Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday night. At a bar in The City. Talking to Pete, Aaron and Davis. Haven’t hung with in a while. It’s good to be out. We’re talking who we’re going to fuck. The guys I’m interested have partnered up.

Studly college kid comes up. Grabs my crotch. I remove his hand. He thinks he’s hot shit. He is. If he hadn’t grabbed my balls, I might have thought him straight: He talks sports. He yammers on about the financial crisis. He babbles about everything. Says nothing. He mentions Berkeley three times. Wearing a Berkeley hat, Berkeley T-shirt, probably Berkeley boxers. I was never that much into school spirit.

Pete’s had enough of this kid after about 2 minutes—but lets him talk for 20. Pete went to Stanford. Big Game is Saturday. Pete is in no mood for this shit. He tells “public school” to get his scrawny ass out of our faces.

Berkeley looks cuter when he’s pouty. His ass looks amazing as he walks away.

Bar’s closing. Saying goodbye to Pete on the street. Aaron and Davis hooked up with guys hours ago. Berkeley is on his cell trying to find a ride home. I’m surprise he’s alone. He’s got a rockin’ bod. Hot ass. Nice bulge. Shit like that should not go home alone.

On my cell. Call Big James. He’s been trying to sell The Hookup Condo for months. He’s got six condos for sale. The plunging market is killing him. Including the hookup palace.

When he was rolling in cash, Big James bought a pad to take tricks to. Nice place. Central location. No worry about taking tricks home. Nothing to steal. It’s priced to sell. It hasn’t sold.

I give him the breakdown. James: “Can I join?”

“We might be done by the time you get there. He’s in college, they usually nut fast.”

“I’ll hurry—key’s in the same spot.”

I walk up to Berkeley who’s yelling at his roommate. I give his ass a hard grab. “Need a place to crash?”

He doesn’t shut up the entire walk. He’s very impressed with himself. He also has demands. Seriously. Demands. He tells me what he requires for sex. I don’t say a word. If only to shut him up, I’m tempted to pull out my dick and shove it in his mouth right there.

We’re inside. He’s still talking. I stand there. Hands on hips as he checks out the view. He turns back, “What’s wrong?”

I’m over his shit. I just want to nut and leave. Great bod or not, he’s annoying. “We’ve been here for five minutes and your mouth still isn’t on my dick.” He smiles. He thinks it’s a joke.

I move quickly. Push him against the wall. Hard. “You talk too much.” His heart beating fast. He’s kinda short. I easily dominate him. I kiss him hard. Tastes like beer and gum.

He’s a good kisser. Keep him pressed against the wall as we make out. Feeling his pecs and six-pack through his t-shirt. I grab his bubble butt with both hands and pull him close. Big dick straining to get out of his jeans.

His hands concentrate on only one area on me. After ten minutes, I can feel the wet spot my jeans.

Shove him back against the wall. His head moves forward. Lips slightly puckered. Tongue pushing out.

I push him down hard. There’s a loud thud as his knees slam onto the hardwood floor. He touches my crotch. Berkeley has watched too much porn. Sucking my crank through my jeans ain’t gonna cut it. One quick yank and the buttons open up. No underwear. I pull out my junk.

“Suck it.”

The kid does something right. Very right. Takes it all the way down. Knows when to use his hands. Doesn’t ignore my balls. Hands explore all over. I toss the Berkeley cap onto the floor. Run my hands through his hair. Curly and a little too long. It works on him. Gives me something to grab as I fuck his face.

He takes me all the way down again. Pull on the back of Berkeley’s head. He tries to pull off. I keep him there. I can feel him starting to panic. Letting him go, he pulls off. Gasps for air. He looks up. “Good boy.” Shove my crank back into his hole. He greedily accepts it.

I turn around. Tell him to lick my ass. He refuses. Push my ass into his face. He doesn’t even try. I turn around. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Blank stare from Berkeley. I yank him up off the floor. Turn him around. Press him against the wall. I reach around. Pulling open his jeans, “I thought you said you were going to fuck me?” I get a feel for his unit: huge.

“I was…”

“If you won’t put your mouth there, why put your dick…?” His pants slide down. I kneel down… son of a bitch: Cal boxers. I pull them down. Beautiful ass. Muscled. Bubble. Hairy. Thick bush in the crack. I lean forward and sniff. Sweat. Acrid, but clean. “Nice,” I whisper.


“Shut up.”

Give a little kiss to where his thigh meets the bubble. Soft. Furry. Delicious. I mix kissing and nibbling on his cheeks. Stick my tongue into the deep thicket of fur. He quivers. Digging down until my tongue hits his pucker. He flinches.

Spread his cheeks with my hands. I let my tongue run the trail from top to bottom. Stopping near the taint for a little chewing/tonguing. Get my whole face in there. My tongue explores every inch. His ass is heaven. I will enjoy fucking the hell out of it.

I continue my assault for a full 15 minutes. Yeah, I time myself. The fucking hardwood floor prevented going longer. Fucking knees are killing me. And my tongue was cramping up.

Berkeley turns around. He’s expecting a blow job. I stand up. I move in to kiss him. He pulls away. I move forward. Pull back. Move in.

Grab his head. Kiss him hard. He tastes his ass on my lips. “That’s you, baby.” Our cocks are having a sword fight as we press against each other. “You like tasting a man’s ass now?” He nods and continues licking his ass off my face.

“Let’s see what you’ve learned.” Leaning over the back of the couch. I offer up my ass to his tongue. He eats it like a pro. My cock oozes precum all over the back of the couch. I time him at 32 minutes of ass chomping. To be 21 again.

