Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Start of Summer

I keep thinking I need to put something up here but life continually gets in the way. It’s been far too long. Apologies. This popped into my head this morning. Short and sweet.

Second day of summer vacation. No summer sports yet. No trips to my grandparent’s ranch. Just hanging around the house. I wander to a neighbor’s place. Pete’s family has a pool. It’s already hot. Hoping for a pool invite. Cutoffs and a t-shirt. Only clothes a teenager needs.

Knock on the door. David, Pete’s older brother, answers. Year older than me. Year younger than my brother. They occasionally hang out.

I walk in. David sits back on the couch. His left leg up on the cushions.

“Where’s Pete?” I’d call out, but his mom’s a bitch. She hates me. Us. She hates my family.

“Out back. What are you up to?” He leans back. Looking directly at me, he pulls back his shorts. His big, floppy, uncut dick rolls out. He continues to look right at me.

I just stand there. Not sure what to do.

He smiles. “Pete’s in the back…” still staring. He pulls the foreskin back and lets it slide forward, “…or we could hand out…”

Silently, I sit down next to him. I look at his meat.

I look up at him. Still dead-on staring at me. The room is completely still. It didn’t seem that hot before, but I’m sweating now.

I look back down. His thick meat pulses. I look back up into those cool blue eyes.

He grabs it. Slaps his cock against his leg. I lean forward. My mouth is dry.

His dicks smells clean. He must have just showered. I can still smell the Ivory soap. I pull back on his foreskin and take him in my mouth. I start salivating. No more dry mouth. His cock swells in my mouth. He’s really big. Well, not long, but thick.

As I stuff more of his cock in my mouth, he leans back further. Eyes closed. I start to really suck and pump on his dick. His cock stretches my mouth. I try and take more in, but I choke a bit. I pull off to catch my breath.

“Don’t stop.” He’s staring at me again. “It feels good.”

I smile and start back down. I keep eye contact. He smiles.

He moves his hand to the back of my head and gently pushes my head down. After a few minutes we get into a nice rhythm. I’m bobbing up and down. My hand, slick with spit, pumps what I cannot fit in my mouth.

David puts his other hand on the back of my head and begins pumping harder. His breathing becomes more intense and he growls a little. I think he’s close.

He grabs the back of my head hard and stuffs his thick dick to the back of my throat. My nose is buried in the material of his shorts. His auburn bush peeking out. I’m trying not to choke, but I’m making loud gurgling noises as he continues his assault on my mouth and throat. I try to remember what my brother taught me: relax. Let it happen. I take a deep breath. His cock slides deeper. He is in my throat. He holds my head firmly in place. I do not struggle. I can feel the pulsing beast throbbing in my mouth and throat.

“Oh. Oh…” he stammers. Then, he squeaks out a whisper, “Oh, fuck.”

He nuts.

I hold. I let his spunk pump down my throat. My head and his pulsing meat are throbbing together. It’s all I can do not to pull back and away. I’m tensing up. I can’t breathe. I’m going to start gagging on David’s thick meat. I push forward a slight bit. David lets out a deep, guttural moan and relaxes.

I swiftly pull off and take a deep breath. His beast gushes out two more pumps of cum. They slide down his bulbous shaft. I lean forward and slurp them up.

I squeeze his dick to get the last bit out. I look up. He smiles. He tucks his dick back in his shorts.

“You’re a lot like your brother,” he smiles. Not looking at me. I wait for an indication he’s going to reciprocate. My cock is aching and I want to pull it out. He gets up and starts walking upstairs. “David’s in the back…”

I spend the afternoon swimming with David. My cock stays in a semi-hard state through most of the afternoon. I go home and beat off. Twice.

I fooled around with Pete again over the Christmas break, but that’s about it. Uneventful.

Pete and I hook up post college a few times. Even less eventful.

Friday, March 20, 2015


The first time I saw Coach I was a freshman. I needed a form signed for baseball. I could have gone to any of the baseball coach’s offices. I chose His. I walk in. It’s full of guys. Some sitting around studying. Others are waiting. I have no idea why some are there. They’re sitting on his old leather couch, half dressed. The room smells like a man. No stank. Just… manly.

