dull. Lots of administrative crap. Nothing of note. We can't leave until we've signed out. Can't sign out until they tell us it's over. 

By the time Brad and I leave, the flask is mostly done. We're both buzzed. We wander off into the cool night air. It's dry now, but rained while we were inside. Everything smells fresh in the night air. I gotta pee. I wander off the path towards some trees and brush, where it's dark. I pull it out and start to pee. Brad staggers up right next to me. Starts peeing. Our wiz makes a slight splattering sound as it makes the large ivy leaves dance and shimmer in the dim light from the path.

Brad bumps me slightly. Our arms touch. He doesn't move away. Presses into me. Our fingers touch. They play as we stand there silent. He finishes. I get hard and can’t pee anymore. He takes my hand and moves it to his dick. I grasp his thick meat in my hand. I move my hand forward... uncut. I stroke his meat. He sighs. "Yeah..." he whispers.

He grows fully hard in only a few strokes. Damn. It's really big. I want to drop down and try and take it in my mouth. I stroke forward. I slip my finger into his foreskin and roll it around the head.

"Oh, my God!" he says in full conversation voice. We've been silent up to this point.

I rub my finger over his urethra a few times... He gasps, "Dude...!" I can feel his cock grow even bigger and harder. He grabs the back of my neck for support. I start pumping his dick hard. Moving my hand down the shaft and then back over the head. I keep increasing the pace. Grips my neck harder. Breathing tightens up. I keep pumping his thick shaft. He sucks in more air... and holds it. I hold mine. He makes a slight "Mmph." noise. I stop pumping and hold the base tight. He's cumming.

I feel the first pump of his load. Then I hear it. In the silence it hits the leafy ground cover with a loud "SCHLAPP" sound as his huge load unleashes onto the groud cover. Each pump of jizz lands with the same noise: "SCHLAPP... SCHLAPP... SCHLAPP..." I can't tell how many pumps of ejaculate shoots from his massive cock. It's only when I think it should have ended that I start counting. I count six before he dribbles to a conclusion. I'm guessing it's at least twelve nut blasts. I can smell his rich seed in the air. I'm close and I haven't even touched my dick.

I don't want to let go. His rough hand is still on my neck. He turns me slightly. I think he's going to say "thanks" or "fuck you, faggot", not sure as the silence confuses me. He grabs the top of my jeans by my ass and bends over. My dick is in his mouth. One hand holding my jeans, the other my thigh. Like he thinks I'm going to try and get away. Gives a great blowjob. Very sloppy. Takes it all in. I grab his hair and fuck his face. 

Doesn't take me long. I whisper, "I'm gonna sperm." He keeps slurping away. I say it again. He still keeps slurping. Finally, I say it out loud, "Dude, I'm going to sperm my load in your mouth." He grunts. I nut. He takes it all. 




He stands up. Looks around casually and pulls out his flask again. He takes a swig. Offers it to me. I oblige. With a shrug, he says, "Later" and walks off, tucking his massive meat back in his pants as he gets to the walkway. Brad stops. “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.” I nod. He turns away. He stops again. “But I wouldn’t mind fucking you.” He smiles. Waves. Walks off. I realize have to pee again. 


Late June. It's too fucking hot. Heading from the library to my last final. I'm walking across the quad, sweating. I see Brad in the distance walking in the opposite direction. He nods. I keep walking. He turns back. I walk around towards the back of the Humanities building along a path. To my left is the spot where I jerked off Brad. I open the door to the back stairwell. I doubt too many people use this way in: it's on the edge of the main quad. The path only leads around the building. Brad has almost caught up to me as I enter the small vestibule. Hold the door open for Brad. He smiles. 

I as I walk the heat of the room overwhelms me. It's stifling. Brad bumps me into the corner with his body. I can feel the heat coming off of him. I drop my backpack as I brace myself against the wall. I'm not sure if we're gonna fuck or if he's going to beat me up. His hands glide down my body. 

We're gonna fuck.

He reaches around. Pulls me close. Begins biting on my neck. His hands grab the top of my jeans and pull. The button-fly pops open with six little pops. His hands push my jeans and boxers down. He grinds against me as he grabs my junk. We are not nearly as quiet as we were that night. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the urgency. Whatever. He wants in my ass. He's pulled open his jeans. His hard cock is pushing up the small of my back. He grinds into me. Pumping me. Groping. 

