Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seeing Red

Red called yesterday afternoon. He’s a neighbor and he’s married. Married guys are usually off limits. Red is different. We started fooling around before I started the “no married guys” rule.

On Saturdays, he’ll sometimes stop by with other neighbors and we’ll shoot the shit as I work on my yard. I’m the only schmuck still doing his own lawn. Everyone else has a gardener. I like doing my own yard work. I don’t have kids with sporting events to go to. My yard looks better than any other house on the block.

Red only calls when the family isn’t there. I can come over. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I don’t want him to think I’m on call 24/7, even though in my mind I am.

He’s not that tall, very average in many ways. Red’s a genuinely nice guy in his early 30’s, light blue eyes, a bit freckly, with dark red hair. He also as a seriously nice dick.

I walk over and he meets me out front as if we just happened to wander into each other. I want to tell him that no one is watching, but some of the neighbors love to gossip—especially about me. We look at a dry spot on his lawn and I turn on the sprinklers. One of the heads isn’t working. I grab a screwdriver and start fixing it.

Red is not happy. We only have so much time before the wife and kids come home. I tell him that if he’s going to go through this ruse, then he should see it through. “You want a blow job or not?” I say too loud for him. He’s pissed and goes inside.

I take my time fixing the sprinkler.

I go inside. Fuck it. I don’t knock. I just walk in. Red is standing in the living room, waiting for me. He’s naked. He’s hard.

I walk over and stand very close. I move to kiss him and he reminds me (again) he doesn’t kiss. Whatever. I push his head to my left and move to nibble on his neck. He apologizes. Red thinks this was my plan all along. He’s wrong. But I don’t correct him. I whisper “asshole” in his ear as I nibble his neck. His dick is flat against his hairy stomach.

I start to lick his pits… fucking deodorant. I stop. I move to chew on his left nipple, then to the right. He moans. He loves nipple play. I continue for a while until he’s quivering. Some guys are hard-wired from their nipples. I’m not. Red definitely is.

I kneel before him and begin to suck on his dick. It’s not that long, but it’s very, very wide. It has this flat look I fucking love. He doesn’t drip at all, which is probably why his loads are enormous.

I suck for what feels like forever. I explore every part of that delicious shaft. The head is large and wide like the shaft, his balls are furry, but not that big. I trade off sucking on his balls: back and forth, back and forth. He moans.

Actually, he doesn’t moan. He mutters. I can make out some words, but never sentences. Sometimes it’s a very quiet muttering. Other times, he’s practically speaking in tongues. Whatever it is, I love it. His eyes are closed and he’s in another place. Maybe it’s his wife’s mouth that he’s imagining fucking, I don’t care. He gently holds my head in his hands and stands there pumping my face.

He doesn’t pause or stop. He just keeps muttering: “That’s right… good… suck it… suck… mmm hm… oh, fuck… you know that, right?” I don’t worry much about the missing words. Mostly because I don’t care.

I can’t get the whole shaft in my mouth. I can take it to a point, but then it is just too damn thick to seriously suck properly. I try though. Man, do I fucking try. I think he appreciates it. He seems to say something to that effect.

He stops me and opens his eyes. He wants to fuck me. I stand up and smile. He knows what he has to do to get me to take that dick up my ass. He kneels, grabs my shaft and starts sucking on the head. All business, this one.

His blow jobs started bad and got worse. One time, it was so bad I couldn’t cum. He made a comment that maybe he shouldn’t have to blow me. The fucker was doing it on purpose. I told him that maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore and walked out the front door… naked. It was 2:00am, so I was reasonably certain that no neighbors would see, but it freaked him. I didn’t talk to him for a month.

The douche bag sent me flowers. I called him at work. I told him I wasn’t his wife or his bitch. “I don’t think you’re gay, so stop acting like such a fag.” I wanted to ask him if he was so straight, why not do it with a chick? Instead, I said, “Let’s fuck. But if it’s going to be a shitty fuck for me, then forget it.” His only response was that kissing was “too intimate.” What the fuck? Whatever. Kissing was off the table.

Red has since become an excellent cocksucker. Better at rimming. I’m bent over his couch, my cock dripping with his spit. He’s now working on my hole. He gets in there and really fucks it with his tongue. He mumbles eating my ass. I don’t give a fuck what he’s saying. It feels fucking fantastic.