The athletic offices were perched in raised clusters all around the locker room. There’s a tiny restroom in the back of each office: toilet, sink, and shower stall. He walks in from his shower. The only way I can describe Him is “Stud.” Total stud. Tall. Handsome. Built. Robert Redford back-in-the-day-handsome.

He’s rubbing a towel over his muscled chest. He’s fucking perfection. He throws the towel over his shoulder. I see IT. My God… it’s beautiful. Thick, cut-meat sprouting from a dark bush and hanging beyond His heavy, furry-oblong balls.

Coach sits down at his desk. Towel still on His shoulder. He’s naked. In His chair. Naked. Can they do that? Who sits naked in a chair? I’m growing up in a crowded house full of kids. There is no time to be naked. His meat rests on the edge of the chair. How big does it get? I’m trying not to stare.

He signs paperwork for another guy. I hand Him mine. “Legend? James and Eric’s little brother?” I nod. He smiles. “I saw you at the batting cage last week. You got some power. You might even make JV…” A couple of guys laugh. He signs the form. I keep it in front of me as I leave. I’ve got a massive boner. I’m thinking about that chair. And that thick piece of meat resting on it.

A few days later, I meet Danny. He’s hanging with my brother. We chat. He’s cool. He has tiny scars around his left eye. Something to do with water polo. He’s so goddamned good looking. Almost pretty. The scar makes him just shy of perfection. He’s also a senior, which is really cool. Any time an upper classman talks to a lowly freshman is awesome.

He starts giving me grief about the Marci incident. I don’t say too much. He asks if I like eating pussy. I shrug. He asks if I like sucking dick. I blush. I blank. Tells me he’s kidding. I decide to hang out downstairs. My brother calls me a pussy as I practically run away.

It’s cold as I start to head home after school on a Tuesday afternoon. My jacket sucks. Hand me down. Old. I cut through the parking lot on my way to the bus stop. I see Danny. He gives me a nod. I nod back. He jogs over. “Heading home?” I nod. “Need a lift?” I shake my head. “Uh… about the other day, I didn’t offend you, right?” I shake my head. I tell him it’s okay. Again he offers me a ride. The wind kicks up. “My truck’s got a heater…”

We drive around for a bit. We talk baseball. His last season. He’ll miss it when it’s over. Talks about the team. The guys. How amazing Coach is. He talks a lot about Coach. He asks if I want to come over. I’m almost hard in my pants. I know it’s not about sex. But he’s so cool. A senior. Cute.

We walk into his room. It’s practically bigger than my house. He turns and kisses me. I’m not sure what to say so I just stare at him like an idiot. He leans in to kiss again. This time I kiss back.

Shirts are off. Beautiful bod. Hairy pits. No chest hair to speak of. Some on his happy trail. He pushes me on the bed. Trying desperately to be quiet, we roll around on his bed making out. My cock is aching. He pulls down my pants and underwear. “Shit. You’re bigger than your brother…” I just about nut with that.

He sucks on it for a while. He’s good. First time I haven’t done the “you-suck-me-then-I-suck-you” bit with a classmate: We kiss. He sucks. We kiss more. He stuffs his thick meat into my mouth. We kiss. I suck him again. He asks me if I’ve ever been fucked. I just stare at him.

“Look, if you have, then we can do it. If not, you’ll probably make too much noise and if my parents come home, they’ll hear.” I look at his big meat. “I’ve never been fucked.” Total lie.

We end up blowing each other to orgasm. As we’re dressing, he tells me I shoot a big load. “You, too.” It’s a lie. I wasn’t even sure if he came until he pulled me off his dick.

At school on Monday, Danny comes up and asks me if I want to stop by his house on my way home. I’m instantly hard.

We hook up a couple of times a week. Both his parents work, so they’re rarely home. He guides me into the finer points of sex. It evolves over the next few months, but this is how I remember our sessions:

We start making out. He likes kissing. He’s also a fucking fantastic kisser. Clothes slowly come off. He loves to rub his dick around my ass. Slapping it against my hole no matter what position we’re in. Danny introduces me to KY Jelly. So much better than Crisco or Vaseline!

He likes to take me from behind. Whether bent over, on my knees, or on my stomach, he likes to pound from the rear. I like it on my back. He pushes my legs back. Looms over me. When he does that, he’ll kiss me while fucking me. Occasionally, I’ll ride on top of him. Even then he likes me facing away. “I love watching my dick slide into your ass.”