I'm turned and pushed to the floor. "Slick it up." It doesn't seem as big in the daylight as it bobs in front of me. When I try to put it in my mouth, I realize how huge this fucker is. I gag. Slurp. Drool. Tug on his massive nuts... My ass is twitching. I'm not that into bottoming, but fuck... 

"Up." He grunts as he pulls me up and turns me around. He pushes me against the wall. Toys with my hole with his spit-covered dick on my sweaty ass. The head enters...

"FUCK!" I'm in pain. He grunts as he pushes in more. I feel a trail of sweat roll down my back. I silently pray it goes down to my aching hole. He pushes... I cry out again. 

He laughs. "There's more..."

Brad pulls out. I hear him spit. Then the sound of him rubbing that thick meat. He rubs my slick back and I feel his fingers pushing the slickness to my hole. It's against my hole again... He pushes in. Some more. And more. And more... 

...still more. 

I'm seeing stars. I realize that I'm pushing on the wall so hard I've pushed myself up. He's pushing into me so hard I'm being supported by his dick. I'm about to go into full freak out mode that I'm being skewered by this giant cock, until I realize he's got his left arm under mine. His right hand between my legs. I relax a bit. He takes this as a cue to fuck me harder and deeper. 

I've got my feet on the ground. We get into a nice rhythm. His right hand now firmly grasping my cock and balls. He's leaning on the left forearm, pushing me against the wall. I don't know if I can take the ass pounding much longer. I also don't want it to stop. 

"You like that, buddy?" His cock assaults my hole. I can only reply with a gurgle. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're gonna scream so loud when you cum."

As he begins to piston-fuck my hole, we hear it. A door, several flights up slams and someone is descending the stairs. 

While we are not in plain view, if the person walking down the final steps looks moderately to their left, we're caught. 

"Shut up! Shut up!" he hisses. Even stifling my whimpers and grunts, I'm panting like a mother fucker. 

The steps get closer as they come down the clanging metal stairs. Brad shifts moves his arm and pulls me closer. The person is right above us. They stop. Brad pulls tighter. His cock slips in all the way. Balls deep. My legs curl up. Pushed against the cold concrete wall, he's holding my torso with his left arm and my dick and balls with his right hand. It's all I can do not to scream out. My entire body is on fire. Sweat is pouring off me and I'm slippery in his arms. I'm going to slide out and onto the concrete floor. 

The person walks down the stairs and steps off the last step. I slip. Brad pulls me tighter. I grunt. 

And then it happens. 

Brad lets out a soft moan. I feel his huge cock depositing a massive load in my ass. Each pump of sperm into my hole makes me shake harder. My balls pull back and I begin blowing my load down the wall. I gasp loudly. I hear a loud click and whirr... Why hasn't this person noticed us? The door opens and the room fills with bright sunlight. The door shuts. We both groan loudly as he pumps the last of his spunk into my hole. I slip from Brad's arms. Dropping on my knees gasping. 

Brad is giggling. "Fucking Walkman." He laughs louder. "He had a fucking Walkman. Never even noticed us." 

He helps me up. We stand there awkward in our silence. He’s a sweat-covered god. I want to lick the sweat off him. I hesitate. I look down. I see my bag. "Fuck! I'm late for my final!" I scramble to put my clothes on. I'm not going to have time to shit out his load. I barely say goodbye.

I have no idea how I did on that final. All I remember is being uncomfortable the whole time and getting hard again every time I realized I had his massive load in my ass. I was on the Dean's List that year, so I must have done well. 

I saw Brad around, but we never hooked up again after that. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Combine

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…”

I walk into the gymnasium. I’m clad only in my underwear. I hand my card off to some guy I’ve never seen before. Hot day, even for June. As I walk across the surprisingly cool floor I hear my information being announced.

“Robert Legend. First Year. St. Mary’s. 5’2” 108. 6th & 7th baseball. 6th & 7th basketball. 6th and 7th swimming…”

As I walk to the crest of St. Matt’s I make the decision. I walk up to the red mark on the wood floor in  front the entire athletic staff of the school. Sitting in the front is The Bishop as well as the Dean of Moral Guidance, Brother Gabriel. As I stop on the line—in a seamless move—I pull down my shorts and step back. The room goes quiet. I hear someone gasp.

