Saturday, June 30, 2007

Republican Sex

I fucked The Republican today. We first met at a Log Cabin Republican dinner a few years back. (Don’t fucking ask). It was at a hotel ballroom in SF. I did him just off the ballroom by the kitchens. A busboy walked by as I was doing him doggie-style. The busboy smiled. I fucked him harder. Republican squealed like a bitch.

A month later I realize he lives just down the street from my house. Small fucking world.

He’s in real estate. Always wears a suit. He’s hot. Very in shape. Big dong. Short Hispanics with big dongs—how can you go wrong? I guess they can be a Republican. I’m always left to wonder why. I digress.

I’m cleaning out my garage when he zips up to his place. He looks like he’s just running in, but he stops to check me out. We greet. He keeps looking back as he walks into his place. It’s as good as an invitation to me.

I walk up as he’s walking out. He says he doesn’t have time. I give him a stare. He has time. “Seriously, I don’t.” He’s lying. I move forward and kiss him. I feel his crotch. His Dick Cheney is rocking hard. I squeeze it. “Can we be quick?” He pleads. “Sure.” I lie. It will not be the last time today.

I kiss him hard against the entry hall wall. I hold his arms down. He grabs my ass like he expects me to be fucked. I’m not his Dubya. I’m not taking it from him. He knows it. He tries. I respect that. But still…

We often get into hefty political debates in the street. It starts off casual and ends up with about four or five neighbors watching us spar. I often wonder aloud how he could belong to a party that thinks he’s nothing more than an illegal that should be sent back to Mexico. He’s Costa Rican and that pisses him off. Probably because it’s true.

He’s trying to get me to give him head. No fucking way. Republican is an excellent cocksucker. I need that mouth. I struck out at the bars last night; I’m full today. “Do you want me to call Immigration?”

“Fuck you.”

“No,” I smile, “I’ll get to your ass later. Right now, beba mi mecco.”

He snorts at my bad Spanish. But I know he wants my dick. I lean in and kiss his neck, “por favor?”

He calls me an asshole as he drops to his knees. Call me anything you want, just suck it. He pulls down my shorts. My rod flops out and right into Republican’s mouth. His tongue is all over the head. He pulls off my shorts and swallows my cock. I slowly fuck his mouth. “¿Hambriento?” Republican moans a bit. His hands move up and pinch my nipples. I keep fucking his face.

I feel my balls move. I don’t want to cum yet, so I pull out. I pull him up by his tie and kiss him. I taste my musk on his lips. Sweet. I rub his crotch. Republican’s cock is hard as a rock. It feels even bigger in his pants. I release it. It’s slick with precum. The foreskin rolls back and forth easily.

His pants hit the floor so my other hand can play with his hole. He likes this a lot. I put in another finger. He begins to whisper and moan things in Spanish. I’ve gotten him ‘there’ faster than normal. “Turn around.”

He turns quickly around and thrusts out his ass. He knows what’s coming. I kneel down and pull open those cheeks. Fuck. His ass is beautiful. Perfect round globes. Not too fat. Not too muscled. Hairy as fuck, with a perfect brown eye. My tongue dives for it. From what I can understand from his grunting in Spanish, he’s loving this.

I pull at his pants around his ankles and grab his wallet. As always, a condom is inside. I lock and load. Standing against the wall in his entry hall, Republican rests his head against his forearm and offers me his ass. I rub my cockhead up and down that beautiful valley between his ass cheeks. He continues mumbling in Spanish. I’m fully erect.

He tries to stop me. He wants to kick his pants out of the way. He stands there in his dress shirt, tie, shoes, socks and the balled up pants I pulled the condom from. I answer by gently sliding my dick in his hole. He moans. I push in further. He moans louder. I pull back a bit. Republican fucking moans louder. The guy has lungs on him. I love it.

I push in again. Deeper. He’s quiet. More… more… more… all in. He whimpers. Good thing I’ve got control, or I’d blow right then. I begin fucking slow and quickly gain speed. His silence doesn’t last long. I can’t tell if he’s cursing me or praising me. I don’t care. I’m pounding his ass and I’m pounding it hard and by the feel of his pingo grande, he’s loving every fucking minute of it.

He’s getting close. I hear “mother” and “God” a lot. I’m yanking on his dick hard. He calls out and then his hose releases some major spunk. I’m busy fucking, so I’m not paying attention to where his spasmming unit is shooting. I feel some of it on my hand. Otherwise, I don’t care. I’m close. That’s my focus.

I reach up around of him and grab hold of his shoulders. I’m fucking as fast as any rabbit ever at this point. He’s practically screaming. So am I. I blow in his ass. I know the condom blew open. Nothing could take that pressure. I fill him and keep fucking. I just keep going. My dick is twitching. I’m still thrusting. I’m tripping. It’s gorgeous.

I force myself to pull out. My body is still bucking. I get myself in control. Republican turns around. The first thing I see is his shirt. My jizz stained hand left a nice jizz mark on his clean, white shirt. We simultaneously look down at his pants. I wonder if he peed—there’s a lot of creamy liquid there.

He kicks off his pants. He stumbles toward the living room. Fuck. He painted the wall, too. I felt like I shot a gallon of cum. I think he may have.

I pull off my condom. Contrary to my ego, it’s still intact. I flick it onto his pants. Republican walks upstairs. He’s bitching that he’s late for an appointment and now he has to change.

Normally, I would just leave. However, I’ve never seen his bedroom. I make myself at home. He’s standing by the closet. He’s naked save for his shoes and socks. He’s looking for a shirt to go with the suit he’s placed on the bed.

