Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mike

July 7. Mike’s birthday. I decide to stop by and wish my buddy a happy 39th. There is a sign on the front door of his condo: “Come on in.” Did he not invite me to a birthday party?

I walk in. Six guys are sitting in his living room in various forms of dress and undress. One of them tells me to sign in. The list is long. 20 names. Nine are crossed off. WTF?

“Where’s Mike?”

One of the guys looks away from the porn and nods towards the bedroom. “Gotta wait your turn…”

I start towards the bedroom and a guy yells out, “Didn’t you hear? Gotta wait…” I stop him.

“Friend of the family…” I turn and walk into the bedroom. Mike is on his back, ass over the end of the bed. He’s being fucked by a big black dude with a huge dick. Four other guys are standing around with their dicks in their hand.

Black Guy pulls out and tells Mike to roll over. Mike offers up his ass. Black Guy takes him hard. Raw cock in raw ass. Mike barebacks. A lot. I don’t know why he’s not positive.

Black Guy grunts and snorts like a bull. Mike’s head is on the mattress, eyes closed. He is smiling. Black Guy bends over Mike and power fucks him until he cums. He stops fucking but doesn’t pull out. He’s kissing Mike’s neck and whispering to Mike. Black Guy pulls out and walks out of the room without looking at anyone else.

Mike rolls over, spreads his legs open, offering up his ass. Another guy steps up. The guy mumbles “happy birthday”—and without waiting for a response from Mike—he plunges in. I feel sorry for him. Black Guy was huge, this guy is average. Mike moans. He’s faking it. I smile and lean against the door frame.

Mike looks over and says hi. I wish him a happy birthday. I ask him where my invite went, he answers “Craigslist.” Ah.

Average Guy cums quickly. He leans in for a clumsy kiss, pulls out, grabs his clothes from the floor, and leaves. He looks full of shame as he leaves. I give his shoulder a pat as he leaves. He stops and looks to me for approval. I wink and smile at him. He looks relieved. He’s coming to a gang-bang for approval? Fucked up. I watch him put his clothes on in the hall. He’s cute in that ‘everyman’ kind of way. He keeps looking at me. Is he expecting me to hit on him? He crosses off his name of the list and writes something. I’ll look at it later: “To the friend: call me 408-269…” As if.

I look back and Mike is now being fucked by some old guy. Chubby, bald… Mike’s ad must have said “anyone” because Mike would never fuck a guy like this on a normal day. Everyone celebrates in their own way.

Old Guy is turning red. Mike stops him and asks if he can sit on his dick. Old guy looks relieved he doesn’t have to stand anymore. Mike sits on the guys cock and he cums instantly. Mike tells him he was great. Old Guy asks if he can see him again. I chime in to leave a number on the sign in sheet.

Old Guy wants to chat, one of the other guys clears his throat. Old Guy does not take the hint. Mike finally tells him he needs to go. “I’ll write my number down,” he says hopefully as he leaves. Good luck on that, I think.

The dude who cleared his throat is ready to go. He’s pretty hot. Mid 30’s, built like a god, with a killer smile and gorgeous blue eyes. Looks like he knows how to fuck. I’m going to enjoy this.

Blue Eyes crawls on the bed and grins at Mike. He flashes his smile and wishes him a happy birthday. They kiss. Long and slow. This guy is trying to be remembered. He will succeed. He kisses his way down Mike’s body. He licks down Mike’s happy trail to his flushed cock. A few slurps and Mike is hard.

Blue Eyes pushes Mike’s legs back and lifts his ass into the air. He begins to eat out Mike’s cum-filled ass. Mike’s eyes roll back and he begins speaking in tongues. This guy knows how to properly eat out an abused ass. No tongue fucking for him. He teases Mike’s hole, gently caressing his tender hole with his tongue.

He lays down on the bed and positions Mike on top of him. “I want it all,” he growls. Mike squats over Blue Eyes’ face. Mike is euphoric. His eyes are glazed over. Mouth open. Half smile. He coos softly. I see jizz dribbling down Blue Eyes’ cheek. Sloppy slurping is the only noise in the room. The other two guys are watching slack-jawed.

Mike leans forward and takes Blue Eyes’ amble cock into his mouth. It’s not too long, but it is thick. I want to see that in him. Smile lifts his legs a bit. Mike grabs both of his ass cheeks. He takes the whole cock in his mouth. The guy can take a lot from both ends.

The go like this for a little while. It feels incredibly intimate… only there are three guys standing their watching them. Mike pulls off Blue Eyes’ dong. He moves around to impale himself on that thick cock. Mike backs over the thick rod rubbing it with his ass cheeks. Mike guides the thick beast into his hole. He groans loudly. Mike leans back and groans louder.

