Friday, October 9, 2009

The Return of Crooked Vein

If by chance you've stopped by because you wanted to know about Crooked Vein, thanks. Google--aka "The Bastards"--locked it for a TOS violation. However, the bastards never got back to me within the "two days" they said they would, and never told me what the violation was.

I should note, I never claimed copyright, I gave credit when I knew the copyright holder, and I removed any pictures when requested. Most importantly, I never attempted to make money off the site. I felt it was wrong to make money off of pictures I had no legal claim to. I was simply sharing them with others.

On that note, since the bastards haven't released my site, nor have they gotten back to me (fucking bastards), I figured the 6,000 readers a day would still want to see my pics. So, Crooked Vein 2 has been created. All of October's posts are up and scheduled to post.

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