Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quick Sunday Play-by-Play

I woke up early. Sunday morning. Very horny. Check Craigslist. Mental note: if I ever meet Craig I will suck his dick into the next millennium.

An ad catches my eye. Fantasy suck. It’s a simple request. Blow two guys. They say they’re straight, but whatever. It’s all a fantasy as far as I’m concerned.

I email them. They email their phone. I call. We talk about the fantasy and I’m into it. I Google the directions and I’m there 20 minutes later. It doesn’t go off exactly as they wish, but I don’t fucking care.

Here’s the play-by-play:

I pull up to the house. Standard suburb, similar to my own, but not as nice. I go up to the front door and walk in. For a moment I wonder if I’m being set up. Shit. I don’t even know their names. My balls spur me on.

It’s just like they said. I walk through the living room and two guys are sitting around in baggy shorts and t-shirts. Mid-20’s. Attractive in that everyday kind of way. They are in shape, but not ├╝ber-built.

The phone is in front of the dark-haired guy, a laptop sits in front of the blonde-ish guy. My email and my photo is on screen.

They are sitting on the couch watching ESPN. Neither says a word to me, nor I to them. I kneel in front of the first guy. Dark hair, deep-dark eyes. I push back his t-shirt and he has a nice happy trail. Love that. My kisses follow the trail up as I pull off his shirt. I work my way back down as I unbutton his shorts.

They come off easily and he’s not hard. I look up at him and he’s intently staring at the TV. I push his legs aside and start licking at his big hairy balls. Dark Eyes hasn’t showered today. Nice. The musky smell gets me fucking hard as a rock.

As I nibble around his dick and balls and let my hands roam his chest. Not much definition on this guy, but the whole starter-chest hair thing is sweet: A small patch of hair in the middle, a little bit around the nipples. I move up and chew on them for a minute.

Dark Eyes likes that. He whimpers ever so quietly. I look up. His eyes are closed. I chew a bit more on them until he roughly pushes my head down towards his dripping dick.

I take his cock in my mouth. Average all around. I take him all the way down (which isn’t very far). For good measure, I put his balls in my mouth as well. He moans out loud. Excellent.

I keep sucking on his crank, slurping and “gagging” on his dick. Dark Eyes grabs the back of my head and starts to wildly fuck my face. He’s young, with little control. I keep thinking he’s probably a lousy lay.

Dark Eyes doesn’t say anything when he cums. It’s the same grunting as when he’s fucking me. Yeah, I said I’d swallow, but give me some fucking warning. He shoots a big load. Since I’m not fully prepared, a lot dribbles out.

I swallow and lick up most of the mess. I look up to him. He’s still watching the TV. He’s also breathing heavy.

I turn my attention to the other guy and I’m surprised to see he’s completely naked and hard. He’s watching the TV, but he’s clearly been watching something else. I get up and walk around the coffee table so I can get right to it.

I look at him and he looks at me and smiles. He has beautiful blue eyes and is in much better shape than Dark Eyes. In fact, Blue Eyes was hot. He had little chest hair, but trimmed his bush and balls, making his already big dick seem bigger.

I grab his thick shaft and smile. He quickly looks away. I start sucking and immediately, his balls start to retract. He’s going to cum any second. I pull away and start sucking hard on his balls, and kissing around his dick so he’ll calm down. It doesn’t help much. The second my mouth goes back to his head he says, “I’m cumming.”

Dark Eyes calls out a stern, “Dude.” No words were supposed to be spoken. That was an absolute when we were emailing.

“Sorry,” Blue Eyes mutters.

“Du-ude!” I want to tell Dark Eyes that every time he calls out “dude” he’s breaking the vow as well.

His load is much bigger than Dark Eyes and I keep sucking. I just keep working that dick. It doesn’t go down. I look up at Blue Eyes and he’s looking right at me. I get back to sucking in earnest. I let my hand slide gently underneath him so I can finger his hole a bit. He moans loudly.

“Du-u-ude!” whines Dark Eyes.

“Fuck you, Chad,” barks Blue Eyes. He directs back to me, “Yeah, suck it.” The damn thing really does choke me. I gulp as much as I can down. He doesn’t try to fuck my face. He lets me do all the work. It’s a damn fine cock. I could suck it all day. However, he barely lasts another two minutes before he blows again. I gulp it down. Not as much as before, but thicker. Chunkier.

I pull off Blue Eyes’ softening dick. I’m content to just go home and jerk off. Part of me wants a Starbucks, but I don’t know if my dick will be down by the time I get there. However, I still have one last thing to do before I go.

I sit on the couch between the two guys. I pull down my pants and take out my dick. I’m surprised at how hard I am. I begin to jerk it hard and fast. I was hoping for some sort of lube. No such luck. I pull back my t-shirt. I cum watching the dugout for the Oakland A’s. My chest is covered in cream.

I clean up with a few napkins on the table, thank them and walk to the door. If they wanted to do this again, one or both were to pat my knee. Neither did.

As I get to the door, Chad runs up, stops, reaches forward, slaps my knee, turns and runs back. Christ. I get it.. He thinks we’ll meet again.

At Starbucks I sit thinking about the morning and how much I’d like to see Blue Eyes again. By the time I finish my muffin, the feeling is gone.