Saturday, June 30, 2007

Republican Sex

I fucked The Republican today. We first met at a Log Cabin Republican dinner a few years back. (Don’t fucking ask). It was at a hotel ballroom in SF. I did him just off the ballroom by the kitchens. A busboy walked by as I was doing him doggie-style. The busboy smiled. I fucked him harder. Republican squealed like a bitch.

A month later I realize he lives just down the street from my house. Small fucking world.

He’s in real estate. Always wears a suit. He’s hot. Very in shape. Big dong. Short Hispanics with big dongs—how can you go wrong? I guess they can be a Republican. I’m always left to wonder why. I digress.

I’m cleaning out my garage when he zips up to his place. He looks like he’s just running in, but he stops to check me out. We greet. He keeps looking back as he walks into his place. It’s as good as an invitation to me.

I walk up as he’s walking out. He says he doesn’t have time. I give him a stare. He has time. “Seriously, I don’t.” He’s lying. I move forward and kiss him. I feel his crotch. His Dick Cheney is rocking hard. I squeeze it. “Can we be quick?” He pleads. “Sure.” I lie. It will not be the last time today.

I kiss him hard against the entry hall wall. I hold his arms down. He grabs my ass like he expects me to be fucked. I’m not his Dubya. I’m not taking it from him. He knows it. He tries. I respect that. But still…

We often get into hefty political debates in the street. It starts off casual and ends up with about four or five neighbors watching us spar. I often wonder aloud how he could belong to a party that thinks he’s nothing more than an illegal that should be sent back to Mexico. He’s Costa Rican and that pisses him off. Probably because it’s true.

He’s trying to get me to give him head. No fucking way. Republican is an excellent cocksucker. I need that mouth. I struck out at the bars last night; I’m full today. “Do you want me to call Immigration?”

“Fuck you.”

“No,” I smile, “I’ll get to your ass later. Right now, beba mi mecco.”

He snorts at my bad Spanish. But I know he wants my dick. I lean in and kiss his neck, “por favor?”

He calls me an asshole as he drops to his knees. Call me anything you want, just suck it. He pulls down my shorts. My rod flops out and right into Republican’s mouth. His tongue is all over the head. He pulls off my shorts and swallows my cock. I slowly fuck his mouth. “¿Hambriento?” Republican moans a bit. His hands move up and pinch my nipples. I keep fucking his face.

I feel my balls move. I don’t want to cum yet, so I pull out. I pull him up by his tie and kiss him. I taste my musk on his lips. Sweet. I rub his crotch. Republican’s cock is hard as a rock. It feels even bigger in his pants. I release it. It’s slick with precum. The foreskin rolls back and forth easily.

His pants hit the floor so my other hand can play with his hole. He likes this a lot. I put in another finger. He begins to whisper and moan things in Spanish. I’ve gotten him ‘there’ faster than normal. “Turn around.”

He turns quickly around and thrusts out his ass. He knows what’s coming. I kneel down and pull open those cheeks. Fuck. His ass is beautiful. Perfect round globes. Not too fat. Not too muscled. Hairy as fuck, with a perfect brown eye. My tongue dives for it. From what I can understand from his grunting in Spanish, he’s loving this.

I pull at his pants around his ankles and grab his wallet. As always, a condom is inside. I lock and load. Standing against the wall in his entry hall, Republican rests his head against his forearm and offers me his ass. I rub my cockhead up and down that beautiful valley between his ass cheeks. He continues mumbling in Spanish. I’m fully erect.

He tries to stop me. He wants to kick his pants out of the way. He stands there in his dress shirt, tie, shoes, socks and the balled up pants I pulled the condom from. I answer by gently sliding my dick in his hole. He moans. I push in further. He moans louder. I pull back a bit. Republican fucking moans louder. The guy has lungs on him. I love it.

I push in again. Deeper. He’s quiet. More… more… more… all in. He whimpers. Good thing I’ve got control, or I’d blow right then. I begin fucking slow and quickly gain speed. His silence doesn’t last long. I can’t tell if he’s cursing me or praising me. I don’t care. I’m pounding his ass and I’m pounding it hard and by the feel of his pingo grande, he’s loving every fucking minute of it.

He’s getting close. I hear “mother” and “God” a lot. I’m yanking on his dick hard. He calls out and then his hose releases some major spunk. I’m busy fucking, so I’m not paying attention to where his spasmming unit is shooting. I feel some of it on my hand. Otherwise, I don’t care. I’m close. That’s my focus.