Danny is also fond of my dick. He doesn’t do a lot of sucking, but he likes playing with it. Smacking it. Making it swing back and forth. He’s playing with it when he says, “I always thought it would be much bigger.” Shit. I thought it was decent? “Is it too small…?” He laughs. “Hell no. It’s just that you… you hang long. You’re a show-er. Not much of a grower.” I still think he’s calling me small.

We also talk a lot. In movies people never talk when having sex. He stops in the middle to chat. He talks a lot about Coach. “Coach says…”

He also uses condoms when we fuck. “So my dick doesn’t smell like shit.” I try and clean myself out. I guess it’s not enough. He tells me I’m fine. “Coach says…” Wait. What?! Coach talked about fucking guys?

He smiles, “Coach says, ‘Things happen in an all-boys school…”

I make JV ball my freshman year. Totally skipped Freshman Ball. This may not be big to you, it was huge to me.

Danny talks more and more about Coach. How great He is. How much He knows. How I should get to know Him. But Coach is Varsity. I only see Him in passing. Danny tells me that Coach can help me get to Varsity.

In our many sessions talking about Coach, I hear the affirmations: Go out there and get it. Reach for it. Want it more. Try harder. Practice more. Be stronger… I can practically hear him in my sleep. Mostly because I share a room with my brother who talks about Coach endlessly as well.

February. Sunday afternoon. Danny’s parents are somewhere. We fuck like rabbits. Every position we can think of. He’s standing next to the bed, fucking me while on my back. He says he’s gonna cum. He pulls out. Yanks off the condom. Shoots his load on me. As always he doesn’t cum that much. As he’s jerking me to orgasm, he tells me that Coach wants to meet with me. Alone. I think of Him sitting naked on that chair. I bust my nut. “Fuck. You shoot a big load.”

Monday afternoon. Batting practice ends. Danny asks me if I want to go for a run. I’m beat. But it’s Danny, so I go. Long run. It’s after five when we get back. The doors are all locked to the gym. Danny has a key. I give him a “where’d you get that?” look. He shrugs.

We walk in the locker room. It’s dark. The light in Coach’s office is on. The rest of the locker room is dark. As we start up the stairs, I hear the door from the weight room open. Coach walks out. Shirtless. Grey sweat pants. Fuck, He’s beautiful.

I sit on the big old leather couch in front of His desk. The room smells so good. That man scent again. That couch has had a thousand sweaty guys sit on it.  Coach is standing in front of me, leaning against the desk. Danny stands by the door a few feet away.

Coach starts talking about my commitment to the school and baseball. He’s talking like I know why I’m there. Like I understand where this is going. I do not want Him to think I’m an idiot, so I just nod my head. Trying to absorb it all.

Commitment. Passion. Dedication. Devotion. Teamwork. Spirit. He goes on and on. My head is swimming. Coach is talking to me like I’m a real person. Not just some kid. I watch the sweat still stuck in His chest hair. Fuck He’s beautiful. My head swims. As He talks, He scratches just below the waistline of His sweats. The room is now spinning. His words. The smell. Coach’s bulge.

Oh. My. God. His fucking bulge.

I think He has a hardon. I KNOW He has a hardon. It’s pointing to His left. I can’t stop looking at it. I hear Him as if in another room. “You’ve got to go for it in this world…” I think of what Danny has said about Coach. What my brothers have said. “Be proactive…. A go-getter… reach for it... Reach for it… Reach…”

I see my hand reach out. As if it’s not mine. I grab that big dick through His sweats. I let go only to pull on the waistband. It releases His cock. His thick, massive meat rolls out and across the back of my hand. It’s so warm. It’s so big. It’s so beautiful.

The room is absolutely silent except for the sound of rain drops hitting the skylights over the locker room. I don’t even think my heart is beating.

I look up. Coach just looks at me. I open my mouth, thinking I’m going to say something. There’s a glint in His eyes and a hair of a smile…

I kneel in front of Him. His cock starts to rise. I quickly stuff it in my mouth. I don’t want him to say no.

I work it for a few minutes. Playing with His balls. Taking as much as I can of His meat in my mouth.
“See?” Danny smiles. “I told you he was good.”

