Monday, January 19, 2009

AA Meeting

“Leave your wallet in the car.” Marcus is giving me the rundown for our lunchtime adventure. We’re in his car. Middle of nowhere in The City. Old warehouses. A few repair shops. The whole thing is very ‘off grid.’

He continues. “Don’t talk to the first guy. I wouldn’t even look at him.” I roll my eyes. Marcus grabs my sleeve. “Seriously, he’ll fuck you up.”

I’ve left my wallet, watch and anything of value in the car. Except for the twenty in my pocket. I’ve stuck my ID in my sock as Marcus suggested. “Just in case.” Of what, I don’t want to know.

My mind whirls around all the information he gave me. Most of these guys are seriously straight. Anything “gay” could set them off. No kissing. Avoid eye contact. Don’t fuck around. Don’t be a smart-ass. Have fun... sure.

It’s almost noon. The place has been “open” for almost half an hour. It closes in little more than an hour. Marcus explained why. I can’t remember right now. It made sense when he told me.

Small unmarked door on the street gets us into the warehouse. Not much of a street. No signage. Only one business appears to be open about a half a block away. I don’t see anyone on the street. No cars, either.

We walk purposefully right past the first guy. I don’t make eye contact. Not sure what the place was before, but this was the office. Torn up now. Abandoned. Patches of carpet. Cube farm without the cubes. Ceiling is barely hanging. We walk into the small office in the back. I follow Marcus’ lead and wordlessly toss my money to the guy at the desk. We head to a bashed out hole in the wall.

Marcus warned me the place was a dump. He didn’t do it justice. We walk along a narrow corridor. The high roof of the warehouse is way overhead. The narrow walls that corrals us in look like they were erected over a weekend. The layout is simple: the narrow hallway encircles a long, narrow central room. The hallway is braced overhead with an occasional two-by-four. All lighting is natural from the dirty warehouse windows and almost opaque skylights. Tarps are sporadically thrown over the braces to create pockets of completely dark space.

The center room has a plywood wall tilted up with four glory-holes cut in. Like the hall, braces to the hall walls hold it steady. I get the feeling if someone pushed hard, the whole place would collapse.

I hear some groans and the occasional voice. I see no one. It’s damn dark. Marcus disappears almost instantly. I walk alone. There are a lot more guys there than I would think. Most are just standing there in the darkness. Several have their dicks out. Most just stand there staring at the ground. One or two look up. It takes me three laps before I realize the place is small and I’m seeing the same guys over and over.

Finally, I see some guys going at it. Fucking. Sucking. Very serious. No one is laughing or smiling. I continue on.

A hot guy leans against the wall. I think he’s hot but can’t be sure. He stands in the dark. The light cuts a clean line right by his shoulder. My eyes are adjusting, but the light hitting him is reflected. His shirt is open. His chest is nice.

I rub his stomach and chest with my hand. He doesn’t push me away. He doesn’t look at me, either. My eyes are adjusting. I look at him. He’s got a buzz cut and a two day growth of beard—buzzed all over his head. Masculine features. His eyes are dark. They look kind. Thin lips.

I lean in and lick his nipple. He takes a deep breath. I chew a bit. He smells like a working man. Bit of sweat. Musky but not dirty. I move to his right pit. Buzz resists. I’m persistent. I push his arm back. I dive in.

I tongue his pit a bit. He seems uncomfortable, but says nothing. I move back to his chest. His nipples are fantastic. I chew on them for a while. I move to his left. He lifts his arm to offer his pit. Good boy.

I get into that pit and I lick. I soak it with my spit. I chew. I nibble. I fucking worship it. The taste. The acrid smell. It’s fantastic. I move back over to his right pit to give it its proper due.

Buzz pushes on my shoulders. He’s enjoying this, but he’s here to get off. I drop to my knees. I pull open his workpants. The smell is intoxicating. Warm. Musky. Smells like a real man. I begin to salivate.

I yank down the front of Buzz’s tighty-whities. His thick cock falls out. He’s cut. Big, hairy balls. I examine it for a second in the dim light. Then, I swallow it. He gasps. I work the whole shaft. All in. All out. Sucking his whole dick. He lets out a low moan.

I concentrate on the head for a while. Rolling my tongue over the head. Licking it. Teasing it. I taste some precum. That inspires me to work harder on his cock. Buzz gasps and moans quietly.

I pull his underwear down more so I can really get at his balls. I stroke the shaft as I suck on each of his hairy nuts. I roll them around on my tongue. Pulling a bit. Sucking them. The musky taste is intoxicating.

Buzz grabs his dick and smacks my face. He wants me to suck him again. I take it back in my mouth. Long slow strokes up and down, followed by quick pumps. He grunts. His hips start to buck. He’s going to cum.

He grabs my head and pulls me onto his shaft. I reach around and grab his hairy ass. Buzz let’s out a guttural groan. I hold his cock in my throat as he pumps his load into me. Buzz thrusts his hips. His load continues to gush into my mouth. I stay there with him in me until he stops bucking. I pull off and swallow his spunk.

He pulls his pants up. Buzz grunts something—thanks?—as he puts his junk back in his drawers. I start to stand. Buzz walks off. No other words spoken between us. I wipe my mouth and smell his musky scent. My cock is rock hard.

I walk along the dim hallway. I’m surprised there are still a lot of guys here. It’s getting close to 12:30 and the place closes at 1:00pm. I continue walking. Lots of suits on their lunch hour.

Marcus is in the center room. Pants around his ankles. Sucking on some roughneck’s dick. Taking it bareback from another. I walk over and tussle his hair. He turns to look at me, cock still in his mouth. I can see the joy in his eyes. I ask the guys if he’s being a good boy. They don’t answer. The both keep pumping the whore in the suit. I move on.

