Friday, June 11, 2010

Today's Lesson

Meeting on campus with a buddy who’s a prof. I love college campuses. Guys are hot. Most don’t know it. Spring is awesome because it’s shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops. Naked in seconds. I’ve met with my buddy eight times recently. I’m averaging a fuck every other time.

I didn’t get any last time.

Just finished the meeting. Tall guy walks by. Does a double-take. I smile. He blushes. Stands there looking goofy. He’s handsome. He starts to speak. Stops. Turns. Bumps into a copier. I grin. He walks over to the mailboxes.

I need to piss. When I come out he’s gone. Damn. Missed opportunity. I walk outside. He’s there. Bike rack. He stands up straight as I approach. Nervously adjusts: Bag. Shirt. Shorts. Bag. Shirt. Bone in shorts.

He shifts nervously as I approach. I move with confidence. Doubt he realizes he’s better looking than I.

He’s got thick brown hair. Could use a cut. Bit of a wave because it’s too long. I want to run my hands through it. Sunglasses blocking his pale blue eyes. Good smile. Great teeth. T-shirt shows off his 6’3” thin frame. Reveals his worked out chest and arms. As he shifts I can see his fuzzy abs; long, furry legs.

“You live close?” I’m not asking about his major. I wanna fuck and go.

“Um…” He nods to his right. I’m guessing graduate housing on campus.

“Walk or drive?”

“Um…” he’s concentrating. He closes his eyes, “I walked over but it’s better if we drive.”

We walk to my car in silence. He mentions he likes my truck. Double-Take reaches for my leg as we sit. “I’m not fucking in here.” He pulls his hand away.

I worry I’m coming across as a dick. The next thing I say doesn’t help: “Got a partner?”

He slumps. Nods. Looks a bit misty.

“Understood.” I pat his leg. “Blow and go…” Brief conversation on brief drive. PhD candidate. Quick thinker on subject. Moron otherwise.

Grad housing is much nicer than when I was in school. We lived in shit-holes. These are nice. Landscaped. Then again, it’s a rich school.

He keeps looking around to see if anyone is noticing. Subtle he is not. I put my hand on his waist as he opens the door. He sighs.

Decent place. Not huge. Galley kitchen w/a counter in the living/dining/computer room. Bedroom to the right.

He’s turned control over to me. I take full advantage. I push him to the wall. Hands on his waist. I move in for a kiss. He turns away. “No kissing.” I move my head to try again. “Um, my boyfriend and I have rules about…” he’s talking with his hands. Flailing, actually. “…these things.”

I grab both wrists and hold them down. “What are the rules?” I keep my face directly in front of him. I will get him to kiss me. Not me kissing him. He will kiss me.

Double-Take tells me the standard “we’re monogamous, but we’re not” bullshit rules. I grunt my replies. I don’t give a fuck about their rules.

I let go of his hand. My finger on his chin. Push it to the left. I begin to nibble on his neck. Light pecks. Small kisses. Slow lick from his collar bone to his ear. I feel his cock pressing against my leg. It’s not that big. He will not be fucking me.

One hand grabbing his round ass. The other moving through that curly hair. My lips and mouth torturing his neck, ears, cheeks and chin. I get close to his lips. Never on them.

Shirt off. He’s fuzzy. My hands explore. I stare into his eyes. He keeps looking away. I tell him to stop. “This is happening. Don’t pretend it’s not.” He sighs. I think his dick actually gets harder.

I pull up his arm and attack his pit. Ripe. Not dirty. Just forgot/doesn’t use deodorant. I lick that pit clean. He groans the whole time. He loves this. I move to his left one and repeat. I worry. He’s made noises that make me think he’s nutted. I pull back. Look into his eyes. I move slightly forward. He closes his eyes. Waiting for me to move in. I stop.

I wait.

Eyes open. He can smell his pits on my breath. Lips almost touching. I pull back. He pushes forward. Lips lock. Tongues move together in a tight dance. Amazing kisser. We get lost in some intense kissing. I pull off. I want to fuck this dude. Double-Take looks at his watch. His boyfriend gets off work soon.

Push him down. He squats. Not making this comfortable for him. I think he likes that. He rubs my crotch. Bullshit. Suck it. Suck my fucking dick you whore.

Pull it out. Hard. Slap his face with it. I tease his mouth. Don’t let it get in. He grabs it. Hungrily sucks it down. Nice sloppy blow job. He’s good. I run both hands through those brown curls. His hair is so soft. It’s good to hold onto as I fuck his face.

He wants my ass. I turn and let him chow down. He’s alright at salad tossing. I’ve had better.

I turn around. Grab his hand and move him into the bedroom. Clothes off. I push him on the bed. He looks hot. Good shape. Furry all over. The dick is smaller than I thought. Nice balls, tho.

I push his legs back and start sucking on his ass. I get my tongue in deep. Clean. Musky. Furry.
Like his pits. I love eating this hairy hole. I get my tongue in there deeper. He groans and moans like crazy.

I give his little dick a bit of attention. Every time I go near his dick his balls pull back tight. I’m not gonna have this guy nut and then leave me with blue balls when he feels guilty. I go back to his ass. He loves it when my stubble grazes his hole.

I roll him back over to doggie-style. He stops me. He doesn’t bottom. WTF? He turns, “Rules.” Can’t with a stranger. I just stare at him for a second.

“Am I fucking you with or without a condom?” His eyes go wide. (Either way, a condom is going on. I’m limiting his other options.)

“Look, he’ll be here soon…” I glare.