At an all-boys College Prep, sport is king. Football rules all. The Combine separates the men from the boys. Over a period of a week in early June, everyone trying out for football shows up—which is most of the school. The best I could hope for is First Year Football. If I were bigger, I’d have a slight chance at Freshman Football. Varsity and JV are out of the question for First Years.

Sunday afternoon the day before the first day of Combine. I’ll be starting at St. Matt’s in the Fall. My oldest brother James is a senior. He’s showing my brother Erik and his buddies what he does for “the drop.” Strictly Juniors and Seniors.

Walking in from the dining room, where he just striped to his boxers. James enters confidently and stops. In a swift move he bends and drops his shorts. He stands back. James has a big one and likes showing it off. James shouts as they will tomorrow, “Raise your arms.” His arms go up. “Turn to two!” He drops his arms, making a quarter turn. “Turn to three.” Another quarter turn and we’re staring at his muscled ass. “Arms!” He raises his arms. He turns to us, “Sometimes, they’ll say ‘Turn to four’, but almost never. Guys always fuck up on that.” He turns back to one, does a flick with his foot, flinging his underwear up, and walks out. “Wait for them to tell you to leave. They want to see you take direction well.”

Erik and his buddies just have to stand there in their shorts, as do I.

I’m hearing his words as I stand there in front of these men. These guys have been doing this all day. Seniors and Juniors were in the morning. They’re bored. First years are a formality. Freshman are the lowest at most schools. At St. Matthews College Preparatory the First Years are insignificant and pushed in and out of The Combine quickly. I hear them chatting. Something about a guy named Archie Bunker.

Legends hit puberty in a particular way: we get pubes, tiny bit of pit hair and our junk grows full size… then we stop. And wait. Suddenly, about two years in, we start to grow hard and fast. My balls dropped the previous summer. I’m still small.

In a fluid motion James would be proud of, I drop my briefs. Stand back on the one and stare straight ahead. My junk looks huge on my small frame. They are silent. I’m ready for them to send me on my way.

After what seems like an eternity: “Arms…” I raise my arms up from my side.

“Go to two…”

“…three…” I hear some whispers, pencils scratching.

“Back to one…” Quick half turn. My dick swings and slaps my thigh. In the silence of the room, it makes a clear and loud “smack.” I hear someone mutter “Jesus…” as it swings down.

 “Yeah…” the voice says. “…you can go.” I hear a muttered, “And don’t trip over that…” followed by some muffled laughs. I glance at the Bishop and Brother Gabriel who do not look pleased.

By the time I get into the locker room to get my clothes, I’m already known as “The First Year Flasher.” The guys are joking and laughing. I grab my school uniform. The room goes cold and quiet. Brother Gabriel places his cool hand on my bare shoulder. He stands over me. I feel very naked.  

“Follow me to my office.” He turns and walks to the door. I stumble along, dressing as I try to keep up. He does not slow his pace as I cross campus scrambling to pull on my clothes. I manage to get my shirt on as we arrive at his office. I don’t even bother with my tie.

His secretary takes down my information. “Another Legend?” She sighs. “How many of them are you?” I stammer, a voice calls out from the office, “Come.”

I shut the door slowly. I’m worried this is going to be the end of my life. It’s just the beginning. His office is dark. Plain. Multiple degrees on the wall. Not much else except for several crosses and a lot of books. I stand in front of his desk. I’m Shaking.  

Father Gabriel asks me if I was trying to provoke a response. I don’t understand the question. He tries another approach which I also don’t get. Finally, “You are a prideful boy. What did you hope to achieve by that stunt?”

I stare at him for a second. He looks so cross. I think it bothers me more because he’s so good looking. Tall, athletic, extremely handsome. Dark hair, light blue eyes. To a kid, he seems old. He’s barely 40. He rarely smiles. When he does, he’s one of those guys you wonder why he isn’t fucking everything in sight when he’s that good looking.