I put my arms around him and start kissing his neck. He tries to push me away. I hold tight. I mumble an apology about the suit into his neck. I hug him tighter. He tells me to fuck off. I reach down. He’s hard again. He sighs.

We both know: I own this bitch.

I turn him around and we kiss. Long and hard. He’s got a great chest. I play with it. Running my hands through trimmed hair. I tweak his nipples. He likes that. I kiss my way down his chest. I stop to worship his abs. I drop to the giant dong throbbing at my chin.

I pull the foreskin back. I take him into my mouth. I can’t get much in. I use both hands to give the illusion I can. I look up. Eyes closed. Lips moving. Arms are out; palms raised. Is he praying? I suck on his enormous balls. I move a finger to his ass. Two instantly go in. Round two is about to start.

I push him back on the bed. I suck some more on el Gigante. I play with his hole. He’s in a whole new place. I go for a while longer. He’s not even speaking Spanish anymore. It’s gibberish. It makes me harder.

I stop. I open the nightstand drawer and pull out a condom. I wrap up my junk. I turn back to him. Republican is looking up at me expectantly. I stand there for a second. “Show it.” I tell him. He lifts his legs and that beautiful fuckhole is offered up to me.

I tease it again. This time I can see his expression. He smiles a dirty smile. I slide in. So much easier this time. I start to move… very slowly. His eyes roll back. Slowly I pump his ass. I’m holding his dong in my hand. Sliding it back and forth with the rhythm of my fucking.

He lets go of his legs, but they stay up. I’m in a perfect fucking position and I’m hitting everyone of Republican’s buttons. His hands are moving all over his face.

“Do you love it?”


“Is this the greatest fuck of your life?”


I push his legs back so I can go just that much deeper. I ask for fun, “Do you love me?”


It takes me a second to realize that he is on another plain. He will answer yes to anything. We continue fucking. I alternate between slow and fast. He gurgles when I fuck him fast. He whispers incoherently when I go slow. I hope my legs can last.

He starts to spasm again. He pushes my hand away so he can jerk his cock. After three hard jerks, he spews. The man is a gusher. The first load spews up across his shoulder and onto the suit he’s lying on. The second rope onto his face. The third, again, onto the suit. The fourth and fifth onto his chest and stomach. The other three shots plop out onto his pubes. It’s a beautiful site.

My cock is throbbing. I’m so wrapped up in his massive load that I’m scarcely aware that my dick is twitching like meth addict. I pull out. I want to add my jizz to his.

The explosion hits me like a lightening bolt. I don’t see where the first shot goes. I open my eyes for the second shot—right into Republicans mouth. Beautiful arch. He coughs it up. I can’t make this shit up! I’m not sure what else comes out. I’m too busy wishing I had a camera for that shot.

I lean over Republican. Our cocks are throbbing against each other. We kiss. Quick and businesslike. I pull away. Jizz is all over me. I go to get a towel and I hear him in thee other room groaning about another suit ruined.

I’m wiping off our combined fluids and I hear him say, “Spunk does not come out.”

As I walk downstairs to find my shorts, I call out, “Find a better dry cleaners.”

He calls me an asshole. I leave.

He calls me later to thank me… and to ask me a question. He wants to know if he spoke a lot of Spanish when we fucked. I tell him yes. He says that means it’s really great. He confesses that he hasn’t spoken Spanish during sex for a while. He then asks about my questions during sex. I lie and tell him I ask how he loves it and shit like that. “Nothing else?” Again, I lie. “Nothing I can remember.” He sounds relieved. I am too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Do I Love This Shit?

Don't know why. Just do. Sometimes a hug is as good as a fuck (sometimes.)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quick Sunday Play-by-Play

I woke up early. Sunday morning. Very horny. Check Craigslist. Mental note: if I ever meet Craig I will suck his dick into the next millennium.

An ad catches my eye. Fantasy suck. It’s a simple request. Blow two guys. They say they’re straight, but whatever. It’s all a fantasy as far as I’m concerned.

I email them. They email their phone. I call. We talk about the fantasy and I’m into it. I Google the directions and I’m there 20 minutes later. It doesn’t go off exactly as they wish, but I don’t fucking care.

Here’s the play-by-play:

I pull up to the house. Standard suburb, similar to my own, but not as nice. I go up to the front door and walk in. For a moment I wonder if I’m being set up. Shit. I don’t even know their names. My balls spur me on.

It’s just like they said. I walk through the living room and two guys are sitting around in baggy shorts and t-shirts. Mid-20’s. Attractive in that everyday kind of way. They are in shape, but not über-built.

The phone is in front of the dark-haired guy, a laptop sits in front of the blonde-ish guy. My email and my photo is on screen.

They are sitting on the couch watching ESPN. Neither says a word to me, nor I to them. I kneel in front of the first guy. Dark hair, deep-dark eyes. I push back his t-shirt and he has a nice happy trail. Love that. My kisses follow the trail up as I pull off his shirt. I work my way back down as I unbutton his shorts.

They come off easily and he’s not hard. I look up at him and he’s intently staring at the TV. I push his legs aside and start licking at his big hairy balls. Dark Eyes hasn’t showered today. Nice. The musky smell gets me fucking hard as a rock.

As I nibble around his dick and balls and let my hands roam his chest. Not much definition on this guy, but the whole starter-chest hair thing is sweet: A small patch of hair in the middle, a little bit around the nipples. I move up and chew on them for a minute.

Dark Eyes likes that. He whimpers ever so quietly. I look up. His eyes are closed. I chew a bit more on them until he roughly pushes my head down towards his dripping dick.