Coach lets out a laugh. “You’ve taught him well.” He pulls my head back. His cock still filling my mouth. I look up. “Didn’t he?” I let out a muffled “yep”. They both laugh.

I keep working Coach’s meat. It’s spectacular. A bit musky from his workout, but mostly clean. I suck on His seriously hairy balls for a while. I can only get one at a time in my mouth. I push His balls up to lick His taint. I get a lovely bit of acrid musk on my tongue. My dick begs for release.

I glance over at Danny. Shorts and jock on the floor. He’s just spit on his dick. He’s jacking it watching me. “Take your clothes off, kid and stay a while.” I look up at Coach for approval. He nods.

I jump to my feet. I pull my windbreaker, jersey and t-shirt in one, swift motion. I try to take off my pants, jock, and cleats just as fast. I stumble back and fall backwards onto the couch.

“Easy. Easy. Easy…” Coach pulls off my cleats and slides off my pants. He leans in. He kisses me. His dick slides against my leg, leaving a snail trail of precum as it drags along my leg. That’s it. I’m done. It’s too fucking much. I nut. I spray his furry chest.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry!” I cry out as each shot blasts into His golden fur. It hangs there. Gripping. As if my jizz knows it is at a sacred place. Not wanting to drip away.

“I told you he shoots a huge load…” Danny is still furiously jerking his meat.

Coach grabs my face. “Never apologize.” He tells me to clean it up. I lean forward and start sucking my jizz from His magnificent chest. I do manage to take the opportunity to suck on His nipples.  His fur is soft. His muscles hard.

When I’m done, He pulls back. He looks me over. I feel some of the jizz running off my side and onto the couch. He leans down and licks my spunk off my chest and abs. Coach works His way down to my cock, which is now getting hard again. He takes me in His mouth and sucks out the remaining load. Squeezing it to get every last drop.

His tongue is slow and deliberate. It reminds me a bit of how Danny would blow me. But Coach is purposeful when He sucks. As if He knows just where every flick of his tongue must go. Same with my balls and taint. I hear myself moaning at one point. It’s so amazing.

He pulls away. Coach is kneeling on the couch in front of me. He looks me over. “You have a beautiful cock there.” I nod. He grabs the base and shakes it a bit. “Very nice.” He sucks me again for a few pumps. My cock is so sensitive at this point, but I’m not going to tell him to stop.

“Roll over.”

I’d had my ass eaten before. Nothing too spectacular. This. This is different. This is amazing. Like a starving man offered as sumptuous meal, He dives in. He licks and eats my ass. He’s alternating between violently and delicately. He takes me from one extreme to the other. Always keeping me on the edge.

I’ve thought a lot about that night and I can say with absolute conviction that the moment His tongue presses against my hole, my life is irrevocably altered. A new course is set and He is my True North.

He’s pulling my rod back so on his long treks from the top of my hairy hole to the tip of my dick, I feel the long, silky edge of his tongue. One second He’s chewing away at my furry hole, the next He’s offering light kisses. He moves me up so he can assault my taint with his tongue. I think his teeth are used as well. My legs are shaking.  

Coach stands. He pushes the head of His cock against my hole. Then He teases me with it. Sliding it up and down. Slick precum helps His dick slide smoothly along my crack. He pushes forward so the shaft rests along my entire crack. He pumps a few times.

I silently pray that God allow Him to fuck me. “I’ll never ask for anything again. Please let him cum in me…”

“Danny, grab the KY in my desk…”

Thank you, Jesus.

He hands Coach the tube. I put my head down on the arm of the couch. I’m starting to shake. Danny puts his hand on my head. With the other hand, Danny rubs my neck and pushes down my back. Danny keeps gently whispering for me to relax. I hear the “ntch, ntch, ntch” sound as Coach lubes up His thick meat.

He tells me to take a deep breath. I feel Him enter. It’s not so bad. It doesn’t hurt too much. I quickly realize that it’s His thumb. He’s lubing me up with his large hands.

Danny pulls my head up. I look into his sparkling eyes. He tells me I’m doing great. He cups my face with his left hand, as he jerks his meat with his right.

While Coach continues lubing my ass and adding more fingers, He starts rubbing my back with His other hand. He gropes my ass hard. It’s all so surreal.

