Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I hooked up with pilot Sunday. I think I need to adjust my attitude that I consider myself a top. I was his bitch all night.

Pilot is black. Tall and built. Early 40’s. Divorced three times. He can’t figure out why… He blames the exes. Yeah, it’s definitely their fault.

He fucks me hard. Screaming orgasms from both. He lays on the bed, spread-eagle. His big cock resting on his thigh. It pulses slightly.

I light him a cigarette. He likes that. I feel like some moll from a 40’s movie. The feeling lasts for only a second. My goddamned ass is twitching for more. I lick his neck. His pecks. His pits. He laughs. It amuses him. It does not turn him on.

Then I ask “The Question.”

He answers a resounding “No!” As always, he claims he doesn’t like it that much.

I plead. A few kisses… He doesn’t think it’s dignified. I know what the problem is: he feels it makes him gay. It’s odd. He can kiss me, suck me off (swallowing) and fuck my ass raw—but getting rimmed is “gay.” With most guys, I’d write it off. But his ass tastes so fine.

Eventually, he relents… after the cigarette.

He rolls over to extinguish the cigarette. That’s my opportunity. I move my mouth to his gorgeous ass. He’s got that black man’s ass that is so damn stunning: bubble, mostly muscle, but just enough fat to grab onto.

I get my tongue in there. I pull apart those two perfect deep, dark brown globes and tease that hole. I kiss it. I lick it. I French kiss it. All the while, pushing his cheeks into my face—creating more suction than he can stand.

He moans—loudly. I keep at it until his legs start twitching. That means he’s losing control. I made the mistake once of continuing on. He inadvertently kicked me off the bed. The man is a stallion.

I pull away. Pilot moves back. His asshole chasing my mouth. Seeming to offer up his ass. Wanting more. I reach forward for his ample cock. It is no longer hanging—it is flat against his six-pack abs. He turns over.

Pilot is hard as steel. The Beast is completely rigid and my mouth descends upon it. I lick. I suck. I drool all over the shaft. I also make sure that my fingers explore that asshole.

He calls out. He loves this. I love doing it to him.

I pull another condom out from the nightstand and slip it on him. Making sure he and I are both properly lubed, I move into position. Pilot lays flat, while I sit atop him and impale myself on his large endowment.

Christ, the thing is big.

I have to keep reminding myself to breathe.

“You okay, baby?” I nod—I can’t speak. I am at once in agony and euphoria. Pilot drops his hips. Instinctively, I move to follow by sitting fully upright and start to drop down onto the thick shaft. With a sudden, quick thrust, Pilot pushes his hips upward. Just as I am let go and drop down.

My mind explodes.

I black out. Pilot later says I’m speaking in tongues for ten minutes. I come to. Pilot has me on my stomach. A pillow gives my hips support. He’s holding my arms behind my back. He’s fucking me hard. Slamming with his full muscular force.

My shoulders ache. My legs are in pain. My asshole is being assaulted by a huge pounding cock. Pain engulfs my entire body. My cock aches it is so hard. The pillow is soaked with precum. He likes to pull all the way out and then ram The Beast back in. Do it. Do it now. Do it hard. The pain intensifies the pleasure.

Pilot releases my arms. He reaches around. Pulls me back to him. I think his cock goes in even deeper. He bites my neck hard. I will have horrible bruises later. I don’t care. Bit me, motherfucker.

He stops. Kisses my neck and pulls out. “Gotta pee,” he runs to the bathroom. I hear the condom snap off. “Hey,” Pilot calls from the john, “wanna hold it while I pee?”

It glistens off his body. He tells me to push down on it so he can pee. We stand there. Waiting. It pulses in my hand. It is not going down. I push down more. A tiny dribble comes out. “Damn,” he cries, “that’s worse. I gotta go more.”

I tell him that maybe I shouldn’t be holding it. He smiles. “Maybe you should be in front of it…” No. I don’t do piss. No interest. He knows this. I tell him no. Firmly. He grabs my arm. The circulation is cut off. “You want my dick in your pussy, boy?” He is not smiling. He’s serious.

I can’t look at him. I’m scared. My aching cock continues to drip precum from it’s engorged state.

He jerks my arm hard. “Well?” His voice is forceful and commanding. Looking down, I can only nod. With one quick motion, he yanks me onto the toilet. I look up. I’ve got tears in my eyes. I have to do this. I want that cock in me so bad.

I reach up and pull down. He softens slightly. I pull his head to my lips. Instinctively, I lick the head. The head enters my mouth… Pilot sighs…

The golden liquid passes onto my tongue. It’s hot. At first, it is easy to drink: a small trickle. Quickly, the stream goes stronger. It’s dribbling down my chin. Pilot laughs.

“Drink it, bitch.” My humiliation is complete. Or so I think.

Pilot pulls back. His piss splashes off my chest. I reach to take it back in my mouth. He steps back and aims for my face. “Don’t touch it,” he commands. I sit there as he bathes me in his warm urine.

I feel like it goes on forever. Pilot finishes. He stands back to look at his work. He laughs. Tears fall easily from my eyes.

“What a mess,” he says in disgust. He tells me to clean up the mess in the bathroom and to shower—“I’m not fucking that,” he says dismissively as he walks out.

Showered, I walk into the living room. Pilot sits in the recliner with a hard on. He’s watching porn. Actually, he’s watching a previous session of ours he filmed. I’m telling him how much I love his huge cock. I sit on the couch. I feel like an idiot to be so hung up on someone’s cock.

He asks me what’s wrong. I shrug. I look at the TV. He asks me if I liked it. Tears fill my eyes. Yes. I enjoyed it. That’s what bugs me. He took me to a place I didn’t want to go. A place I’ve mocked with friends. I’ve become what despise. What really pisses me off is that I’m all teary-eyed.

Fuck. I think I’m in love with this dude. That totally sucks.

Pilot gets up. I think he’s going to kick my ass. Instead, he kneels next to me. He tells me how proud he is of me that I did that for him. “You did that for me, baby. I know you hate it, but you did it for me.” He gives me a kiss.

Fuck. I am in love with him.

We make out for a while. Soft, gentle kisses. I know why he’s been married three times. He makes you fall hard for him.

Pilot picks me up, throws me over his shoulder and carries me to the bedroom. Gently, he puts me on the bed. He hands me a condom. I roll it down the long shaft. It doesn’t go all the way down. He’s too big.

He lifts my legs and enters me. I close my eyes. I want to feel every inch of him enter me. Unlike the earlier assault on my ass, this doesn’t hurt as much. It’s painful, but it feels good. He leans forward. We kiss as he starts fucking me.

I wrap my arms and legs around him and he slowly fucks me. “I love you, baby,” he whispers, looking into my eyes. He’s wrong. He loves fucking me. I realize that I love his cock, but not him. I arch my back. He goes deeper. Pilot starts to pump harder. My cock, rubbing against his hairy six-pack begins to spew. I grab onto his shoulders and meet his thrusts. Pilot dumps his load deep into my hole.

He will cum two more times in my hole this night. Pilot doesn’t own my heart, but he does own my ass. Which is fine by me.


SickoRicko said...

Damn you're good! I wish I could write like that.

cum.lover said...

Splendid writing! Have you ever thought about collecting your pieces (shun the pun!) & publishing them commercially?

(awk)Word said...

I'm not that good of a writer, but thankds for thinking that I could publish these.