I reach up around of him and grab hold of his shoulders. I’m fucking as fast as any rabbit ever at this point. He’s practically screaming. So am I. I blow in his ass. I know the condom blew open. Nothing could take that pressure. I fill him and keep fucking. I just keep going. My dick is twitching. I’m still thrusting. I’m tripping. It’s gorgeous.

I force myself to pull out. My body is still bucking. I get myself in control. Republican turns around. The first thing I see is his shirt. My jizz stained hand left a nice jizz mark on his clean, white shirt. We simultaneously look down at his pants. I wonder if he peed—there’s a lot of creamy liquid there.

He kicks off his pants. He stumbles toward the living room. Fuck. He painted the wall, too. I felt like I shot a gallon of cum. I think he may have.

I pull off my condom. Contrary to my ego, it’s still intact. I flick it onto his pants. Republican walks upstairs. He’s bitching that he’s late for an appointment and now he has to change.

Normally, I would just leave. However, I’ve never seen his bedroom. I make myself at home. He’s standing by the closet. He’s naked save for his shoes and socks. He’s looking for a shirt to go with the suit he’s placed on the bed.

I put my arms around him and start kissing his neck. He tries to push me away. I hold tight. I mumble an apology about the suit into his neck. I hug him tighter. He tells me to fuck off. I reach down. He’s hard again. He sighs.

We both know: I own this bitch.

I turn him around and we kiss. Long and hard. He’s got a great chest. I play with it. Running my hands through trimmed hair. I tweak his nipples. He likes that. I kiss my way down his chest. I stop to worship his abs. I drop to the giant dong throbbing at my chin.

I pull the foreskin back. I take him into my mouth. I can’t get much in. I use both hands to give the illusion I can. I look up. Eyes closed. Lips moving. Arms are out; palms raised. Is he praying? I suck on his enormous balls. I move a finger to his ass. Two instantly go in. Round two is about to start.

I push him back on the bed. I suck some more on el Gigante. I play with his hole. He’s in a whole new place. I go for a while longer. He’s not even speaking Spanish anymore. It’s gibberish. It makes me harder.

I stop. I open the nightstand drawer and pull out a condom. I wrap up my junk. I turn back to him. Republican is looking up at me expectantly. I stand there for a second. “Show it.” I tell him. He lifts his legs and that beautiful fuckhole is offered up to me.

I tease it again. This time I can see his expression. He smiles a dirty smile. I slide in. So much easier this time. I start to move… very slowly. His eyes roll back. Slowly I pump his ass. I’m holding his dong in my hand. Sliding it back and forth with the rhythm of my fucking.

He lets go of his legs, but they stay up. I’m in a perfect fucking position and I’m hitting everyone of Republican’s buttons. His hands are moving all over his face.

“Do you love it?”


“Is this the greatest fuck of your life?”


I push his legs back so I can go just that much deeper. I ask for fun, “Do you love me?”


It takes me a second to realize that he is on another plain. He will answer yes to anything. We continue fucking. I alternate between slow and fast. He gurgles when I fuck him fast. He whispers incoherently when I go slow. I hope my legs can last.

He starts to spasm again. He pushes my hand away so he can jerk his cock. After three hard jerks, he spews. The man is a gusher. The first load spews up across his shoulder and onto the suit he’s lying on. The second rope onto his face. The third, again, onto the suit. The fourth and fifth onto his chest and stomach. The other three shots plop out onto his pubes. It’s a beautiful site.

My cock is throbbing. I’m so wrapped up in his massive load that I’m scarcely aware that my dick is twitching like meth addict. I pull out. I want to add my jizz to his.

The explosion hits me like a lightening bolt. I don’t see where the first shot goes. I open my eyes for the second shot—right into Republicans mouth. Beautiful arch. He coughs it up. I can’t make this shit up! I’m not sure what else comes out. I’m too busy wishing I had a camera for that shot.

I lean over Republican. Our cocks are throbbing against each other. We kiss. Quick and businesslike. I pull away. Jizz is all over me. I go to get a towel and I hear him in thee other room groaning about another suit ruined.

I’m wiping off our combined fluids and I hear him say, “Spunk does not come out.”

As I walk downstairs to find my shorts, I call out, “Find a better dry cleaners.”

He calls me an asshole. I leave.

He calls me later to thank me… and to ask me a question. He wants to know if he spoke a lot of Spanish when we fucked. I tell him yes. He says that means it’s really great. He confesses that he hasn’t spoken Spanish during sex for a while. He then asks about my questions during sex. I lie and tell him I ask how he loves it and shit like that. “Nothing else?” Again, I lie. “Nothing I can remember.” He sounds relieved. I am too.


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Gotta go clean up now. Thanks!

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You've done it again!