Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The kid is sitting on my bed. Waiting. Cute. Young. Willing.

We’ve been texting for a while. Friend of a fuck buddy. He’s straight. Or so he claims. Plays around occasionally. Has a girlfriend. Wants to be a man. But he’s still a boy. Looks it, too.

Short. 5’6”. Light brown curly hair. A little too long. Deep brown eyes. In shape, but not too built. Surprisingly fuzzy. Lots of scruff. Kids today seem to like to show they can grow a beard. Even if it’s shitty. We get it: you’ve got pubes. Relax.

His texts usually come late at night. Probably drunk based on his spelling. He usually balks at the last minute. Almost always a lame excuse.

He kept me up late the previous night: “Im horny”  “wanna fuk?”  “my dick is so hard!!!!!!” I’m surprised to see him up this  early as I walk by the coffee shop. We chat. On my way to the gym. As I leave, I tussle his hair. “Get a haircut, hippie.” I can smell him… “and take a shower for Christ’s sake!” Laughing as I walk away.

He texts me constantly as I’m working out. Keeps interrupting my music. The BF is out of town, otherwise he’d be busting my balls with some Crossfit nuttery. (I like the results and the feeling I get from Crossfit, but the fanaticism of everyone involved—including the BF—annoys the shit out of me.)

I don’t like people fucking with my workout. I want to get this shit done. I want to focus. Work on my goals and get the fuck way from the assholes who use the gym to socialize.

I belong to three gyms: The 24-hour social—lots of networking. I’m still intense, but I’m willing to talk, mostly coworkers and the like. The High End—serious networking with clients, don’t get shit of a workout. The Real Gym—where the BF is a trainer. Crossfit. Intense. Can barely walk after. Whole body is destroyed the next day. It’s awesome.  All are in the City and I don’t feel like driving in on a nice day—bridges and roads are packed with goofballs wanting to picnic, etc.

Scruffy is still at the coffee shop when I walk out. He stands when I walk by. “Did you get my last message?” I glare at him. “Did you get mine?”  I’d told him “fuck off, tease” after the tenth “I’m horny” text.
I look at my phone. “I’m ready.” He follows me home in a 1992 Toyota Piece of Shit. I’m tempted to tell him to park down the street. His car is embarrassing.

He starts looking around as we walk in. There will be no tour. “Upstairs.” I keep him in front of me. Shit, he’s got a hot ass.

We walk in the bedroom. He turns around. Stares for a second. Then starts licking my sweaty chest. I lean down and get a whiff of his hair. Shit. It stinks. I tell him to shower. He tries that “it’s my scent” bullshit. “This is scent,” I say, wiping my pit and smearing it on his lips. “You’re dirty. You stink. Clean the fuck up.”

He tries to be sexy as he takes off his clothes. “Just get in the goddamn shower.” He says his girlfriend likes it. I tell him his girlfriend is an idiot. He doesn't argue.

He stands under the water, letting it cascade down his body. Then he starts to play with the shower head. Fuck this. I climb in.Before he can really react, I grab the shower head and put it back on its craddle. I take his arms and hold them at his side. “Stay.” Not sure what his expression is. Don’t care. He’s acting like a child, I’ll treat him as such. He starts to speak. “Shut up.”

I put the shampoo in his hair. Get my hands in. Barely any foam. How fucking dirty is he? Rinse. Repeat. Just like the bottle says. It’s nicer the second time. I stand a little closer. My flushed cock bounces a little just above his cheeks. He starts to reach back. “Hands. Sides. Now.” He’s going to be clean before I fuck him. He pisses me off. I like some stink on a guy. I love a man’s scent. There’s a line between stink and stank. He’s got the latter.

He’s the perfect height for washing. Almost a foot shorter I can really dominate him. I rub soap on a washcloth. “Close your eyes”. I scrub his face. Ears. Neck. I push him under the water to rinse.  More soap. I get his arms and really scrub his back.

More soap. I reach around. I pull him into me as I scrub his chest and stomach.

“Arms up.”

I get those stanky pits. I didn’t reload the soap for those. They need to be washed, but not scrubbed of all his scent.

I kneel and get his legs. I turn him around. His bone is up against his stomach. I haven’t touched that. Yet. I get his feet. Fucking gross. I tell him he needs a pedicure. He tells me that’s for fags. I tell him he’s an adult and needs to start acting like it.

Still on my knees, I grab the soap. I lather up my hands well. Time for his junk. Uncut. Thick. Looks like it has a nice head under the foreskin. Does not shave or trim his pubes. Sweet. Finally, a point in his favor. I start to clean his junk. Working the balls. Getting the pubes good. I rub the soap on his pubes to get real foamy. I pull back his foreskin. I’m expecting cheese but find it very clean. I mention it. “I’m pretty good about that.” He starts to tell me his routine. I tell him I don’t care. He seems to like the abuse. I intend to keep it up.