Coach rests His dick on top of my ass. I can feel it pulsating. It seems so much bigger right now.

Danny kneels in front of me. He looks very serious. “Robert. Coach is going to enter you now.” I nod. “You need to give Him permission.” I say okay. I’m even more nervous now. Danny moves in and whispers, “This is a big moment dude. You’re so lucky.”

I feel the head pressing against my hole. I’m trying to relax. The room is starting to spin.

“Robert?” Coach’s voice sounds so far away


“I’m going to enter you now.”

“Okay…” My dick is dripping precum again.

“I need your permission.”


Danny is holding me so close. He’s whispering in my ear. “His dick looks so purple. He’s gonna breed you…”

“I will cum in you.”

“Okay…” I think the precum is at a steady stream at this point.

“You know what that means, right?”

“Um…” No, I don’t.

He leans forward as Danny pulls back, the head pushes in a tiny bit, “It means I’m going to make you a true man.” My dick goes harder than it’s ever been. It hurts so fucking much. I push back. I want that cock in me.

“Oh, God… yes.”

“Tell him you want it…”

“Yes, Coach! Please!” It’s all too much. I’m sobbing now. I want this more than anything. “Please fuck me! Cum in me!” I push back. I feel Him enter. Oh, fuck it hurts! But I want it so bad! I want Him! I want to be a man! I want the whole fucking world!

His giant sausage pushes into my hole. Each thrust goes a little further. He’s gentle now. Easing me into it. I lift my head. His hand is on my shoulder. His other hand on my waist. He’s telling me how good I’m doing. How beautiful my ass is taking his cock.

Now He’s holding onto both shoulders. With one final push, the entirety of the manliest cock I will know fills my hole. He pauses for a moment. I take a deep breath.  I’m completely euphoric. I have never felt so alive. I have dreamed of Him so many times. Of Him touching me. Kissing me. I never let the dream come this far…

He begins pumping. Not too hard or too fast at first. But he gains momentum quickly. As He continues to build up speed, He is also going for longer strokes. His cock is coming almost all the way out and then slamming full force back in. It hurts so fucking much. But I don’t want it to stop. Ever.

I’m vaguely aware that I am loudly groaning with each powerful thrust. He tells Danny to quiet me down. Danny shoves his dick in my mouth. Blow jobs with Danny have been mostly me sucking him, rarely with him fucking my face. On this evening, he is making up for lost time. It’s a wonder my spine doesn’t crack with the pounding forces coming from both ends. My nose is clogged and I can barely breathe.

Coach pulls out and I collapse onto my side, away from Danny’s assault on my mouth. I can barely breathe. Coach pulls me down on the couch and flips me on to my back. Before I can even think of recovery, my legs are tossed back. He’s in me full tilt again. He’s got a firm grip on my ankles. He looks on me with such pleasure. I love watching Him fuck me. He’s so fucking beautiful. That massive, furry chest. Those tight abs. Those beautiful, intense eyes. That goddamned giant cock in my ass…

Watching Him is short-lived as Danny crawls over me and shoves his cock back in my mouth. He fucks my mouth just as mercilessly as Coach fucks my ass. “I’m gonna cum in your fucking mouth…!” Danny’s edging all night has produced a massive load. I’m completely incapable of handling most of it. I swallow. I choke. I spit some back up. It’s all over my face and in my eye. Danny steps off. He stands next to coach. His hand on Coach’s shoulder, watching Him rail me. My rock-hard cock is bent towards Coach’s abs. Each thrust into me, causes my dick to bounce back and then slam back into his fuzzy abs. It’s too much. With no hands on my dick, I let out a shout. Like an unattended firehose, I begin spraying the two studs standing over me, along with the couch, the window, and myself.


Coach thrusts into me. His tenses with each pump of His precious milk into my ass. “Yes. Yes. Yes….” He remains over me. Breathing heavy. I can feel his dick twitching. I think he’s still coming in me.

He pulls out. Sits back. Danny looks down at my jizz covered body. He can only muster a quiet “wow.”

We are silent in the afterglow.

After a minute, Coach gives my leg a hearty smack and starts towards the shower. He stops and turns, “Hey kid, I’ve got one rule: Don’t fall in love with me.” He laughs like it’s a joke. I just nod. I can’t speak.

