Monday, January 10, 2011

Dance, Bitches!

The Assistant sent this to me this morning as a response to my request to schedule two meetings next Monday. This is the type of passive/aggressive attitude I deal with every day--but he's clever about it, so I forgive him (plus, he's got a hot ass).

On a sad/pathetic note, I went dancing with The Boyfriend this weekend... I'd like to think I've got dance moves. Actual quote from the BF: "How can such a strong athlete who's so in tune to his body be such a lousy dancer?" Me: "I got moves. Guys were all over me." BF: "Gays will forgive anything if you're good looking enough. I'm sure they'd forgive Hitler if he looked like you."*

*Not sure how I should feel about this. He did stroke my ego, but equated my dancing to the horrors Hitler brought upon the world.