He has me sit. He comes around the desk and sits close. He holds my hands and sighs. “The truth…” He closes his eyes. “I believe in the truth…” He pauses for what feels like an eternity. “Perhaps confession would be best.” I don’t want to, but I nod. Confession is private. He notes confession can’t go on my school record.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…”

He moves in closer and grasps my hands. It’s so close and intimate. I whisper as I go through the normal things: impure thoughts. Touching myself. Swearing. Disrespectful to my parents, etc. He asks about today. I repeat my earlier response.

“Do you feel confidant because of your… size?” I shrug.

“Speak up boy. Do you feel prideful of your gift?” I don’t know what to say.

He moves his hands to my knees—gives them a firm, disciplinary squeeze. “A response please…”

“I guess.”

“Did you hope to get a response from us?” His hands gently rub my thighs. Like he’s my buddy…

“I guess…”

“You guess?” I can feel his breath on my neck as he moves in.

“Um… Yeah. Yes, Brother Gabriel.”

His voice drops lower, “Did you mean to arouse me?”

I start to answer when I realize he said “Me.” He’s aroused? But he’s a Man of God. Is this a trick? I’m paralyzed with fear.  I don’t know how to answer.  He hands move up my thighs.

“Are you aroused?” His hand moves to my crotch. He feels my hardening dick through the fabric of my slacks. “Yes. You prideful boy…” He pushes me back in the chair. Starts unbucking my belt. Pulling open my pants. He tugs hard. My dick Flops out. He whispers, “My, Heavenly Lord…”

He’s down on my rod in a second. I pull back. I grow rigid in his mouth. He grabs my pants at the sides and pulls me deeper into his mouth. I’m trying not to freak out. I stare at one of the crosses. This is sinful, right? Sports jizz aside, this is wasting sperm. It’s not going towards recreation. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It feels really good. He takes me all the way down and chokes a little. That’s all I need. “Father, I’m gonna…!” Without looking up, he reaches up and smacks his hand over my mouth. I do all I can not to cry out as my balls release.

I unleash my load down his throat. He gags. He tries to swallow, it spills down his chin. Brother Gabriel milks me as I twitch. He pulls off. Wipes his chin. He stands above me. His hands move fast as he pulls his pants down. His dick is nice. Not too large. Big bush. Smooth. Uncut. I’d even say it’s pretty. He pulls me close and stuffs it into my mouth.

“Take it, you prideful boy…” It enters my mouth and instantly starts coming. I don’t even taste his dick before I taste his cum. I swallow it all. I pull off, look up and grin. He looks down at me and smiles. “You are so prideful.”

He pulls his pants up and walks silently back to his desk. I stuff my dick back in my pants and zip up.

Father Gabriel flips through a file. My file. I already have a file. “You have a free period on Tuesdays at 3pm. We’ll meet then.” He looks up. I’m not sure what this means, so I just stare like an idiot. “When school starts, I expect to see you in my office at 3:00pm every Tuesday for private confession. Is that clear?” I nod. “You may go…”

I stand. “Father…”

“Yes, Robert.” He does not look up.

“Was that a sin?” He raises those blue eyes and glares. “I mean, sperm should be used for procreation and…”

He stops me. “It is the basis of life. It feeds and nourishes. Do you think the Lord does not want us to be nourished?”

Not sure what to say. I manage a long “Uh…”

He sits back and looks me up and down. “Your family has quite a checkered past at this school, Mr. Legend. I kindly suggest we keep this quiet between us—I know your grandfather is paying for your education, but you family history is quite… questionable.” I nod. Message received.

He stops me as I leave. Brother Gabriel walks over and tucks in my shirt, fixes pants, adjusts my collar. “For someone so prideful, one would think you’d pay more attention to how you dress.” I thank him and start to leave.

He pulls me back. “A gentleman shakes hand upon entering and upon leaving.” I shake his hand, thank him. He holds onto my hand. He brings his left hand to my face and leans forward. Is he going to kiss me? He whispers in my ear, “Be a good soul…” I have no response, so I leave.  

Later that summer I’ll find out that my brothers also had confession with Brother Gabriel. James was lustful on Fridays, Erik impertinent on Wednesday mornings.

That night I can’t sleep. This was my first day, what will the rest of the week hold?

BTW: Never made Varsity...