I take his cock in my mouth. Average all around. I take him all the way down (which isn’t very far). For good measure, I put his balls in my mouth as well. He moans out loud. Excellent.

I keep sucking on his crank, slurping and “gagging” on his dick. Dark Eyes grabs the back of my head and starts to wildly fuck my face. He’s young, with little control. I keep thinking he’s probably a lousy lay.

Dark Eyes doesn’t say anything when he cums. It’s the same grunting as when he’s fucking me. Yeah, I said I’d swallow, but give me some fucking warning. He shoots a big load. Since I’m not fully prepared, a lot dribbles out.

I swallow and lick up most of the mess. I look up to him. He’s still watching the TV. He’s also breathing heavy.

I turn my attention to the other guy and I’m surprised to see he’s completely naked and hard. He’s watching the TV, but he’s clearly been watching something else. I get up and walk around the coffee table so I can get right to it.

I look at him and he looks at me and smiles. He has beautiful blue eyes and is in much better shape than Dark Eyes. In fact, Blue Eyes was hot. He had little chest hair, but trimmed his bush and balls, making his already big dick seem bigger.

I grab his thick shaft and smile. He quickly looks away. I start sucking and immediately, his balls start to retract. He’s going to cum any second. I pull away and start sucking hard on his balls, and kissing around his dick so he’ll calm down. It doesn’t help much. The second my mouth goes back to his head he says, “I’m cumming.”

Dark Eyes calls out a stern, “Dude.” No words were supposed to be spoken. That was an absolute when we were emailing.

“Sorry,” Blue Eyes mutters.

“Du-ude!” I want to tell Dark Eyes that every time he calls out “dude” he’s breaking the vow as well.

His load is much bigger than Dark Eyes and I keep sucking. I just keep working that dick. It doesn’t go down. I look up at Blue Eyes and he’s looking right at me. I get back to sucking in earnest. I let my hand slide gently underneath him so I can finger his hole a bit. He moans loudly.

“Du-u-ude!” whines Dark Eyes.

“Fuck you, Chad,” barks Blue Eyes. He directs back to me, “Yeah, suck it.” The damn thing really does choke me. I gulp as much as I can down. He doesn’t try to fuck my face. He lets me do all the work. It’s a damn fine cock. I could suck it all day. However, he barely lasts another two minutes before he blows again. I gulp it down. Not as much as before, but thicker. Chunkier.

I pull off Blue Eyes’ softening dick. I’m content to just go home and jerk off. Part of me wants a Starbucks, but I don’t know if my dick will be down by the time I get there. However, I still have one last thing to do before I go.

I sit on the couch between the two guys. I pull down my pants and take out my dick. I’m surprised at how hard I am. I begin to jerk it hard and fast. I was hoping for some sort of lube. No such luck. I pull back my t-shirt. I cum watching the dugout for the Oakland A’s. My chest is covered in cream.

I clean up with a few napkins on the table, thank them and walk to the door. If they wanted to do this again, one or both were to pat my knee. Neither did.

As I get to the door, Chad runs up, stops, reaches forward, slaps my knee, turns and runs back. Christ. I get it.. He thinks we’ll meet again.

At Starbucks I sit thinking about the morning and how much I’d like to see Blue Eyes again. By the time I finish my muffin, the feeling is gone.

Seeing Red

Red called yesterday afternoon. He’s a neighbor and he’s married. Married guys are usually off limits. Red is different. We started fooling around before I started the “no married guys” rule.

On Saturdays, he’ll sometimes stop by with other neighbors and we’ll shoot the shit as I work on my yard. I’m the only schmuck still doing his own lawn. Everyone else has a gardener. I like doing my own yard work. I don’t have kids with sporting events to go to. My yard looks better than any other house on the block.

Red only calls when the family isn’t there. I can come over. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I don’t want him to think I’m on call 24/7, even though in my mind I am.

He’s not that tall, very average in many ways. Red’s a genuinely nice guy in his early 30’s, light blue eyes, a bit freckly, with dark red hair. He also as a seriously nice dick.

I walk over and he meets me out front as if we just happened to wander into each other. I want to tell him that no one is watching, but some of the neighbors love to gossip—especially about me. We look at a dry spot on his lawn and I turn on the sprinklers. One of the heads isn’t working. I grab a screwdriver and start fixing it.

Red is not happy. We only have so much time before the wife and kids come home. I tell him that if he’s going to go through this ruse, then he should see it through. “You want a blow job or not?” I say too loud for him. He’s pissed and goes inside.

I take my time fixing the sprinkler.

I go inside. Fuck it. I don’t knock. I just walk in. Red is standing in the living room, waiting for me. He’s naked. He’s hard.

I walk over and stand very close. I move to kiss him and he reminds me (again) he doesn’t kiss. Whatever. I push his head to my left and move to nibble on his neck. He apologizes. Red thinks this was my plan all along. He’s wrong. But I don’t correct him. I whisper “asshole” in his ear as I nibble his neck. His dick is flat against his hairy stomach.

I start to lick his pits… fucking deodorant. I stop. I move to chew on his left nipple, then to the right. He moans. He loves nipple play. I continue for a while until he’s quivering. Some guys are hard-wired from their nipples. I’m not. Red definitely is.

I kneel before him and begin to suck on his dick. It’s not that long, but it’s very, very wide. It has this flat look I fucking love. He doesn’t drip at all, which is probably why his loads are enormous.

I suck for what feels like forever. I explore every part of that delicious shaft. The head is large and wide like the shaft, his balls are furry, but not that big. I trade off sucking on his balls: back and forth, back and forth. He moans.