I’ve got a smile on my face as big as Montana. He rims me for 30 minutes. I keep smiling. This isn’t intimate? Whatever. . I’d forget about him if he didn’t do such a damn fine job.

He starts rubbing his dick on my ass. It’s time for what he really wants..

“Condom,” I remind him. The bastard wants to bareback pretty bad. It’s one concession I’ll never give up. He continues to try and I find that charming on a certain level; annoying as fuck on another. He gets up and comes back a minute later with a condom and a towel from his kid’s bathroom.

I lay down on the couch, on top of a Spongebob Squarepants towle offering my ass up to Red. He puts the head at my hole and smiles. He looks at me. I want to think he loves me and we are going to share something special. He’s just grateful to get some action. It’s all about him. It’s all about that dick. For both of us.

He enters me. Goddamnit, it hurts. I say so. Loudly. He tries to shush me. I feel like some girl being date-raped: he doesn’t stop. He puts his hand over my mouth and keeps pushing in. Mother fucker! He starts whispering shit like “it’s going to be okay” and calling me “baby.” The whole thing feels so goddamned filthy and wrong. My dick has never been harder.

He pushes all the way in. My legs are wrapped around him. Red pulls out slightly and I wince. His hand is even tighter over my mouth. He pulls back a little further and pushes forward. Holy fuck. It hurts like hell and feels like heaven and my eyes roll back into my head.

Red begins to fuck me slow. The pain is slowly becoming pleasure. I’m digging it. I have never enjoyed it this much. I start to whisper to him how good it feels and he mumbles something back. I know I heard “tight” but beyond that it was gibberish.

He continues fucking me harder and faster. I’m meeting his thrusts and we are in a full on power fuck. We are in total sync. He leans into me. I feel like he’s going to kiss me and that makes me moan. I start yelling at him to fuck me harder. I want him to yell back. Call me a “dirty whore” or some such shit.

Instead, he panics that a neighbor will hear and puts his rough hand over my mouth.. His is now lying on top of me and we are practically kissing through his hand. Well, I am. I arch my back, he goes in a little deeper and that’s enough to send me over the edge.

I start to buck a bit and he pulls up. Not missing a stroke, he begins to pump my dick. Hot dick in my ass and a good grip on my rod—I blow my load. He caught me on a good day and I shoot high and thick all over my chest, very little dribbles onto my stomach.

Still pumping my ass, Red leans down and licks up my load. He’s never shy about swallowing my cum when he blows me, but he’s never licked it off me. I tell him not to swallow. He looks up at me and I open my mouth wide for him.

He is unsure what to do. My mouth is open and waiting. He purses his lips and spits my jizz into my mouth. I swallow. I smile.

He starts slamming me harder. He’s close. I tell him I want him to blow on me. He doesn’t stop. I grab at his hairy chest and body. Not hard muscle, but trim. Like I said, Red is average, but so fucking sexy. I beg him to come on me, but he’s gone.

Red could teach Tourette's disorder sufferers a thing of two. The filth that came out of his mouth in 30 seconds was amazing. He was banging me so hard that I got hard again. Again, I feel like a whore. I feel used. I am just a hole to be fucked. I love it.

Red collapsed on top of me. We lay there quietly. I was quiet. He muttered. He then began to kiss my chest; my neck. He stopped. Damn. So close. He pulled out and I sat up. I carefully pull the condom off his dick and let the contents drip into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow,” Red smiles. He leans back and I let his spunk gently drip from my mouth to his. I’m tempted to stick my tongue in too. I resist. He swallows his load.

I get up, put on my shorts and head out the front door without looking back. I hear a muted “thanks” but continue on towards home.

I smile to myself as I cross the street and mutter, “too intimate” over and over. As I am planting some annuals along the driveway, I think about it again. I start to laugh.

My next door neighbor walks out of her garage. “You get a lot of joy out of gardening, don’t you?”

I sit back and smile, “You have no idea.”


james p said...

man ur stories are fing hot. i get rock hard with every installment. i blow a load every time. keep 'em cummin man

cum.lover said...

Really, really hot story! Thanks. I agree...rainbow kissing is super. Red doesn't know what a good thing he's missing.

rui said...

new to your site. nice work.