Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Boosters

I’ve been hesitant about writing about some of my high school experiences. Being whored out is not easy to write about. Less so when it was enjoyable. Even less than that when I pursued much of it. It’s hard to convey the whole situation. Where to start? How much to reveal?

So I’ve decided just to post some experiences. Not always in sequence. Just as they come to me. Let others figure out how the puzzle all fits together. Take from it what you will…

Private Jesuit boys school. I’m a poor kid. Not on scholarship. My grandparents pay for our tuition, but nothing else. Extras have to be earned. In order to play sports, we have to volunteer. We have to help raise money for the school. We have to grease the wheels.

Make no mistake, the Bishop and Board know. Impossible that they don’t. The ends justifies the means. If that means some of the boys have to sin, so be it. Forgiveness comes from good works and confession. Sin all you want… confession is at 8:00am on Saturdays. And just to make it all Kosher, the very priests involved were the ones who heard my confession.

Freshman football.  I' never make Varsity. I spend most of my time trying to avoid my coach’s wrath. I spend the rest receiving it.

Still developing. Won’t have a true growth spurt until the fall of my Junior year. Until then, I move awkwardly along. My dick grows, the rest of my body takes time to catch up.  My time in football gives me discipline in the gym. Teaches me about teamwork. I make some great friends. I have some great sex.

But my heart and dick will belong to my baseball coach. I first saw Him when I attended one of my brothers’ games. He owned me from the moment I saw Him. He would become my mentor. My lover. My friend. More on Him another time.

Being on the team was a big stretch for me. Making it wasn’t. Pretty much everyone who tries out gets on. You just don’t get playing time. If you want more playing time, you’ve gotta earn it. Any way you can.

That’s where the Boosters come in. They pay for everything. Uniforms. Weight rooms. Travel. The coaches and the priests allow them free reign. What they want, they get. Often they want the athletes. They watch our practices and games. They study us. The covet us. We are offered up on the altar of free money. For private schools, that money buys trophies and championships.

My brothers gave me the low-down before I even applied. I saw what it got them. I was ready to play.

Saturday. A week before our first preseason game. We’re running drills. Not in pads. More for muscle memory—although no one will call it that for years. The Boosters are on the sidelines watching. Always watching.

I head into the locker room. Coach tells me to head into the supply room. Years ago they used to pass out fresh towels and wash them.  The equipment and towels are gone. It’s mostly empty. The room is full of a lot of old broken equipment. And Mr. Randall.

I’ve seen him at a lot of practices. I went to grade school with his oldest son Jerry. Died of Leukemia when we were ten.  His youngest won’t be here for a few years. He's about 6'. Thick, fuzzy body. Reminds me of a bulldog. All muscle. Tough. Marine. The kind of guy everyone says "Yes, sir" to him a lot. He's got piercing blue eyes that when he stares you, makes you want to piss in your pants. You don't want him on your bad side.

“You did well out there today.”


“You’ve improved a lot… getting bigger.” I nod.  He puts his hand on my shoulder. He smiles.  “You know why you’re here?” I nod. “Okay, then.” He unbuckles his pants. Pulls them down a bit. Stops. Looks at me. “Get to it.”

I’m in a daze. It doesn’t feel real. My first experience in a truly surreal situation. I drop to my knees. I pull down his pants. He’s hard in his BVDs.

It’s not that big. It’s thick. Just not long. The way he’s stands there, I’d imagined it being huge. He’s got the confidence of a well hung man. His dick is dark. It looks different from the rest of him. It’s nice, just different. His balls are huge. Big hairy globes that hang low. As I take him into my mouth, I roll those beautiful balls in my hands.

He tastes musky and I taste a little pee. I don’t think he showered this morning. He tastes like a man. A real man. Not a boy. Not the boys I’ve been blowing. I look up to him. His eyes are closed. I wonder what he’s thinking? He opens his eyes. Looks down. I’d stopped sucking. e He grabs my head. Fucks my face.

Our eyes lock. He slows. Watching me take his dick. “Yeah…” He gives me a slight smile. “Here you go boy…” I feel his huge balls rise.  He looks straight ahead and sighs. His dick begins to pulse. “Yes… yeah…”

My mouth is filling with his load. Fuck, it’s big. I try to swallow, but he’s so damn thick. He pulls me down on his dark dick. I can’t close my mouth.  I begin to choke. I cough up some of his jizz. It splatters back onto his dick and furry stomach.

I pull back and swallow. It’s thick. It’s salty. It’s delicious. He’s still shooting and a glob shoots on my face, just below my eye. I drop back on it. He releases more spunk into my mouth. I drink it down.

I lick up the jizz I coughed up on him earlier. He makes me suck up the last drops still dripping out of his dark dong.  Using his finger, he pushes the glob on my face into my mouth.

Minutes later we’re walking back into the locker room. Guys are changing. Showering. No one seems to notice. Those that do just nod and move on.  Been there. Done that.

