Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday Curtis

Friday after Thanksgiving. We didn’t go to my grandparent’s ranch because my little brother, stepdad and sister all had the flu. The rest of us had it the week before.

My brother asks if I want to earn five bucks. I’ve been doing this for a while: giving his friends a BJ for five bucks. My brother tells me he is “generously” giving me half. Most of the guys are from other schools. Guys Erik met at baseball camp.

 Curtis is from St. Mike’s. He’s a junior. We see each other at baseball practice when the JV and Varsity squads are practicing around each other. I’m a Freshman, so I’m barely acknowledged by anyone other than Freshmen and First Years.

On the bus ride over, my brother tells me to “be cool.” I roll my eyes. My brother is the one that usually is an idiot. He wants to be in the room “to make sure I do a good job.” After I blow the guy, my brother then “jokes” that he needs a BJ as well. It makes the other boys uncomfortable. Most ask him to wait in another room.


I’m fascinated by Curtis. He looks like a man: he’s furry. Great hairy legs, with thick thighs. He also has a really hairy chest. He’s cute, too. And he always seems to have a five o’clock shadow. Dark hair, with beautiful blue eyes. He’s also kind of awkward. Socially, he doesn’t seem to connect with people. But he’s a good shortstop so he’s part of the jock culture at school. He’s hung out with my brother and his friends before. I like his voice, too. It’s kind of raspy. 

His mom is off shopping with his sisters when we arrive. He’s in running shorts and a t-shirt. I can see he’s got a semi when we walk in. He points to the family room, “Hey, Erik, we got a few new games for the Atari…”

Erik practically runs into the family room.

We get to his room. Another rich kid. Well, richer than my family. Big bedroom--bigger than mine and he doesn’t have to share. He’s got a stereo and a TV in his room.

“I moved the Atari downstairs so your brother would leave us alone.”

I stand there. I’m still not sure what to do. Do I go first? I know he wants a BJ, but I’m not sure if I should just drop down to my knees.

He takes off his shirt and tosses it on a chair. “Are you…?” 

I shrug. That’s my answer to a lot of things: a shrug. 

He shucks his shorts. He goes from semi-hard to fully erect in a second. He’s got a nice dick. Not huge, but more than most of the guys at school. It’s kind of thick and has a nice curve to it. He sits on the bed. I kneel before him and take him in my mouth.

I can take most of it in without any trouble. Most of my brother’s friends nut pretty fast, so normally, I’d work it up and down pretty quickly, but I like Curtis. He smells good. He showered. I slow down. I work his balls with my hand. He likes that and lets out a soft moan.

He moves his hand to my left shoulder. I take his hand and move it to the back of my head. Coach often guides me this way. Pulling me close as He wants His dick deeper. I’m pretty sure Curtis has been with Coach. 

He gently pulls my head towards him. I take him deeper. I can’t outright swallow a dick yet, but I can slowly work it down. As my nose nestles into his thick bush, he pulls my head tight for a moment, then releases. We repeat this a dozen or so times: slowly taking him all the way down, pausing, and then pulling back slowly.

Curtis mumbles and moans, but I can’t make out any words. I do notice his balls have pulled up so much that they are on either side of his cock. He’s close. His body is tensing. I’m about to get my reward.

I change my rhythm. I ignore his slow pull and begin to move my head up and down quickly. His hands are now gripping my shoulders.

Curtis lets out a whispered groan “I’m gonna…” I feel the pumping of his beautiful cock. Then I taste it. He begins to spew into my mouth. It’s not a big load, but his salty load spills into my mouth. I keep pumping. “Oh, jeez…!” I keep pumping. I want everything he has to offer.

On a hot summer day, he was hanging out with my brother in the creek behind our house. I tried tagging along, but my brother told me to stay down the creek. I sat there, with my feet in the water, playing with a stick, listening to them talk. I don’t think they knew I could hear. 

Curtis was saying that when he jerked off, he would just keep jerking after he came. He liked the tingling sensation that was “excruciating and mind-blowing.” He said he’d come again after only a minute.

“If I’m gonna lick it up, I might as well do it all in one shot.” 

Rumors and wives’ tales about sex fly about at an all-boys school. Sperm is a big conversation. If you jerk off, you lose your edge. The only way to get it back, is to take back your seed--or someone else's. It’s not uncommon to see a guy at a urinal jerking off into his hand. In fact, a number of guys go out looking for someone to "help out" the day before a big game to “stock up.” Everyone has a story of how someone did it and scored a touchdown or hit a grand slam. 

Curtis starts to push me away, but I kept going. My fingers grasp his dropped and drained balls and I tug a little as I keep pumping with my mouth. I get a tiny taste of his spunky load every now and again and that makes me drool more. My spit spills out and on to his balls. I begin to work them as my mouth continues its assault on his rigid cock.

He is gasping and groaning. I glance up and Curtis has his clenched fists in the air. I reach up and put my left hand on his hairy pec. He grabs my wrist with both hands and holds it tight.