Actually, he doesn’t moan. He mutters. I can make out some words, but never sentences. Sometimes it’s a very quiet muttering. Other times, he’s practically speaking in tongues. Whatever it is, I love it. His eyes are closed and he’s in another place. Maybe it’s his wife’s mouth that he’s imagining fucking, I don’t care. He gently holds my head in his hands and stands there pumping my face.

He doesn’t pause or stop. He just keeps muttering: “That’s right… good… suck it… suck… mmm hm… oh, fuck… you know that, right?” I don’t worry much about the missing words. Mostly because I don’t care.

I can’t get the whole shaft in my mouth. I can take it to a point, but then it is just too damn thick to seriously suck properly. I try though. Man, do I fucking try. I think he appreciates it. He seems to say something to that effect.

He stops me and opens his eyes. He wants to fuck me. I stand up and smile. He knows what he has to do to get me to take that dick up my ass. He kneels, grabs my shaft and starts sucking on the head. All business, this one.

His blow jobs started bad and got worse. One time, it was so bad I couldn’t cum. He made a comment that maybe he shouldn’t have to blow me. The fucker was doing it on purpose. I told him that maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore and walked out the front door… naked. It was 2:00am, so I was reasonably certain that no neighbors would see, but it freaked him. I didn’t talk to him for a month.

The douche bag sent me flowers. I called him at work. I told him I wasn’t his wife or his bitch. “I don’t think you’re gay, so stop acting like such a fag.” I wanted to ask him if he was so straight, why not do it with a chick? Instead, I said, “Let’s fuck. But if it’s going to be a shitty fuck for me, then forget it.” His only response was that kissing was “too intimate.” What the fuck? Whatever. Kissing was off the table.

Red has since become an excellent cocksucker. Better at rimming. I’m bent over his couch, my cock dripping with his spit. He’s now working on my hole. He gets in there and really fucks it with his tongue. He mumbles eating my ass. I don’t give a fuck what he’s saying. It feels fucking fantastic.

I’ve got a smile on my face as big as Montana. He rims me for 30 minutes. I keep smiling. This isn’t intimate? Whatever. . I’d forget about him if he didn’t do such a damn fine job.

He starts rubbing his dick on my ass. It’s time for what he really wants..

“Condom,” I remind him. The bastard wants to bareback pretty bad. It’s one concession I’ll never give up. He continues to try and I find that charming on a certain level; annoying as fuck on another. He gets up and comes back a minute later with a condom and a towel from his kid’s bathroom.

I lay down on the couch, on top of a Spongebob Squarepants towle offering my ass up to Red. He puts the head at my hole and smiles. He looks at me. I want to think he loves me and we are going to share something special. He’s just grateful to get some action. It’s all about him. It’s all about that dick. For both of us.

He enters me. Goddamnit, it hurts. I say so. Loudly. He tries to shush me. I feel like some girl being date-raped: he doesn’t stop. He puts his hand over my mouth and keeps pushing in. Mother fucker! He starts whispering shit like “it’s going to be okay” and calling me “baby.” The whole thing feels so goddamned filthy and wrong. My dick has never been harder.

He pushes all the way in. My legs are wrapped around him. Red pulls out slightly and I wince. His hand is even tighter over my mouth. He pulls back a little further and pushes forward. Holy fuck. It hurts like hell and feels like heaven and my eyes roll back into my head.

Red begins to fuck me slow. The pain is slowly becoming pleasure. I’m digging it. I have never enjoyed it this much. I start to whisper to him how good it feels and he mumbles something back. I know I heard “tight” but beyond that it was gibberish.

He continues fucking me harder and faster. I’m meeting his thrusts and we are in a full on power fuck. We are in total sync. He leans into me. I feel like he’s going to kiss me and that makes me moan. I start yelling at him to fuck me harder. I want him to yell back. Call me a “dirty whore” or some such shit.

Instead, he panics that a neighbor will hear and puts his rough hand over my mouth.. His is now lying on top of me and we are practically kissing through his hand. Well, I am. I arch my back, he goes in a little deeper and that’s enough to send me over the edge.

I start to buck a bit and he pulls up. Not missing a stroke, he begins to pump my dick. Hot dick in my ass and a good grip on my rod—I blow my load. He caught me on a good day and I shoot high and thick all over my chest, very little dribbles onto my stomach.

Still pumping my ass, Red leans down and licks up my load. He’s never shy about swallowing my cum when he blows me, but he’s never licked it off me. I tell him not to swallow. He looks up at me and I open my mouth wide for him.

He is unsure what to do. My mouth is open and waiting. He purses his lips and spits my jizz into my mouth. I swallow. I smile.

He starts slamming me harder. He’s close. I tell him I want him to blow on me. He doesn’t stop. I grab at his hairy chest and body. Not hard muscle, but trim. Like I said, Red is average, but so fucking sexy. I beg him to come on me, but he’s gone.

Red could teach Tourette's disorder sufferers a thing of two. The filth that came out of his mouth in 30 seconds was amazing. He was banging me so hard that I got hard again. Again, I feel like a whore. I feel used. I am just a hole to be fucked. I love it.

Red collapsed on top of me. We lay there quietly. I was quiet. He muttered. He then began to kiss my chest; my neck. He stopped. Damn. So close. He pulled out and I sat up. I carefully pull the condom off his dick and let the contents drip into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow,” Red smiles. He leans back and I let his spunk gently drip from my mouth to his. I’m tempted to stick my tongue in too. I resist. He swallows his load.

I get up, put on my shorts and head out the front door without looking back. I hear a muted “thanks” but continue on towards home.

I smile to myself as I cross the street and mutter, “too intimate” over and over. As I am planting some annuals along the driveway, I think about it again. I start to laugh.