There’s a younger, cute blue collar guy in the hall. Thick, but not heavy. Looks like he might have played football in high school. He’s kinda short. But I can see he’s got a solid body. He tries giving me a tough guy look. I give him a hard stare and he looks away. Not so tough.

I walk up and stare him down. He looks away. I grab his balls. He’s hard. I slide my hand down his pants. Not only is he hard, he’s dripping. I turn him around, so I’m behind him reaching around. I can dominate him.

With my other hand, I grab his ass. Bubbly. Soft, yet firm. I push my crotch into his ass. Football whispers “yes.” I move hand off his ass and around him. One hand still in his pants, the other caresses his chest through his shirt. I hug him tight and thrust into him. He whimpers.

I nibble very lightly on his neck. “Condom?” I whisper. He says front pocket as he throws his head back. I can’t resist and nibble more on his neck. A lot of these guys may not want to kiss. Football isn’t one of them.

I reach into Football’s front pocket. Magnum Condom. The guy has high hopes. Also a traveler lube packet. I love this kid. I’m aware of the time, so no foreplay. I just want to get to it. I tug on his belt. I tell him to drop his pants. I undo my belt and drop my suit pants. For a moment I think of fucking him through my boxers. I yank my cock out over the elastic band. Not sure why I don’t drop them all the way. I just don’t.

Condomed up, I lube up his ass. I finger it a bit. His ass is tight. I quickly add another finger. Not too tight. I tell him to lean forward. I squat down a bit. I rub my cock on Football’s crack. Just before I enter, I hear a voice say, “Fuck him hard”. I look around. Three guys are jacking it, watching us. I turn back to Football.

I lean forward and whisper, “You ready?” He nods.

I grab his waist and push in. Football moans under his breath. I move one hand to his shoulder and pull him back as I push forward. I go in deeper. He grunts hard. I think it hurts him. I keep pushing. I let out a heavy sigh as I push all in. “Oh, yeah…”

Football lets out what almost sounds like a sob. I think he’s trying to say something, but he can’t. I begin thrusting into him. I just want to nut in his ass. I start moving hard and fast. Grab his hips and thrust into his hole. All I’m thinking about is fucking until I cum. No reaching around. No worrying about his needs. His moans tell me he’s happy enough.

I’m close. I pull him back and begin bucking wildly. I whisper nasty shit into his ear. I tell him what a good fuck he is. How I want to nut in his hole. He says some shit. Mostly “porn quotes” (“Fuck my ass with your big cock” “Breed me” Shit like that). I reach down to feel Football’s cock. Some suck-boy is on his knees working hard to get him off.

I’m close. Some guy watching nuts. He yells out. Guys are commenting on my fucking. I close my eyes and start grunting loudly as I spill my seed into his tight ass. I call out that I’m cumming. I lose control and bang his ass wildly. I push him forward onto Suck-boy. Thrusting deeper. Dumping my load into his ass.

I stand there catching my breath. My cock still throbbing in Football’s hole. I rub his back through his shirt. He leans back. I pull him tight. Grabbing his chest and stomach. I whisper in his ear I want to see him cum.

Football grunts and gasps through his orgasm. He never yells out or says “I’m cumming.” He feeds the guy on his knees in front of him. His jizz dribbles from suck-boy’s mouth.

I pull out. I flick the condom onto the ground and pull up my pants. Football buttons up, too. Suck-boy stays kneeling, looking down. I put my hand on Suck-boy’s shoulder, “Good job.” Quick pat. I move on. Suck-boy mumbles a quiet “Thank you, sir”.

I make my way down the hall. Marcus is walking towards me. He looks satisfied. There’s jizz on his shirt. “That’s why I keep extras in my office”.

Not too many guys left. We walk through the hole in the wall and back into the office. The guy from the desk calls out for everyone to hurry on out. The guy at the front is sitting in a chair, ignoring us.

We walk out into the bright sunlight. Marcus and I walk down in the middle of the street.
A beat up truck drives slowly by. It’s Football. His window is down. I stop. He stops. He nods. I pull a business card from my suit pocket and toss it into the truck. He drives off. Marcus rolls his eyes.

We continue on. A guy in the open shop stops us. He wants to know what all these different guys are doing in the old warehouse. Marcus smiles with an instant response, “A.A. meeting.” The guy smiles and nods his head in approval. I’ve never been big on meetings, but this is one I could do again.


Anonymous said...

O, to have been there! (awk)Wurd rules!

Supplicant said...

Thanks, RL. The story was hot.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I love the picture of the axilla xuclada is great, I love your armpits sorber

Damien said...

I need one of these in my neighbourhood.

Ray's Cowboy said...

GREAT story here. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered YOU, RL, SIR! i'll be back for more of YOUR great stories!

Stan said...

Great story RL. Takes me back to the good ole' days in NYC down at the trucks, piers and meat packing district before gentrification and the damn yuppies took over.

Anonymous said...

awesome site thanks for your imagination and sharing your fantasies with me...

Honcho said...

great story..thanks...reminds me of the old days in SF and east coast

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wow man that was way hot:)

RJ said...

I decided to do a porn blog my way. Check if out when you can!

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Awesome story... so good, made me "unload"!

(awk)Word said...

Anonymous: Thanks, glad I could help.

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Super friggin' hot story. Loved it!

Tom said...

Great story. I also had a huge unloading upon reading this one. Hot. Thanks.

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Wow! Really hot!!!!

Kinky Peter said...

WOOOF! Great story, reminds me of a few place I've been to over the years!

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read this a dozen times over the last few weeks and still can't find the words.

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