I’m still not clean and I don’t feel like fucking in the shower. I smack his ass. Tell him to dry off and wait for me. When I’m done, he’s waiting for me. Sitting on the edge of the bed like a dutiful student.

The towel is on the floor. He’s still got that hardon. I run my hands through his damp hair. “Much better.” He pulls his head away. I lean down to kiss him. Scruffy pulls away. “I don’t kiss.” Seriously.


“I just…” I stop him. He’ll suck my dick and take it up the ass, but won’t kiss? “I’m not a fag. My girlfriend…” I stop him again.

My argument goes something like this: "You won’t kiss because you’re straight, but you’ll suck my dick. Trust me, when you’re on my dick or taking it in your mouth, so swallowing my load, I’m thinking you’re a total fucking fag. When you leave, I’ll pretend you’re straight. When you’re here, you’re a fag.”  We continue back and forth until I finally say, “Fine. Whatever. Suck my dick.” He does. Because that’s so fucking straight.

Like all totally-straight-kind-of-bi-because-their-girlfriend-is-out-of-town-guys he gives an amazing blowjob. Treats the head right. Sucks on my balls. Chews and nibbles all around the base, shaft and balls. He takes it down pretty deep, too. The thickness of the base prevents him from swallowing.

Actually, I prevent him from swallowing: his teeth are starting to scrape.

I get him up on the bed and crawl over him. I turn his head so I can nibble on his scruffy neck. I lick and nibble. He moans softly. Doesn’t kiss, but doesn’t mind getting kissed.

I move to his right pit. It’s clean, but there is still a hint of b.o. Nice. I lick and chew; Scruffy moans and wriggles around. I give his left the same treatment. Must have done that after the right. It’s definitely got more funk. I give it more attention. I soak it with my spit. I slurp it back up.

I kiss my way down his trim muscled torso. Suckling on each bubble of an ab and licking the fuzzy valleys between each. He coos.

I pull on his balls so his beautiful cock rises off his body. I take it in. I work my tongue on his foreskin before swallowing it all. I pull the foreskin back, sucking on the head. Then I push it back and lightly nibble and chew on that delicious extra skin. I take the whole shaft down. I keep on it for a while. Unlike most of his contemporaries he lasts. Which only makes me work harder.

Scruff doesn’t say much. He groans and coos a lot. Says “shit” and “fuck” a lot, too. I keep going. It’s a perfect dick for sucking. Not too long or two thick. But enough to enjoy. It just starts to go down my throat. I can practically feel his foreskin kiss my tonsils. This goes on for a while. I like the way he holds my head. Not from the top. Not fucking my face. But from the side. The jaw. Gentle encouragement.

I pull up his legs and push him back. I lift his hefty balls and start licking the taint. He calls out. When I start licking his hairy hole he practically starts speaking in tongues. I roll him over and start really chewing on his furry ass. He pushes back against my mouth and tongue. Begging for more. I give it him. I keep my tongue in there and wiggle it around. The noises he makes are incredible. Tongue fucking him elicits even more odd noises. I decide I need to stay for a while and work on his ass. Twenty minutes later, he's still not complaining--but my tongue is tired.

I pull off. I grab lube and condoms from the nightstand. I begin to lube up his ass. He likes this almost as much as my rimming. “You’ve bottomed before, right?” He nods. “How many times?” He holds up three fingers. Final question: “Any as big as me?” He shakes his head.

Great. I hate newbies. Too much time training them to enjoy fucking ‘em. I don’t want to ruin him, so I go slow. I carefully play with his asshole. Fingers. Tongue. More lube. More fingers. More tongue. When he starts to back up onto three fingers, he’s more than ready.

I start to slide in to Scruffy’s tight furry hole. I love watching the head disappear into the dark crevice between his fuzzy cheeks. He whimpers. Tells me to stop. I slowly pull out. We try again. And again. The next time I just leave it and tell him to breathe. Finally, he nods. Slight push back.

I push a little farther. He groans but it’s now acceptance. I push in. Pull back. Push in farther. Pull back. His legs start shaking. Some slow fucking. I pull out.

On his back. Pillow underneath. I start to slide in again. I watch his beautiful face. Pain and pleasure keep crossing. I lean forward, giving his neck gentle kisses. “Good…?” He reaches around, grabbing my shoulders, his hand gripping my neck.