Danny kneels next to me. He starts talking a mile a minute. Not sure exactly what he said, but it’s all good. I tell him I need to shit. “Don’t! Hold onto his butter as long as you can. Trust me.” I nod.

He smiles at me. “You feel it? You’re a goddamned fucking man now!” Danny rubs my stomach. “You’ve got a fucking stud in there.” Fuck, am I pregnant?

I want a Kleenex. My nose is stuffed. I have jizz in my eyes and ears. As Danny starts to get me something, Coach comes out. He looks at me and tells Danny to clean me up. We walk down to the showers. (Coaches shower is for Coach).

I fart a few times on the way to the shower—I can feel bits of Coach’s nut butter dribble out each time.

I look at myself in the mirror. My eyes look like I’ve been crying. One eye is almost sealed with a big glop of jizz. There’s snot pouring out of my nose. There’s still spunk all over my face and body. Not sure if I’ve been royally fucked or been in a fight.

I rinse off. Twice I fart and I can feel even more jizz come out. My ass is so weak I can’t hold them in. Finally, I just squat over a drain and let it go. It feels like it runs forever. Thankfully, Danny has already finished and went back to Coach.

I stand under the water for a few minutes, trying to process this all. I’m lost.

As I walk back to Coach’s office, Danny walks past. “Gotta go!” He’s gone without even a “thanks” or “It’s been fun.”

I change into my school uniform and walk up the steps to say goodnight and maybe see if Coach can give me a ride home. I can’t hear the rain anymore, but I know it’s fucking cold out.

He’s finishing up cleaning my mess. “Lot a jizz…” I nod. He tosses the towels into a bin. He’s standing there in a pair of running shorts that leave little to the imagination.


He shakes His head. I instantly understand that for him it was just business. I won’t be fucking around with him anymore.

I slump down on the couch. Still unsure what all this means. “We’ll talk all about it this week…” It’s like He can read my mind.

He comes over and pulls me close. Tells me I was great. He gives me a kiss on the cheek. My ear. My neck. We start making out. Fuck. I’m hard again. So is He in those fucking shorts.

He stands up. Pulls it out. Holds it to my mouth. I take Him in. Not too far, my throat still aches. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. Coach rests His dick on my tongue and begins to jerk His meat. I try and suck it. He won’t let me. “Just look at me, boy…” He smiles at me. I can’t help but smile back. He jerks harder. Pulls my hair a little more. “When I cum, don’t swallow. Just let it sit… THERE!”

He cums in my mouth. One shot hits me straight in the eye. The same one from earlier. It will be red for two days. He taps my face with his hard but spent dick. Rubbing cum around my lips.
He smiles at me. Tells me I can now swallow. I do. Never breaking eye contact. He holds my chin firm, “Remember what I told you… don’t fall in love with me.” Before I can answer, His pager goes off.

I thought only doctors have those…

As he calls His service. Tosses me a towel.

He hangs up, “Go see if Danny is still outside and bring him back…”

I find Danny in the parking lot talking to some guys from water polo. They give me a nod. Do they know? Is it obvious? I try to remain cool as we walk back. Coach is smiling at Danny. “Bernhard is in town. Care to make a few bucks?”

There is far more going on here than I can comprehend. Much more than Bernhard being just another Booster.

One phone call and two minutes later, they drive off to see “Bernhard.” I’m sitting at the bus stop. I think about the evening. Danny. Coach’s dick. What if I didn’t grab it? What if I’d not come tonight? What if I never got that ride from Danny? I’m jealous they’re together. I’m bummed I’m at the cold bus stop. Grateful it’s stopped raining.

The bus is mostly empty. I slump in the back I burp twice on the ride across town. I swear I can taste His cum.

As I walk to my house from the bus stop, I feel warm and wonderful inside. Even though it’s cold and damp out. My ass twitches. I think there’s still some jizz in there. I burst out laughing in the cold night air. I feel fantastic! I feel like any guy who just became a man!

As I start up the walk to the house a cold wave sweeps over me.  Shit. I’m in love with Coach.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Great Uncut

Late winter quarter freshman year. Volunteered by my fraternity President to attend an All-Greek meeting. I think it's an honor. No one else will go.