The two fuck slow and gentle for a while. Each moaning and groaning. Two of the guys from the living room come in. I think they want to make sure I’m not jumping the line. They are probably concerned because the last two left quickly and this guy has been here for a while.

The cuter of the two stands next to me. I lean over and whisper I think they might be in love. He lets out a soft chuckle. I jokingly put my head on his shoulder. It’s actually comfortable, so I leave it there. He moves his arm around me. I snuggle in, watching the show.

Blue Eyes gently moves Mike onto his back. The two kiss for a while. Mike is very into this guy. I’m expecting to tell everyone to leave except for the charmer with the killer smile. Blue Eyes flashes his grin at Mike every few minutes.

He enters Mike again. Mike wraps his legs around Blue Eyes. They start to fuck. Mike matches Blue Eyes’ thrusts. They are going at it hard and heavy. They are in complete sync. Every few minutes they change positions. Without a word they move and shift into something hotter and wilder.

My arms are tight around Cutie. I’m not sure when he took off his shirt. His cock is hard in his baggy cargo shorts. I unbutton them and they drop to the floor. His beautiful dick sticks straight out, slight bend downward. He pushes me down. I take him in my mouth.

Cutie has a long dick, but it’s not too thick. It slides easily down my throat. Mike and Blue Eyes are making short grunt noises. I look up to Cutie. He’s watching them intently. I reach my hand up to massage his lightly hairy chest. I feel his balls tense up.

I look up to see if he wants me to stop. Is he saving it for Mike? He looks down at me and smiles. Cutie closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath. I feel his body tense. My mouth is filled with his thick semen. His seed pours down my throat. I keep sucking until his soft cock falls from my lips.

I stand up and he smiles. With only a slight “thanks” he turns and leaves the room, pulling up his pants as he leaves. I’m not expecting love, but I do expect reciprocation. His shirt is at my feet. I pick it up and smell it. Damn. He smells good.

Mike and Blue Eyes are going for broke. The other guys in the room are jerking hard watching the two of them fuck. Blue Eyes is back on top of Mike, looking deep into his eyes. Blue Eyes is about to cum. He pulls Mike close and the two attempt to out scream each other to the finish.

When he pulls off of Mike, Blue Eyes has cum all over his hairy chest. Simultaneous orgasm. Mike spewed Blue Eyes came. They laugh. They kiss. One of the guys watching applauds. The other guys join in. Mike and Blue Eyes look up. They look embarrassed. Caught up in their fuckfest, we’d been forgotten.

Blue Eyes looks for a towel. The bed is clear of sheets. They fucked the bed empty. I toss them Cutie’s shirt. They wipe up the mess. They kiss.

One of the other guys asks for the shirt. He’s still jerking his meat. Blue Eyes tosses it to him. The guy holds it up to his face. Immediately he drops it to his small cock. He cums on the shirt. Finished, he tosses it into the corner.

As if on cue, Cutie walks back in. Where he’s been, I have no idea. How do you forget a shirt? I don’t care. Selfish fuck. He finds it in the corner and puts it on. How he doesn’t notice the sweat, lube and spunk all over the back is beyond me. He smiles and leaves. I hope he doesn’t have cloth seats. I smile. I quickly change my mind.

Blue Eyes has to leave but promises to call. The other guys walk out as well. I check and find everyone else has gone.

“I guess they couldn’t handle the competition,” Mike smiles.

Mike and I discuss the days events as he pulls the ad from Craigslist. We see the notes on the sign in sheet. The guys that left early wrote some interesting comments. Blue Eyes’ name is Mike as well.

We watch TV. Correction: I watch TV, Mike snores on the couch. Thirteen guys in your ass will do that to you.

Mike wakes and asks me about Cutie. I give him the short version. He’s bummed I didn’t cum. We kiss a little. I’m hard. The guy is a great kisser. Mike gets up and goes into the bedroom. I assume he’s going to shower. He comes back in with a condom. I tell him we don’t have to. He seriously should rest his hole.

He pulls my cock from my jeans. His mouth is wonderful. I lean back and let him go to work on my shaft. Just enough pressure from his lips, light teeth, deep throat… perfect head.

Mike holds up the condom. I toss it aside. I put my hands on his head. He begins to laugh, which makes him choke. Mike pulls off to catch his breath. He kisses me.

He fingers my hole as he finishes off my cock. I blow in his mouth. He moves to kiss me. The second his lips meet mine I know: his mouth is still full of my cum. We pass my load back and forth.

Happy birthday, buddy.


SickoRicko said...

Good gawd! Only recently did I learn about snowballing - but not by experience. I must lead a sheltered life. LOVE the stories! Keep up the good work.

cum.lover said...

Snowballing is AKA rainbow kissing. Wonderful, to be sure!

cum.lover said...

Stopping by to enjoy again!