“Where do you keep your lube?” His eyes dart to the night stand. I yank it open. Squeeze some on my aching dick. Slicking it up. I look back at him. I motion towards his ass with the lube. He nods.

“Condom.” He mutters as he lays on his back, defeated. I squeeze some on his taint. It rolls down. Middle finger rubs it around. Slides in. Hot. Tight. Sweet.

Other hand explores his furry chest and abs. I avoid his dick. He looks like he could blow any second.

Condom on. I pull him towards the edge of the bed. Push his legs back. Start rubbing my unit against his crack. Pressing against his hole. He mutters something. “Repeat.”

“I just said, ‘Oh, God.’”

“You’ll be shouting that more in a few minutes…” I grin like the asshole I am.

His ass is tight. I really have to work it in there. Keep him relaxed. Breathing. I pump a little. Pull back. Pull out. Repeat. He won’t relax. He keeps watching the clock. I tell him the quicker he relaxes, the sooner we’ll both nut. It doesn’t help.

I pull out. I have him sit on my dick. It’s a slow process with him. I don’t relent. Once down, I pull him close. We make out for a while. No movement. He’s impaled on my rod. I explore him with my hands; my lips. He’s relaxing. He rides me for a bit.

He stands. Squats down and rides me. Bitch is loving it. He bounces up and down on my shaft. I run my hands all over his taught body. His groaning is louder. His cock is almost purple.

I get him on his back. I fuck him missionary. I tell him to call out my name. I want to hear it. He begs me to fuck him. “Fuck me, Robert! Fuck me!” We do the standard porn lines from “You like that, don’t you, bitch?” to “Fuck my tight pussy.” (The last being one of the most annoying porn lines ever.)

I get him on his hands and knees. I take him from behind. Hard. Even if he never moaned or uttered a word, the neighbors would still be able to hear our bodies slapping together. My balls are flying forward. Slapping his dick with each thrust. He groans as I slam into him. Followed by a whimper as my balls slap up against his rod.

The curtains press out. Double-Take’s head is buried in his hands. He doesn’t notice. Someone has come into the house. The boyfriend is home. I slow the fucking down. I start asking him questions again: “You like it?” “Ever had a dick this big?” “You love me?” (His replies for the record: shouts of FUCK, YES! NO! and Yes!).

Move to the edge of the bed again. Legs back. I stand as I fuck him. “In you or on you?” He doesn’t have to ask what. He cries out, “On me. Cum on me!”

I pull his legs straight up against me. Still slamming into him. A few more thrusts to get close. I pull out. Condom yanked and thrown. It smacks against the wall. It stays.

I jack my rod for a few seconds. Big globs of jizz. They splatter across his chest; stomach. The final glob lands on his dick. I jack him off using my spunk. He quickly cums hard. Huge load. Very wet. Almost like piss. He’s covered in splooge. I stand back and look at my masterpiece. Fucking whore.

I glance at the door. It’s closed. We didn’t shut it.

“Anyone here?!” No answer. Double-Take looks relieved. He sits up. I give him a kiss. “Better go shower before your boyfriend finds out you’ve been bad.” He giggles. Whatever.

He watches me dress. I’m quick. Move with purpose. He asks if I do this a lot. I don’t answer.

I think he expects a hug. He’s covered in jizz. I’m not ruining a $2,600 suit for a silly PhD candidate. Quick kiss. A smack on his ass as he turns away. He turns back. Boyfriend is probably at the gym. “We could fuck in the shower…”

“I have to leave.” He shrugs and goes into the bathroom. He sings as I walk out into the living room. Boyfriend is at the counter. Facing away. Staring into the kitchen. I have no intention of saying anything. Just walk out.

I glance at him as I reach for the handle. His dick is out. It’s HUGE. I’m sure he was jacking to our fucking. He’s a cuckold; a bottom to a pussy boy.

I turn back. Surprise gasp from him. I walk up behind. He’s red with embarrassment. Short. Thick. Bald. Pale skin. I’m tempted to reach around. I doubt he’d let me. This is something internal.

I place my hand gently on his back. I whisper in his ear. “I warmed him up. He’s in the shower. You need to take him. He broke the rules. Be a fucking man and make that bitch pay.”

Walking out. Beautiful Spring day. Passing Double-Take’s with the windows still open. I can hear his boyfriend claiming his bitch. Class dismissed.


Ray's Cowboy said...

sounds like youhad a great time. I wonder what happened to them afterwards?

Richard said...

That, sir, was fucking HOT. That is all.

Anonymous said...

You enjoyed yourself, and I got to read a great story. Thanks!

. said...

I really loved this!
I also think you might like my blog as well!

Anonymous said...

Loved this story! I missed your writing man!

Ralph said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved reading about your adventure. Really enjoy both your sites, and check both of them often, Crooked Vein daily, since it's updated more often. I appreciate your philosophy of life, and love the great pictures.

throb919 said...

And this is why you are always worth the wait. (This was a master class.)

Anonymous said...

Loved how you totally made double-take into your bitch, but then kept the action going long enough for his BF to come in and hear it. Then you had the cojones to suggest to the BF to punish double-take on your way out. Honestly don't know which manipulation was hotter. Great story. Masterful action.

Daemon said...

You write the way I try to get the men in my life to think. The moments with your brother's are fantastic. The way you make men face their heat is incredible. Don't ever let any one tell you to stop.

Gordo said...

You, sir, can write like the wind...

Dwight Supremacy said...

Good god, you are a master! I love how you don't take no for an answer! I hope you don't mind that I've fallen in love with you. :)