My next door neighbor walks out of her garage. “You get a lot of joy out of gardening, don’t you?”

I sit back and smile, “You have no idea.”

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Party

Went to a party last night. Hosted by these guys that turn over their house in the hills to a bunch of select guys. By select, I mean guys on their mailing list.

Always a good crowd. Very mixed. Old. Young. Fit. Heavy. Hairy Smooth. All horny. All wanting to fuck, to suck; to give and to get.

But, this isn’t about last night. This is about my first time going to one of these parties.

My first time it was the middle of winter. Cold, rainy—a miserable night. I walked in and was immediately over come by the intense warmth of the house. Steamy. You could smell men and sex in the air. Instant hard-on.

This is not a clothing optional party. Every guy must be naked. I was directed to a small office where bags full of clothes were kept. I couldn’t imagine that many guys in this small house.

I walked into the kitchen and met the hosts. Very kind, very hot. They told me where the play rooms were. The entire house appeared to be a play room. They encouraged me to go to the hot tub. “It’s outside, so no one uses it in the winter. But it’s a great place to fuck!” I told them I would look for it.

I walked into the living room to find a bunch of guys watching porn. Six guys were on the couch watching, while four guys were giving them blow jobs. Several other guys are just standing around watching the whole thing, jerking themselves slowly. Guys continue to walk in and out. Some staying to watch and stroke. Others just look and leave.

They walk past me on their way to the other rooms. Some casually rub up against me. Others stop to stroke me a bit. I smile. Seeing I’m not interested in them, they move on.

I walk into the sitting room. Two older guys are laying down getting BJ’s from two young twinks on all fours in front of them. The older guys are making out.

A classic nerd walks in. Short, kind goofy looking, black rimmed glasses (do they still make them?), but he’s hung like a bull. Fuck, the thing is huge. It doesn’t look real to me. He’s pasty white, and It is dark red with a purple head. It’s shiny, too. I guess he’s been stroking or fucking in another room.

He starts to play with the ass of one of the twinks. They kid looks at him and shifts; not interested.

Nerd moves to the other kid and rubs his giant dick on the Twink’s ass. He opens his legs a bit; wants it. He rims the boy for a minute and then spits on his giant dong. He puts it up to the hole. I’ve seen porn where giant dicks are semi-hard and they have to play with the hole to get it hard enough to go in. Not this guy. He’s rock hard and the thing appears even bigger—and darker. The whole thing is now purple.

He enters the kid. Immediately the Twink’s head comes up. I don’t think he was expecting such a monster. Twink drops down a bit to give Nerd more access. Twink’s head is rubbing against the older guys dick, but he’s not sucking on it. That dick is taking his attention away from the dick. Older Guy does not look happy and shoves his dick back in the kid’s mouth. He sucks on it again.

Nerd slowly goes in and out of Twink’s hole. I’m amazed that the Twink can take it. The thing is a monster.

I feel a dick head on my leg. I turn and notice that there are now eight guys watching the kid take it. One guy asks if there is a condom on the dick. I said no and he said, “cool.” It is fucking hot, I thought, but so dangerous. I’m torn between being worried and turned on. Fuck it, I thought. Not my concern.

Nerd starts grunting and spasming. He’s cumming in the boy’s ass. Again, I’m concerned, but my dick is rock hard. Nerd slams the boy’s ass, crying out that he’s breeding his ass. The guy behind me shoots on my leg. He apologizes. I smile.

Nerd pulls out of Twink’s ass and cum dribbles out. Another guy watching shoots onto the other guy’s back.

As he starts to walk away, another guy comes over and drops to his knees in front of him. Nerd smiles, “Sorry, I gotta go pick up my wife at the airport.” The guy on his knees says he only wants to “clean it up a bit.” Nerd nods.

I decide to see what’s happening in the other rooms. I turn and the guys behind me are now going at it. I slip by them and get a couple of nice gropes. I grab an ass or two, but I’m not that into these guys.

The hallway is small, two doors on one wall, a closet and a door on the second, a bathroom door on the third and the kitchen where I’m walking from. A tiny space, completely full of guys.

I hesitate, but then notice the group is constantly moving in and out of the rooms. I push in. The feel of warm bodies surrounds me. My dick and balls are grabbed by two different guys. Someone starts to finger my ass. I press forward.

The first bedroom contains only a twin bed in the corner. It’s dark, but the light from the hall illuminates it just enough to see. Two guys are on their backs getting fucked. Yeah, bareback. One is getting face-fucked by another guy. The guy fucking his face is leaning across and making out with the other guy getting fucked. These guys make use of every whole available.

Other guys are standing around getting BJ’s from willing partners. Some of the guys are their knees are getting BJ’s from guys laying on the carpet under them—and one of those guys is getting a blow job from another guy.

I stand at the door and this cute guy on his knees stops blowing a tall dude and looks at me. I smile. He nods to motion me into the room. I look at Tall Dude. He glares at me. I don’t blame him.

I step back. Cute Guy goes back to sucking. I nod to Tall Dude who nods back in appreciation.

I move to the next room.

There is a king-size mattress on the floor. I wondered if this was ‘the bear room.’ The guys were all very hairy. The guys getting fucked were younger, the tops were hot older dudes. I loved the grunting going on and the shifting of positions.

One of the guys getting fucked was this hot red-head, bearded with long hair. Normally, not my thing. He made it work. I stand and play with myself as he is getting fucked. Red doesn’t look at the guy fucking him. Red looks at me.

I want to cut in. I don’t. I stand there, content to watch.

