Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Time

Someone asked about my first orgasm…

Played with my brother’s junk (and mine) for a while. Bro had great orgasms. Jizz for days. HUGE loads. All over his stomach. Loved watching it. Smelling it. Helping him cum.

I’d play with myself every now and again. Loved the feeling. Never came—I barely had pubes. It felt so good I didn’t stop.

Late one Saturday night. Sucked off my bro. (We’d stepped it up.) He’s asleep. I’m just laying there. Casual stroking. Same as always. I started to get this tingling feeling in my balls. THIS is different. My dick feels really fantastic!

The more I stroke the more intense it feels. Everything is intensifying on my dick. Like it’s the center of the universe. Feeling gets more intense. I stroke harder. I lose control except for my hand on my dick. My eyes tear up. Not sure if I’m breathing. Try not to make any noise. But I groan. An intense and amazing jolt blows through my groin. I passed out for a moment.

I opened my eyes. Single, big drop of jizz on the head of my dick! Nothing like the mass of cum my brother produced. I stare at it. Amazing.

Brother heard me. He’s sitting up looking at me. Gets up. Grabs my still hard rod with his fist. He rubs off my load with his thumb and brings it to my mouth. Salty, like his. He says “Congrats” as he crawls back into his bed.

Lights off. Brother’s heavy breathing. I can’t sleep. I want that feeling again. Jerk it in the dark. Get another drop. Not nearly as intense.

Been chasing that dragon of the first orgasm ever since.


Mr. Steed said...

That was beautiful.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Lucky you with your brother. Gto hard reading the story.

(awk)Word said...

Breeder & Cowboy: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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(awk)Word said...

fine: Thanks, I added your blog to both my sites. Very cool.

Jay said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...

My brother is incredibly handsome and I used to crush on his friends and him big time when I was a preteen and teen. We never got to this place, though. damn.