We move to the bedroom.

He’s still wearing his fucking Cal shirt. I pull it off… a little too hard and tear it. He tells me it’s his good luck shirt. “You’re still getting lucky.” He’s still bummed. I want to shout that it’s only a fucking shirt. Push him back on the bed. I go down on him.

He’s cut. It’s really a beautiful dick. Thick. Long. Nice to suck and swallow. He tries to force my head down. I smack his hand away. He does it again. I slam my hand down on his stomach. He’s doubled over. Fucking baby. I tell him to knock off the porn shit he’s seen. “Just put your fucking hands behind your head, close your eyes and enjoy it.”

As I continue to suck on his crank, I play with his balls and taint. While playing with his hole, his legs start to lift. The more I work both his shaft and hole, his legs go higher. They begin to straighten out. Sticking out almost parallel to the bed. The boy is close.

He gurgles. My mouth fills with his spunk. I work his cock until he stops shaking.

I don’t swallow.

Small kisses up his torso. I’m over him. Look at his lips. Quick nod. He knows what’s coming. Opens his mouth. Closes his eyes. What the fuck? I wait. He opens his eyes. I decide not to spit his spunk into his mouth. I move forward and kiss him.

His seed slips from my lips. We pass it back and forth between us. I move away to nibble on his neck. Chest. Nipples. I stay there a while. It’s a nice chest.

Lifting off him, I push his legs back. I lean over to the nightstand. Pull out condoms and lube. I tell him to turn over. He says he’s not sure. Never been fucked. I find it hard to believe. He starts to babble.

Tilt head. Hard stare. It stops him. Lean forward slightly. He quickly scrambles onto his stomach. “Be gentle.”

I smack his ass hard. “Shut. The. Fuck. Up.”

Grab a pillow. I’m tempted to stuff it in his mouth. I use it to prop him up. Probably should be on his back. That might encourage him to talk. He stays on his stomach.

Play more with that hairy hole. Tongue. Fingers. First one, then two… three. Sweet. I’m Not sure whether he’s truthful about not having been fucked. I go with caution and really open him up. He’s shaking. “You cold, baby?”

“No, sir… just a little scared.”

Did I fucking call him “baby”? Did he reply with “sir”?

I run my hand down his back. My shame: “Don’t worry, daddy’ll take care of you.”

What a fucking douche I am.

Plus side: he relaxes. Thoroughly lubed, I try to enter. It hurts him. He’s clamped up. I try again. He’s shaking more. I move next to him. I get up close to his face. He’s wincing. I’m nowhere near his ass.

He looks at me with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He lets out a long and loud fart. I laugh for ten solid minutes. He’s humiliated. What ever happened to college guys enjoying a good fart?

He starts to talk again… He’s never fucked before. Given or received. Only BJs. Starts apologizing. He asks me what I want to do.

“I really want to tap that virgin ass.”

Berkeley’s on his back. Pillow propped up underneath. Lick and kiss his ass again. I’m taking a guy’s virginity. This doesn’t happen to me everyday.

Start to enter him. I stop. “Need to fart?” Berkeley laughs. He relaxes a bit. I rub his stomach. I tease his hairy hole with my cock. I push the head in. He winces. I tell him to breathe. I continue slowly moving in on his ass. Pushing in. Telling him to breathe. Pushing in. I’m all the way in. He’s tight. I’ve been in tighter. Stay in there a few minutes.

Slowly pull all the way out. Lean forward. Suck his dick a bit. He’s hard. Start back in again. Slowly… Easing in… Balls deep.

Pumping slowly. He seems to enjoy it. I begin to thrust a little faster. We change positions. He’s on his side. Berkeley seems to like this. I fuck him like that for a while. I get a better appreciation of how hot his body is. Toned. Zero fat. As only 21 fuckers can be.

Finally, we are back to where we started. He’s on his stomach. I’m on top of him. Whispering encouragement in his ear. He mutters the one word that makes me smile: “harder.”

Start fucking him with a little more authority. No longer looking for guidance on whether he likes it or not. Grab his hips and begin to fuck him. It’s my turn to talk. I tell him how great his ass feels. How tight he is. He tells me to keep fucking.

Leaning forward. Telling him how tight his virgin hole feels wrapped around my aching cock. I can feel myself getting close. Tell him I’m going to nut inside him. “You want my seed, bitch?”

“baby” is over.

He begs for it. I straighten up. I’m banging Berkeley’s ass. Pushing off his back when I cum. The orgasm tears through me like a lightening bolt. I fall into automatic fucking. Slamming into his ass as hard as I can. Thrusting and groaning as I pump my load into his virgin hole.

Collapsing on top of him. Kissing his sweaty neck. Biting his magnificent shoulders. Ask him if he liked it. He came again while I was fucking him. Yeah, he enjoyed it.

While he’s in the bathroom cleaning up, James appears in the doorway. He’s stroking his thick rod. He’s been watching from the hall for most of it. Berkeley returns. Thinks James is my boyfriend and starts to freak. He apologizes profusely.

James convinces Berkeley that we sometimes share tricks. If we shared him…

Berkeley practically dives for James’ huge unit. James cums quickly. He’s been rubbing it out for a while. James doesn’t go down easily. He can stay up for hours (sans Viagra/Cialis/etc.)

James and I trade off on the kid until sunrise.

Got a call from James tonight. Real estate agent thinks someone broke into the condo. Place was a mess. Sex stains everywhere. Still, the client put a decent bid in for the place. I told James if I could help him sell any of his other condos, to give me a call.


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