Tall Dude walks in and smiles at me. He walks up and thanks me. He smells like sweat and sex. He’s close. Is he expecting a kiss? Instinctively, I put my hand on his shoulder and he drops to his knees. Tall Dude hungrily takes my cock into his mouth.

He’s good. He knows not to spend too much time on any one part. He also moves around to areas around my dick. I love when a guy lightly kisses my stomach. Not sure why, I just do. I look down at Tall Dude. He’s looking for approval. I smile.

Dropping down next to him was the kid that was blowing him earlier. He does not look happy that this kid is trying to get at my dick. Tall Dude looks up to me, grasping my unit. I step towards the tall guy, pushing my dick into his mouth. I spread my ass cheeks for Cute Guy. He jumps in and starts licking my ass.

A guy sucking on my crank, another eating my ass and I’m watching Red get banged hard. I’m in fucking heaven. I’m starting to feel almost like headed when a jock walks in and looks at the room. I reach out and grab his shoulder for balance. Jock moves forward and we start making out as he rubs my chest and plays with my nipples.

The whole thing feels amazing. Full sensory overload, but I don’t feel like I’m going to cum at all. I’m lost in the whole experience.

Secure in my balance, I reach down for Jock’s uncut dick. It’s not that big. I see a lot of guys like this. They have to compensate, so they make their bodies perfect because they don’t think their dick is. I like his dick, not too big, uncut.

I move my other hand around to play with his ass. I feel Jock’s balls tighten in my other hand. He groans and releases his jizz all over Tall Dude’s buzz cut and shoulder. Tall Dude loves that and proceeds to blow all over my foot.

Jock turns, muttering a quiet “thank you” as he leaves. I look over at Red. The bear on top of him is cumming. Red is looking right at him. I’m surprised at how intense they look at each other. Not sure why, but just am.

Tall Guy is still on his knees holding my rod, looking up at me. He’s spent. I tap his shoulder and he stands and kisses me. He mutters “sorry,” I guess because he didn’t get me off.

Cute Guy moves around to start sucking on my cock. I look down and motion to Tall Guy’s cum on my leg. He hungrily licks it up. I stop him as he starts to move to my cock. I tell him I need some rest. Red walks by as Cute Guy stands. Red smiles at me and walks out. Damn fucking hot.

I walk outside to get a drink. It’s fucking freezing, but a few guys are out there talking. Dicks are all pretty shriveled with the cold, except for my hard-on and this black stud with a huge unit. We smile.

I grab some water and chug it. Black Stud walks over and gently touches my dick. “You were pretty popular,” he smiles. “You saw?” I ask. He tells me how a bunch of guys stood by the door watching and jerking. I get off a bit on the thought that other guys are getting off on watching me get some.

“See you inside, later?” he smiles. Great teeth. Great bod.

“Definitely.” I walk back inside.

I walk into the master bedroom. A King-size bed dominates the space. I’m not sure how many guys are on the bed. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a hole empty. The bed is surrounded by guys jerking off and rubbing the guys getting fucked. Several guys are kneeling in front of those who are watching.

I move back into the hall and into the dark bedroom. For whatever reasons, it’s empty. I sit on the bed. I’m expecting it to be covered with cum. It seems okay, but I’m just on the edge.

An older guy walks in. Not my type, but he’s got a huge unit. He looks at me with hungry eyes. Without saying a word, I open my legs a little. He moves quickly, muttering “thank you” repeatedly as he gets on his knees. He’s good. Oldman knows what feels good and does a great job. I put my hand on his shoulder and say, “Thank you, baby.” I find my self saying that a lot to guys. He loves it. Oldman deep throats my dick. I like that. He gags a little. I like that a lot.

Two Twenty-something dudes walk in one with brown hair, the other a goofy blonde. I’m thinking they are at the wrong party. They look very straight and confused. It’s their first party, too. They haven’t been around enough and are a bit slack jawed.

I play with Oldman’s dick with my foot. He moves to stop me. I look at him and he pulls off my dick and says, “Not yet, sir.”

I love it when guys give me that little clue into what they want. “Sir” told me everything I needed to know about this old guy.

I reach down and lift his chin. He was probably hot in his day, he still has great eyes. “Did I say you could speak?” I command. The look in his eyes says everything. He’s mine.

“Feed,” I say, pointing at my right nipple. I lean back, so he’s forced to bend over me, exposing his ass to the twenty-somethngs. I look back at the brown-haired guy the deep brown eyes and the beginnings of a hairy chest and point to Oldman’s ass. “It ain’t going to fuck itself.”

Brownie is a bit shocked, but he smiles. He reaches over to the bowl of condoms next to the bed. “Not necessary,” I hiss. Olman bites me a little harder. He mutters “thank you” repeatedly as he kisses my chest, moving to my left nipple. I figured he wanted to barebacked. He needs as much skin-to-skin contact that he can get.

“Jesus,” Brownie mutters as he enters Oldman, “fucker is tight.” His blonde friend is rubbing his ass. They whisper something I can’t hear.

I look at Oldman. His dick is rock hard in my hand. I can feel each vein on his thick dick. He looks at me, he’s so damn close. “Cum on me; cum on my dick,” I hiss. I aim his dick towards mine and he releases. He is shaking uncontrollably, I worry about his legs giving out. My cock and balls are covered with his spunk.

He rests his head against my chest. He is still except for the movement coming from Brownie fucking his ass.

Oldman lifts his head and smiles at me. I give him a stern nod and say, “Clean it up.” I push back further on the bed so he can lick up his jizz of my junk.

Brownie cries out, he pulls out and blows his load all over Oldman’s back. He’s seen too many porn films. He pulls out and stands there for a second. Blondie is getting ready to mount and I stop him. “Clean that up, first,” I say, pointing to Brownie’s splooge.