We continue to the office.  Up the eight steps. The coaches offices look down on the locker room. Easy to watch over the guys in the showers.

Mr. Randall tells coach he thinks it’s going to be a great season. Hands Him an envelope. It’s got a check in it. First payment. Keep him happy and future checks will come. He pats me on the shoulder. Tells coach I’ve got a future ahead of me. As Mr. Randall leaves, he shakes my hand and winks.  He slips me fifty bucks.

I’m officially a whore.

I don’t care. Fifty bucks is a shitload of money for me back then.

Sunday morning. Mass is over.  I’m changing out of my altar boy vestments. Father Anthony tells me he’s heard great things about me. Mr. Randall called him to tell him that he should be very proud. I start to kneel. He stops me. “He’d like to give you a ride home…”

Mr. Randall drives a 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra II. We drive for a while.  It’s sweet. He asks me if I want to drive it. I don’t have my license. I say “sure.”  We drive into the hills. Other than the occasional “Slow down” he says little.

Along a secluded road, he tells me to pull over. He tells me he enjoyed the other day. Asks me if we can meet now and again. I shrug. I don’t want to seem too eager. Don’t want to seem like a fag.  He leans in close. “Shuck your pants.” 

He drives back. Both of us a big load lighter. I came faster than I wanted to. I worry he thinks I’m a fag. As he drops me off at my house, he shakes my hand and winks. He slips me fifty bucks. Awesome.

Two Saturdays later. Lost our game. I played for a total of three plays. I barely have a grass stain on my uniform.  As I pack my gear up and head out, Coach calls me. He’s got an envelope in his hand.  Mr. Randall would like to give me a ride home.

He drives me to his house.  Not sure where his wife and kids are. I don’t ask. We’re in his bedroom. I’ve been here twice before. The first time, when his son was still alive. Before he was sick. Mr. Randall was in the shower and Jerry wanted money to go to the movies. It was the first time I’d seen his dark dick. He didn’t shy from showing it off. He threw the towel over his shoulder.

The second time was the previous week when he brought me over to blow him. He sat back on the bed and let me work on his rod for an hour. When he’d get close, he’d push me off and have me suck on his balls.

On this Indian Summer afternoon, he has something new in store for me.  We roll around for a while. Chewing on each other. Blowing each other. Sucking on various parts. We never kiss. Because that would be gay. He rolls me onto my stomach and smacks my ass. I push it up for him to play with. He fingers it. Spits. Licks it. I push back.

“I know what you need…”

I’m on my back and he’s trying to enter me. His thick cock tries forcing its way in. I cry out in pain. He tells me to “man up” and take it. I’ve been fucked before. But this is the thickest I’ve taken. His log seems to get thicker and hurt more with each push. I want to tell him to use more lube. I lack the confidence to tell an adult how I should be fucked.

I finally start to relax and let him pummel my ass. He stops to change positions. Each time, it feels a little better. After being fucked bent over the bed, he throws me back on the bed. “Time to take this home.” He climbs onto to me. My legs instinctively open up for him. He moves over me.

He’s in me. It feels great. “I’m going to cum deep in you, son.” He keeps up his assault on my ass until I beg him to fuck me harder. I hold on to him. Staring into his eyes. “Please… papa…”  I’d never used that term before, but it does the trick. He empties that thick, dark penis into my ass.  I lay there, feeling his thick cock continually twitch and pump in my hole.

After, in the shower, he jerks me off from behind. I’m so turned on, I beg him to fuck me one more time. Using conditioner for lube, he obliges me. He doesn’t last very long. Again, I called him “Papa” and he nuts.

Totally spent, he drives me home.  Drops me off a block from the house. Doesn’t want anyone to know what’s going on.  As get out, he shakes my hand and winks. I thank him. Again he slipped me fifty bucks.  He won’t be the last Booster to pay me for sex. 


PBB46 said...

You are an extraordinarily gifted writer. I hope you will find the time to share more of your life with us. Thanks for this story and your emotional generosity in sharing yourself with the your readers.

BikeGuy said...

I'm sure tough to write, but I won't lie: I greatly enjoyed it on many levels.

He’s got the confidence of a well hung man. THOSE are the men I respond to.

Explorer Jack said...

Welcome back. Nice story. Right on par with the one about your friend and his Dad.

I've said it before, but you were the first blog I read, and inspired me to start mine. Thanks. It's been good therapy and you are and excellent teacher.

sc57 said...

Indeed, well written. Enjoyed how well. Just discovered your blog. More to come, we hope.

Anonymous said...

Another amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it. You are my favorite blog writer by far! And I agree with BikeGuy about that "confidence of a well hung man" line. I can't get it out of my head. Even though it is something I have thought about many men in the past, I've never put it into words like that.

Thank you for the post which I'm sure may not have been too easy to share. And I hope we learn about how you earned all that extra money in high school...

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