Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Start of Summer

I keep thinking I need to put something up here but life continually gets in the way. It’s been far too long. Apologies. This popped into my head this morning. Short and sweet.

Second day of summer vacation. No summer sports yet. No trips to my grandparent’s ranch. Just hanging around the house. I wander to a neighbor’s place. Pete’s family has a pool. It’s already hot. Hoping for a pool invite. Cutoffs and a t-shirt. Only clothes a teenager needs.

Knock on the door. David, Pete’s older brother, answers. Year older than me. Year younger than my brother. They occasionally hang out.

I walk in. David sits back on the couch. His left leg up on the cushions.

“Where’s Pete?” 

I’d call out for him, but his mom’s a bitch. She'd yell at me... again. She hates me. Us. She hates my family. I assume she's not home.

“Out back. What are you up to?” He leans back. Looking directly at me, he pulls back his shorts. His big, floppy, uncut dick rolls out. He continues to look right at me.

I just stand there. Not sure what to do.

He smiles. “Pete’s in the back…” still staring. He pulls the foreskin back and lets it slide forward, “…or we could just hand out for a while…”

Silently, I sit down next to him. I look at his meat.

I look up at him. Still dead-on staring at me. The room is completely still. It didn’t seem that hot before, but I’m sweating now.

I look back down. His thick meat pulses. I look back up into those cool blue eyes.

He grabs it. Slaps his cock against his leg. I lean forward. My mouth is dry.

His dicks smells like chlorine. He must have swam earlier. Chlorine and a hint of suntan lotion on his leg. I pull back on his foreskin and take him in my mouth. I start salivating. No more dry mouth. His cock swells in my mouth. He’s really big. Well, not long, but thick.

As I stuff more of his cock in my mouth, he leans back further. Eyes closed. I start to really suck and pump on his dick. His cock stretches my mouth. I try and take more in, but I choke a bit. I pull off to catch my breath.

“Don’t stop.” He’s staring at me again. “It feels good.”

I smile and start back down. I keep eye contact. He smiles.

He moves his hand to the back of my head and gently pushes my head down. After a few minutes we get into a nice rhythm. I’m bobbing up and down. My hand, slick with spit, pumps what I cannot fit in my mouth.

David puts his other hand on the back of my head and begins pumping harder. His breathing becomes more intense and he growls a little. I think he’s close.

He grabs the back of my head hard and stuffs his thick dick to the back of my throat. My nose is buried in the material of his shorts. His auburn bush peeking out. I’m trying not to choke, but I’m making loud gurgling noises as he continues his assault on my mouth and throat. I try to remember what my brother taught me: relax. Let it happen. I take a deep breath. His cock slides deeper. He is in my throat. He holds my head firmly in place. I do not struggle. I can feel the pulsing beast throbbing in my mouth and throat.

“Oh. Oh…” he stammers. Then, he squeaks out a whisper, “Oh, fuck.”

He nuts.

I hold. I let his spunk pump down my throat. My head and his pulsing meat are throbbing together. It’s all I can do not to pull back and away. I’m tensing up. I can’t breathe. I’m going to start gagging on David’s thick meat. I push forward a slight bit. David lets out a deep, guttural moan and relaxes.

I swiftly pull off and take a deep breath. His beast gushes out two more pumps of cum. They slide down his bulbous shaft. I lean forward and slurp them up.

I squeeze his dick to get the last bit out. I look up. He smiles. He tucks his dick back in his shorts.

“You’re a lot like your brother,” he smiles. Not looking at me. I wait for an indication he’s going to reciprocate. My cock is aching and I want to pull it out. He gets up and starts walking upstairs. “Like I said, David’s in the back…”

I spend the afternoon swimming with David. My cock stays in a semi-hard state through most of the afternoon. I go home and beat off. Twice.

I fooled around with Pete again over the Christmas break, but that’s about it. Uneventful.

Pete and I hook up post college a few times. Even less eventful.


Explorer Jack said...

Are you back? Wow. You were/are my blog inspiration. Keep it up ;)

Explorer Jack said...

Awesome post. I miss your stuff.

(awk)Word said...

Thanks, Jack. I'm trying to be back. COVID-19 lockdown has helped!

sc57 said...

Yes, i/we gave missed you. I searched several times, but you weren't posting. Welcome back, handsome.

Unknown said...

Welcome back. ;0)

BikeGuy said...

Five years. It was worth the wait.

sc57 said...

Yes, we would love more. Wonderful previous posts.

b_rider said...

Summer was never that much fun for me. You say other times with Pete were uneventful. It was still more sex than I had.

I may need to reread your posts from the start since they are hot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this installment! Your narrative style is second to none, and worth waiting for. If you get off on writing them, we get off on reading them. May I have some more Sir?