Blondie licks up the mess and Brownie’s dick starts to rise again.

Oldman moves forward onto the bed. His legs are tired, so he wants to be on all fours for Blondie. I move off the bed. Blondie moves into position. Fuck, the dude has a monster thick dick.

I look at Brownie, “You going to fuck him while he’s pegging my buddy?” Brownie smiles, “He’s like my best friend…”

I tap Blondie just as the head gets into Oldman’s ass. “Any objections to your buddy fucking you fuck him?” Blondie shrugs and goes back to Oldman’s ass. He pushes forward and Oldman moans loudly. “Just make sure he suits up,” he mutters as he begins to fuck Oldman hard.

I watch them as they go for a while. Brownie is in heaven as he nipples on Blondie’s neck as they rhythmically fuck. The room is now filled with guys fucking and watching. Time for me to head out.

After a few minutes of wandering, I head to the living room. Black Guy is there. We chat for a moment. He tells me his name is Michael. I don’t offer mine.

I’m feeling his big dick and my mouth starts to water. I get down on my knees and start to play with the head. The thing is like a fucking rock, and I can feel his balls tightening. He’s close. I smile. Give it to me. He groans loudly. Michael looks at me and whispers, “yes.” I’m not sure how many times he pops, but it seems to keep going and going. A bit dribbls down my chin, but I get most of it.

I stand up. Michael says thanks, and smacks my ass as he leaves. I guess he’s not going to reciprocate…

I wander back into the master bedroom and see Red standing there. I walk up and kiss him. We stand there making out for about 10 minutes, touching each other, licking each other.

Without a word, he stops and leans back onto an open space on the crowded bed. He glances over to the nightstand, indicating the bowl of condoms. I reached down to feel how lubed his ass is. While it is slick, I want some more.

A small, in shape, but very hairy Indian guy is watching and jerking off. “Wet that down,” I say to Hairy Indian, indicating Red’s hole. He gets down on his knees and licks it out.

I find a red-colored condom and roll it on. Again, no lube that I could see. I walk over to Hairy Indian and pulled him from Red. I slip my dick in his mouth and he slicks it up.

I push Red’s legs back and Hairy Indian spits onto Red’s hole. I pat Hairy Indian’s head and move to mount Red. I look back at Hairy Indian and smile. As I start to enter Red, Hairy Indian begins to gently—and expertly—lick out my hole.

Red wraps his legs around me and I begin to fuck him. Red locks his eyes on mine and I pound him hard. I put my hands on his chest as I pound away, my dick deep in his hairy hole and Hairy Indian’s tongue deep in my ass.

I lean forward to kiss him and we make out for a few minutes, I can feel his cock getting harder as it rubs between our two bodies. I pull back and begin playing with his nipples.

One of the guys watching us starts to moan. I look over and grunt, “Come over here… cum on us.” The guy walks over and dribbles cum onto Red’s chest.

I am disappointed there isn’t more, but the invitation is now open. Guys that have been watching and jerking walk over to us and spray us with their spunk. Red’s hair is covered and I can feel guys spewing their load all over my back and legs.

Hairy Indian amazes me with his diligence by continuing to eat out my ass. I can feel my balls pulling up. I begin to groan. Red is furiously pulling on his cock, determined to cum with me. I start to moan louder and I can feel it all building inside me.

I am ready to cum deep inside him when I hear a couple of the guys watching, call out, “Shoot it on him!” “Tattoo him with your cum!”

I pull out and send ten huge gobs of cum onto Red’s chest. Guys are shouting encouragement and “fuck yeah” comments as my load splatters on his chest and, in one particularly thick rope, onto his face. As the cum drips between his lips, Red lets out a groan and sprays my spunk up onto my chest.

I kiss Red and feel another guy spew onto my back. I turn, expecting it to be Hairy Indian, but he is still on his knees jerking his rod.

I turn around and kneel next to him. “Stand up,” I mutter, staring at his dark, uncut meat. He stands before me. I looked up at him, I am about to lick his head when he starts to spray me. I call out, “Fuck yeah!” and another guy drops a load onto my shoulder.

Thanking Red and Hairy Indian each with a kiss, I walk to the bathroom to shower off all the jizz. Guys are rubbing it in and thanking me for the great show.

I shower. I look for my clothes. I am spent. I look around the sea of clothes when this beautiful guy walks in looking very nervous. He asks me what to do and I tell him to find a bag and put his clothes in it. As he is taking off his clothes and revealing his well-muscled body he confesses that this was his first time at such an event.

“You don’t say?”

“I was worried there wasn’t going to be anyone hot here,” he smiles at me, “so, did you just get here?” My dick started to rise.

I tell him we should go check out the hot tub.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Meet Junior

Meet JR

I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. I love it because it gets me laid. I hate it because a lot of freaks use it. JR ain’t no freak—but his dick is something freaky.

I sent out a message stating I wanted to give some head. I get that urge now and again: serve rather than be served.

I wanted some dick. Just to go someplace, get on my knees and suck it until he nuts. Then I’d get up and leave, belly and balls full of cum.

My message was simple and straight forward. Most important: no pic, no reply. Guess how many shit-heads sent messages w/out pics? Ten. Ten fucking idiots. Three of them had the nerve to ask why I didn’t reply. Dumbshits. There were about seven with pics and potential. But the best was the one with a nice pic of a long, thick dick:

Yeah, that’s really it. That’s what he sent. That’s what I wanted.

His name is JR. He lives about 15 minutes away. We make the arrangements and I head to his place. Okay place. It’s dark, the shades are all drawn. But it’s clean and that’s important.