I walk into the auditorium. I’m told to sit in the first three rows. Everyone is scattered throughout this 200 seat classroom. No one is in the first three rows. I see a guy from Sigma-something in the back. Their house is near ours. Decent guys. Mostly jocks. Mostly not too bright. I've seen him around enough that we nod to each other on campus. I go sit one seat over from him.

His name is Brad.  Didn't volunteer; drafted. Junior. 6'6" 250# Plays football. Beautiful eyes. He's hot. Has one foot up on the seat in front of him. His package is big. Seriously big. Without looking at me, he passes me a flask. "It's the only way to get through this..."  The meeting is long and dull. Lots of administrative crap. Nothing of note. We can't leave until we've signed out. Can't sign out until they tell us it's over. 

By the time Brad and I leave, the flask is mostly done. We're both buzzed. We wander off into the cool night air. It's dry now, but rained while we were inside. Everything smells fresh in the night air. I gotta pee. I wander off the path towards some trees and brush, where it's dark. I pull it out and start to pee. Brad staggers up right next to me. Starts peeing. Our wiz makes a slight splattering sound as it makes the large ivy leaves dance and shimmer in the dim light from the path.

Brad bumps me slightly. Our arms touch. He doesn't move away. Presses into me. Our fingers touch. They play as we stand there silent. He finishes. I get hard and can’t pee anymore. He takes my hand and moves it to his dick. I grasp his thick meat in my hand. I move my hand forward... uncut. I stroke his meat. He sighs. "Yeah..." he whispers.

He grows fully hard in only a few strokes. Damn. It's really big. I want to drop down and try and take it in my mouth. I stroke forward. I slip my finger into his foreskin and roll it around the head.

"Oh, my God!" he says in full conversation voice. We've been silent up to this point.

I rub my finger over his urethra a few times... He gasps, "Dude...!" I can feel his cock grow even bigger and harder. He grabs the back of my neck for support. I start pumping his dick hard. Moving my hand down the shaft and then back over the head. I keep increasing the pace. Grips my neck harder. Breathing tightens up. I keep pumping his thick shaft. He sucks in more air... and holds it. I hold mine. He makes a slight "Mmph." noise. I stop pumping and hold the base tight. He's cumming.

I feel the first pump of his load. Then I hear it. In the silence it hits the leafy ground cover with a loud "SCHLAPP" sound as his huge load unleashes onto the groud cover. Each pump of jizz lands with the same noise: "SCHLAPP... SCHLAPP... SCHLAPP..." I can't tell how many pumps of ejaculate shoots from his massive cock. It's only when I think it should have ended that I start counting. I count six before he dribbles to a conclusion. I'm guessing it's at least twelve nut blasts. I can smell his rich seed in the air. I'm close and I haven't even touched my dick.

I don't want to let go. His rough hand is still on my neck. He turns me slightly. I think he's going to say "thanks" or "fuck you, faggot", not sure as the silence confuses me. He grabs the top of my jeans by my ass and bends over. My dick is in his mouth. One hand holding my jeans, the other my thigh. Like he thinks I'm going to try and get away. Gives a great blowjob. Very sloppy. Takes it all in. I grab his hair and fuck his face. 

Doesn't take me long. I whisper, "I'm gonna sperm." He keeps slurping away. I say it again. He still keeps slurping. Finally, I say it out loud, "Dude, I'm going to sperm my load in your mouth." He grunts. I nut. He takes it all. 




He stands up. Looks around casually and pulls out his flask again. He takes a swig. Offers it to me. I oblige. With a shrug, he says, "Later" and walks off, tucking his massive meat back in his pants as he gets to the walkway. Brad stops. “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.” I nod. He turns away. He stops again. “But I wouldn’t mind fucking you.” He smiles. Waves. Walks off. I realize have to pee again. 


Late June. It's too fucking hot. Heading from the library to my last final. I'm walking across the quad, sweating. I see Brad in the distance walking in the opposite direction. He nods. I keep walking. He turns back. I walk around towards the back of the Humanities building along a path. To my left is the spot where I jerked off Brad. I open the door to the back stairwell. I doubt too many people use this way in: it's on the edge of the main quad. The path only leads around the building. Brad has almost caught up to me as I enter the small vestibule. Hold the door open for Brad. He smiles. 

