Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bruised on the Fourth of July

Brian came by to see me on the Fourth. I’ve known his family since he was a kid. Puberty hit him hard. He was an average-sized kid and then—BAM!—at 13 his body massively grew. By 16 he was 6’2”—buffed, hairy, bearded. He’ll be 19 next month and no one has carded him in the last two years. He looks like he could snap any guy in two. In reality, he’s a softy.

We sit in the back yard. We bullshit about school, friends, confidence, whatever. And having to go back in a few weeks for football camp.

I pop open a few beers. We drink on the patio. The sun is nice. I take off my shirt. The kid follows my lead—not sure if it’s idolization, but whatever I say and do goes. In some ways, this giant of a man is still 12.

We make small talk. I’m trying not to leer. His body is fucking fantastic and I can’t stop. I’m fascinated by a drop of sweat on his pec. It rolls down through the hair and is poised to roll across his nipple. Fuck. I’m going to burn in hell for drooling over this kid.

“My teammates tried to give me a nickname…”

“What would that be?” My mind whirls.

“Bruiser” he says simply. I nod and grunt. “Because it’s so big,” he clarifies. He glances down at his shorts.

“Yeah,” I smile, “got it.” I roll my eyes. You can practically see the thing a mile away.

“Wanna see?” he pulls at his shorts. He’s not wearing underwear and “Bruiser” makes a brief appearance.

“Not really…” I lie. He lets go of his basketball shorts and his rod and balls disappear from view.

I want to explore his unit bad. He’s fucking 20 years my junior. I’m practically his dad, but I got needs and the guy is a walking sex machine. “What do the girls think?” I’m trying for a little misdirection.

“No time. I study too much.” He looks down. Damn… he’s lying.

I’m stunned. The guy is a major stud: beautiful green eyes, Romanesque features, luscious lips, that amazing body. “You must jack-off a lot,” I laugh.

“All the time.” He pauses. He wants to say something.

I need another beer. I walk in. He follows. It’s hard. Christ. It’s bigger than I imagined. We walk into the kitchen. I open two more beers. Those fucking puppy-dog eyes are working me over. The goddamn drop of sweat is dangling on his nipple. He opens his mouth to say something, but I step forward.

I don’t think. Consequences don’t matter. I move into him. My lips pounces on his nipple. I lick the sweat in the hair around it. Salty. Sweaty. Fucking delicious. I chew on his nipple. I bite his chest.

He pulls the elastic on the mesh basketball shorts and his thick cock swings up and out. It smacks against his hairy belly. I reach for it. It’s like holding a hot rock. The fucking thing is gigantic. I have a decent-sized dick. Not huge. But worthy. His is almost grotesque. Big. And thick. All I can think of is how I want it in me.

I pull on his dong with my left hand and explore his body with my right.

He says nothing. He stands there. He’s stiff, but not rigid. I pull off his nipple and look at him. His eyes are closed. He’s enjoying this. He is smiling. I’m enjoying the look on his face.

He opens his eyes. He opens his mouth to say something. He stops and moves his hand to my head, pulling me back to his chest.

I’m trying to be patient, but I’m anxious to get on that dick. I feed on his nipple for a few more minutes. My knees feel weak. I need that dick.

I drop down and look up to him. I start to take his cock in my mouth… and he comes! A small bit shoots in my mouth, but he tries to stop the flow by grabbing his dick and stepping back. All this does is get jizz on my hard wood floor.

He’s embarrassed and upset. He keeps apologizing. I keep saying it’s okay. He’s almost in tears. I take it as a compliment and tell him. Brian starts to cry. The giant man-boy is crying. Why does this make me harder?

I grab his cum-soaked hand and bring it to my lips. He lifts the other hand. I clean that too. I look up to him and we kiss. Long. Slow. Passionate.

I am going to hell.

I take his arm and walk towards the bedroom. We stop at the couch in the living room. He’s hard again. To be 19 again…

He sits. I climb on top. We kiss. Bite. Rub. Explore. His arms wrap around me. He pulls me tight. He rolls me. He’s now on top. He stops. He nibbles on my neck. Something’s wrong.

He’s tired. The adrenaline rush has taken a toll. I tell him to rest. He puts his head down. Instantly he’s asleep. I’m pinned. He’s crushing me. I can barely breathe. I finally manage to squeeze myself free of the snoring giant.