He’s small. A short guy, thin with a pony tail in his graying hair. I wanted to say “You’re too old for that shit,” but it didn’t really matter much. He’s wearing Speedo-type underwear. Not my thing, but he makes it work.

I’m glad he’s small. There’s always a thought in my mind that maybe it’s a set up, or the guy wants to try something. When they’re small like JR, I feel more comfortable.

We go to his room. It’s darker than the rest of the place. He tells me his roommate will be home soon, so we can’t be long. Whatever. Just let me get too it.

We don’t do the kissing shit, or rubbing, or any other crap. He drops his shorts and there it is. Damn. It’s big.

I get on my knees and begin to kiss it. It smells nice. He just took a shower. Cool.

I play with his balls a little. Their nice. Their heavy. Shaved, but still nice to suck on.

I’m kissing it a bit, playing with the head and it starts getting harder and growing. I’m wondering how much I’ll be able to take in my mouth. I start putting more in my mouth and rubbing him all over. He’s super thin, but it’s decent. I rub his hairy chest. I can’t tell if he likes it, he makes no sound.

I tell him it’s okay to talk dirty to me. He mumbles a few things and then stops. I can’t complain too much, I didn’t mention it in the ad that I like it when a guy talks dirty.

If I’m down there sucking crank and eating ass, I want a guy telling me what a fucking whore I am for doing it. In the real world I hate being humiliated. When eating a dude, I love nothing more. Make me your bitch. Fuck yeah, I’m a cocksucker. I know I’m a whore. You own me, Sir! Whatever. Make me work for my redemption by drinking down your load.

I move his hands to my head. I want to say, “Fuck my face!” but I’m realizing he’s just not that kind of a guy. He plays with my hair a bit.

He sat down on the bed and that gave me more access to his cock. I gotta say how much I loved sucking that huge thing. It has a nice curve to it and it bulges out in the middle. It’s also very fucking hard. For the 10 minutes I’m blowing him, his dick is like a rock.

JR lets out a little gasp. I notice a taste difference. The bastard came. I’m not opposed to drinking his load, but give a guy a warning. What if I didn’t want to drink it? It tastes okay—nothing too funky or too tasty.

As his dick starts softening and falls from my mouth, he starts to moan. Now he makes some noise.

I kiss around his dick and balls, paying homage to his bush, stomach and thighs.

We stand and I wait for him to put on his briefs. He walks me to the door and says he had a good time. He asks if he can call me again. I think for a moment, “sure.” That pleases him.

I’m not sure why I said yes. Maybe his seeming to ignore me is a turn-on. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment. Maybe I really liked sucking that beautiful curved dick that was designed for swallowing.

I’ve gone back about eight times to JR. Always on a Sunday afternoon about 2:00pm. He talks a little more now. He also warns me when he’s going to blow. But we still don’t talk much otherwise. I know little about him and he knows nothing about me. Which I like.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Hobbes is a kinda regular thing. We met through Craigslist. He’s closeted. He lives with his married sister, her husband and kid. He emails when they are going to be out of the house.

Usually, it’s Saturday morning. Real fucking early Saturday morning.

The first time we hooked up, I went to his house and we did our thing in the living room. I fucked him bent over the arm of the couch. Good thing it was leather, because we made a mess. The windows in the front don’t have drapes. He didn’t seem to care, which is odd, because he doesn’t want his sister to know. So anyone looking over might have seen. Whatever. I got off.

Normally, I don’t go back again. Not a policy, but it usually doesn’t work out. However, he was hot: late 20’s brown hair, sweet brown eyes, about 6’2”, 220, plays softball in a league—damn sweet kid.

The next time I went over, there was a note on the front door:


Come in.
Take off your clothes in the living room, come into the back bedroom, and start eating my ass.

I felt odd stripping in someone else’s living room—especially, if they were to come home unexpectedly and find my kit in the living room. I was horny, so I did it.

I got lost finding the back bedroom. There were three doors and I kept choosing the wrong one.

He’s lying on his stomach, hairy ass in the air. I start eating. He loves it. I love it. He has a mole near his on his butt. It’s not an std or anything, just an odd place for a mole. It makes me smile.

We fool around and then he asks me to fuck his face. I love it. I get close—too close. Shit, I think I came a little. I stop him. He asks me if I came. I lie and say “no.” Then he wants me to fuck him.

I condom-up and try to enter. He’s tight and nervous. We go slow. It takes a few minutes and he eases up. “I’m in,” I say. He nods. I begin fucking him. Damn, he is tight.

We fuck for a while. He likes to be dominated—pushed around a little and fucking love that shit. We’re like the Energizer Rabbit and we keep going and going.

The problem with me cuming a little earlier is that I’m not going to cum now. I can go forever at this point. A side note on me and my dick: when I’m hard, I stay hard, even after I cum a few times. When I’m nervous, I will sometimes pop quick, but I don’t need any lag time to continue.

He jacks off while on top of me, smearing my chest with his jizz. Nice.

I’m about to pop inside his tight hole and he begs me to cum in his mouth. Damnit!

I was close. Too close. I may have cum a little, again.

I beat the shit out of my dick trying to blow into his mouth—When I cum, it gushes. My body practically convulses. It’s fucking intense. I’m poking at his face and growling “Eat it. Eat my fucking cum!” to him. He does.

Minutes later, I’m standing at Starbucks. I want to tell everyone what I just did. I wonder how many of them just did the same thing?

Our sessions are all similar to this. Sometimes I fuck him; sometimes not. He always eats my cum.

Nice way to start a Saturday.