I as I walk the heat of the room overwhelms me. It's stifling. Brad bumps me into the corner with his body. I can feel the heat coming off of him. I drop my backpack as I brace myself against the wall. I'm not sure if we're gonna fuck or if he's going to beat me up. His hands glide down my body. 

We're gonna fuck.

He reaches around. Pulls me close. Begins biting on my neck. His hands grab the top of my jeans and pull. The button-fly pops open with six little pops. His hands push my jeans and boxers down. He grinds against me as he grabs my junk. We are not nearly as quiet as we were that night. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the urgency. Whatever. He wants in my ass. He's pulled open his jeans. His hard cock is pushing up the small of my back. He grinds into me. Pumping me. Groping. 

I'm turned and pushed to the floor. "Slick it up." It doesn't seem as big in the daylight as it bobs in front of me. When I try to put it in my mouth, I realize how huge this fucker is. I gag. Slurp. Drool. Tug on his massive nuts... My ass is twitching. I'm not that into bottoming, but fuck... 

"Up." He grunts as he pulls me up and turns me around. He pushes me against the wall. Toys with my hole with his spit-covered dick on my sweaty ass. The head enters...

"FUCK!" I'm in pain. He grunts as he pushes in more. I feel a trail of sweat roll down my back. I silently pray it goes down to my aching hole. He pushes... I cry out again. 

He laughs. "There's more..."

Brad pulls out. I hear him spit. Then the sound of him rubbing that thick meat. He rubs my slick back and I feel his fingers pushing the slickness to my hole. It's against my hole again... He pushes in. Some more. And more. And more... 

...still more. 

I'm seeing stars. I realize that I'm pushing on the wall so hard I've pushed myself up. He's pushing into me so hard I'm being supported by his dick. I'm about to go into full freak out mode that I'm being skewered by this giant cock, until I realize he's got his left arm under mine. His right hand between my legs. I relax a bit. He takes this as a cue to fuck me harder and deeper. 

I've got my feet on the ground. We get into a nice rhythm. His right hand now firmly grasping my cock and balls. He's leaning on the left forearm, pushing me against the wall. I don't know if I can take the ass pounding much longer. I also don't want it to stop. 

"You like that, buddy?" His cock assaults my hole. I can only reply with a gurgle. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're gonna scream so loud when you cum."

As he begins to piston-fuck my hole, we hear it. A door, several flights up slams and someone is descending the stairs. 

While we are not in plain view, if the person walking down the final steps looks moderately to their left, we're caught. 

"Shut up! Shut up!" he hisses. Even stifling my whimpers and grunts, I'm panting like a mother fucker. 

The steps get closer as they come down the clanging metal stairs. Brad shifts moves his arm and pulls me closer. The person is right above us. They stop. Brad pulls tighter. His cock slips in all the way. Balls deep. My legs curl up. Pushed against the cold concrete wall, he's holding my torso with his left arm and my dick and balls with his right hand. It's all I can do not to scream out. My entire body is on fire. Sweat is pouring off me and I'm slippery in his arms. I'm going to slide out and onto the concrete floor. 

The person walks down the stairs and steps off the last step. I slip. Brad pulls me tighter. I grunt. 

And then it happens. 

Brad lets out a soft moan. I feel his huge cock depositing a massive load in my ass. Each pump of sperm into my hole makes me shake harder. My balls pull back and I begin blowing my load down the wall. I gasp loudly. I hear a loud click and whirr... Why hasn't this person noticed us? The door opens and the room fills with bright sunlight. The door shuts. We both groan loudly as he pumps the last of his spunk into my hole. I slip from Brad's arms. Dropping on my knees gasping. 

Brad is giggling. "Fucking Walkman." He laughs louder. "He had a fucking Walkman. Never even noticed us." 

He helps me up. We stand there awkward in our silence. He’s a sweat-covered god. I want to lick the sweat off him. I hesitate. I look down. I see my bag. "Fuck! I'm late for my final!" I scramble to put my clothes on. I'm not going to have time to shit out his load. I barely say goodbye.

I have no idea how I did on that final. All I remember is being uncomfortable the whole time and getting hard again every time I realized I had his massive load in my ass. I was on the Dean's List that year, so I must have done well. 

I saw Brad around, but we never hooked up again after that.