I sit the easy chair. We’ve played around twice before. Each time the guilt tore us apart. He’s too young. I’m like his dad. I doze.

I wake to the booming sound of fireworks. The house is dark. Brian and Bruiser are still asleep.

I stand naked in the backyard and watch the fireworks. I hear his heavy footsteps across the deck. I keep my eyes on the sky. Brian puts his arms on my shoulders. He pulls me close. Bruiser leaves a precum trail as it slides up my back.

Brian kisses my neck as he reaches for my dick. I tell him we shouldn't. Last exit before Hell. He grabs my hard dick. I turn. We kiss. He kisses different. He kisses like a man in control. No longer like an inexperienced freshman. There are fireworks in my head, too. I guess this is how you are greeted when you go to Hell.

His large hands explore me. Alternating between grabbing and touching. The grabbing hurts. It feels great. The touching is so soft. It feels better.

One of his thick fingers begins to probe my hole. I stop him. There is no way I can take it. He smiles. We kiss. The finger finds it’s way back. I try and stop him, but he continues. Damn. It feels so good. He pushes it in a little. It’s as big as some dicks I’ve seen. A slight twist… I groan loudly. He laughs.

We lay in the grass and continue kissing. Sucking. Exploring. Fingering. My cock is practically pouring precum.

His fingering is expert. It’s driving me crazy. I keep reminding myself that I consider myself a top. Finally, I stop him. I need Bruiser in me. I go into the house. I come out with lube and condoms. Brian leans back in the cool grass. I see his beautiful smile in the glow of the fireworks. I lube us both up.

I squat over his cock and start to lower myself. Fuck. It’s so goddamn huge. I don’t think it’s going to go in. It hurts too much. I try more lube. I ease myself down. I’m not sure if the head is all in.

Brian grabs my waist and thrust. I arch my back and scream as a large shell explodes overhead. I try to pull up. I lose my balance. Dear God… I impale myself on the massive shaft. I’m screaming. The pain is excruciating. Brian rubs my chest and tells me to breathe. “Deep breath… good.” He’s done this before. “Now, another deep breath.”

I start to pull myself off. Brian pushes me back down. I lean forward, hoping to ease a bit out. I realize that his shaft does not taper. It is one long thick rod, top to bottom. I slide forward and Bruiser comes out. I lay there for a second, not sure if I’ll walk again.

Brian is on top of me. Kissing me. Telling me how good I felt. I feel like I’m being played. In fact, I know I’m being played. This is classic shit a guy uses to bag a chick. I’ve used this before.

I try to look into his eyes. The fireworks still exploding behind him, leaves me only his silhouette. Again, he tells me how good it felt. I feel his hard shaft poking at my asshole. “Now we know you can take it…”

I want to tell him to shut up and fuck me. I kiss him. I lift my legs. He guides himself into my hole. My back arches again. He pushes hard. Again, I shout. He eases out… and back in. Slowly, he starts to fuck me. Brian quickly builds up speed.

I cannot breathe.

He turns me over. Face down in the grass he enters me again. This feels wonderful. He pumps and bites at my neck. I think my dick is in a gopher hole. I tell him I want to be on my back again.

Brian pulls up on my legs as he enters me. He soon moves back over me. He is in absolute command. I am happy to turn myself over to this amazing man. I am completely at peace.

The fireworks. The gorgeous football stud on top of me. The cool grass on my back. Bruiser deeply penetrating me. The lack of oxygen. I am in sensory overload.

I release. Cum shots arc and splatter over my chest. This is his cue to fuck me as hard as he can. Brian pushes my legs all the way back and begins to fuck like a machine. We are grunting so loud I fear someone will hear us over the crescendo of the fireworks.

Brian lets out a loud yell—like an animal. He stiffens up. His head pulls back and in very quick short fucks he dumps his load. He collapses on top of me. I look up to the sky and see the smoke of the last shell drift in the sky. In the distance, I can hear cheers from the crowd.

God Bless America.


SickoRicko said...

I hope you're putting these stories together into a book, it'd be a best-seller!

cum.lover said...

I second SickoRicko's motion.

Do you have a pic of this the shit you say young man?! It would be certifiable "Spankable", je devrais penser!

cum.lover said...

Proposing additional label:
"(awk)Wurd bruised".

Anonymous said...

Hottest... story...every. Thanks for the blog man, I'm instantly a fan and have read the whole thing. Mad props.