Curtis mumbles much louder now. I still can’t make out what he was saying, but he is panting, groaning, and mumbling much louder. Not a yell, but certainly not the whispering or quiet tones previously. I’m pretty sure this is “excruciating and mind-blowing.”

“Holy fuck! I’m gonna blow in your fucking throat again…!” He sobs. “Your fucking… fucking… God damnit!” His entire body starts to shake. I think he is going to break my wrist he’s gripping it so hard.

He is huffing and puffing and suddenly lets out a loud, “Mommy…!” So many guys call out for their moms. 

My mouth is once again filled with his salty spunk. Again, I milk every drop before sitting back, my pants aching with my fully erect cock. 

As I pull away, Curtis falls back on the bed. “Fuuuuck!” He rasps. I sit there watching him: His spent rod, flopped to the side. His furry chest heaving. His whole body glistened slightly with sweat.

We sit in silence for a few minutes. I can hear my brother downstairs cheering for himself on whatever game he was playing.

Curtis sits up. He looks so handsome. His hair is all a mess, but his beautiful blue eyes shine. He looks at me. I think my dick just got harder. “Thank you. That was… wow.”

I smile.

“You really like doing that, don’t you?” I just sit there. Is he calling me a fag? Not sure what to say, I shrug.

I think he realizes how it sounds, because he immediately starts justifying it with how good I am at it and how I just “knew” to keep going.  

I stand to leave.

He notices my hardon in my jeans: “Wow. You’re hard.” Before I can move my hand to cover my embarrassment, he rubs it. I can see a huge wet spot on my Levi’s. “Do you want me to help you out?”

To “help a guy out” means to give him a blow job. Sometimes we say, “Wanna help each out other out?” (“Let’s blow each other.”) If I suck you and you suck me, it’s not gay; we’re just helping each other out. Making ourselves balanced. 

I don’t even hesitate. I pull on the top button of my 501’s and my dick flops out. He gasps. “It is really big, isn’t it?” I don’t think it’s that big. I’m the biggest of my brothers, but not the biggest of my family. I love how guys stare and admire it, so I can’t complain.

Curtis grabs the base and pulls my dick into his mouth. He seems to have some trouble getting his mouth around it but is making a go of it. He looks up at me and those beautiful blue eyes makes me harder. 

I put my left hand on the back of his head, like Coach does, and Curtis closes his eyes. I guess Coach does it to him, too. I take my right and put it under his neck and under his chin. Coach does this as I’m deep throating Him. 

Curtis begins to take more and more of my cock down his throat. I can feel his throat swelling as my cock pushes deeper. I thought that Coach put His hand on my throat for support, now I know why: to feel the swelling of the throat. For someone who had a hard time getting my dick in his mouth, Curtis sure is handling taking it down deep. 

I begin thrusting slowly. Curtis relaxes and lets me slowly fuck his throat. We get into a nice rhythm. I can’t believe a Junior is deep throating my dick. After what seems like only a few minutes, he pulls off to ask me if I’m gonna cum soon. His jaw is hurting.

It feels great, but I’m just not there yet. He has me get on the middle of the bed on all fours. He puts a towel down underneath as he’s played with Erik and knows we shoot a lot. He then slides underneath me. I slowly start fucking his mouth. He starts playing with my balls and moves his hand to my taint and then my asshole. 

That’s all I need. “I’m gonna cum…”

“Mgflflysm…” is his muffled reply.

“I gonna cum a lot… More than Erik.”


I push down into his throat and let loose my load. I hold there for three or four pumps, but he pushes me up to breathe. My dick pops out and I spray his face with additional shots of jizz. I hover there on all fours, dowsing him with my spunk.

“Jesus Christ!” He slides out and I continue pumping onto the towel.

I look up and he’s standing there admiring the mess. “Jesus you do shoot more than your brother!” He’s scooping my nut off his face with his fingers and licking them. I get up, move close, and lick some off his cheek and chin. I lean stick my tongue out and lean in. We make out for a second. Most guys don’t kiss, but I had a feeling Curtis did.  

I hand him the towel, jizz-side up. He licks it off. Waste not, want not.

He’s got a boner again.


As he licks the last of my load off the towel, I kneel and suck him off again. He cums pretty fast, which is good. His mom arrives seconds after we join my brother downstairs.


As we’re leaving, my brother asks Curtis if he had a good time. Curtis smiles and shrugs.

On the long walk home, my brother and I don’t speak. As we go up the walk to our house, he pulls out the fiver and hands it to me. I almost forgot to ask for it.

“You guys were up there for a while, how was it?”

I shrug and head into the house.







b_rider said...

Everyone needs to "help a guy out" more often. Hot story. Hot pic of the guy's face full of cum just like you did to Curtis's face.

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

Explorer Jack said...

Amazing, as always. Thanks!

(awk)Word said...

Glad you guys enjoyed.