I look into his eyes on my last, gentle push in. Scruffy’s eyes go wide and a smile crosses his face. I pull back and gently start fucking him. Locking my eyes on his the entire time. Gentle breaths from him. He still is holding on tight. I love it. Each thrust is met with a tighter grip on my arm and neck. He keeps looking at my lips. I move my mouth to his. Straight boy’s tongue dives into my mouth. We thrust our tongues into each other’s mouth as my engorged cock thrusts deep into his tight hole. I begin to thrust harder. Fucking him with a faster pace as our tongues intertwine.

I pull my mouth away. Scruffy’s eyes roll back. He whispers, “Please… please, fuck me…”

At this point, I’m convinced he’s been fucked more than just a few times. I'm sure his ass has been harshly pounded before. No more gentle fucking for this boy. I turn Scruffy onto his left side, lifting his right leg up and thrusting deeply. Each thrust is met with a hard grunt. He keeps nodding. I keep fucking hard.

I play with his dick. Pulling the foreskin back. Slapping it against his stomach. I roll him onto his knees so I can stand and thrust into him harder and deeper. I have to squat a bit, which causes my balls to slap hard into his with each thrust. The pleasure/pain with each sharp smack of my nuts hitting his is delicious. It keeps me fucking harder, longer.

After a bit, I lay down on the bed and let Scruffy crawl on top. He faces me so I can play with his chest and dick. The boy rides it like a champ. He’s jumping up and down so hard and fast, I’m afraid he’ll slip and break my dick. I keep rubbing his tight body. Watching the sweat pour across his fuzz.

I have him turn around so I can watch my shaft slide in and out of his hole as he rides me. I keep one hand on the base of his neck by his shoulder. He really seems to like that. He likes me being in control.

I move back against the headboard so I can sit up. He drops back on. He leans back. I nibble on his back and neck. He continues to ride. My arms are around him. Holding him. Feeling my cock deep in him.

He turns around to ride me from the front. We are face-to-face. He immediately starts kissing me. I jerk his dick as he bounces up and down. “I’m gonna…! Jeez… I’m gonna…!” He unleashes a torrent of jizz onto my chest and neck. It just keeps pumping creamy white spunk. I keep pumping his shaft. He's whispering "cum" with each shot of milky white rope. Empty, he looks at me.

Without pulling out. I pull Scruffy close and flip him on his back. I hammer his ass until my cock throbs. His jizz drips from me back on to him. I lean forward and bite his neck. The sweat/jizz mixture on our bodies makes a slurping sucking sound almost as loud as my dick in his ass.

Slamming my cock harder and faster into his hole. His fingers tear up my back. He tries to grab my ass but can’t get a grip on it: each time I pull back it eludes his grasp. Scruffy’s hands grip on the side of my lower back until I call out.

As I cum I stop pulling back. I push further into his ass. As if I will go deeper than I’ve been. As if I can push through the condom. My mouth is clamped onto his neck. His hands grab my cheeks, but the sweat causes them to lose their grip. A taller man with bigger arms could have kept ahold. He keeps trying. He keeps slipping. Scruffy is inadvertently smacking my ass. Fuck yeah.

I lay there for a moment. Still inside him. Spent. I pull back. I bit his neck hard when I came. They’re will be a bruise later. I roll off. Lay back and stare at the ceiling. I pull the condom off my still throbbing shaft. Toss it over to the trash. Hoping it doesn’t land on the carpet. (It does).

Scruffy is immediately on top of me. Kissing. Cooing. He wants another round.

Who am I to say no?

We fuck two more times. Once more on the bed. Similar to before but harder. Louder. Sweatier. Another by the mirrored closet doors. We both like to watch ourselves fuck. So we put on a show for ourselves. Scruffy looks good riding my cock.

Finished, he asks if he can use my shower again.  I tell him no.

“I sorta stink again.”

I smack Scruffy’s ass, “Yeah, but it’s my stink you go on you.”

As he dresses, I see him lean down a little and sniff, trying to see if he can smell me on him.


Anonymous said...

Hot. Blew 3 times reading this post.

Gay Porn Fanatic said...

I *WISH* I could have sex like this.

Sounds so hot.

Anytime I moan, guys think I'm crazy.

Keep posting the hot stories.

Anonymous said...

Man, you can WRITE!!!

Anonymous said...

Now you've got us all worked up over new posts. This was fucking hot. Hopefully you are going to continue to update the blog!

BikeGuy said...

nicely done. :)

it's up to my standards.

Anonymous said...

I popped a major bone reading your post on the subway! So hot. I hope scruffy knows just how lucky he is.
Thanks for sharing man.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see more. I check this nearly every day in vain.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Story was great, but I can't take my eyes off BikeGuy's photo, that could be a whole adventure in itself - what an exciting beauty. Wish I could meet HIM...

Anonymous said...
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sc57 said...

Wow! Great tale. Just read this. I, too, would like to be in Scriffy's positions. Wonderful tale.