Sunday, January 6, 2008

Boxing Day

December 26. I’m at the mall. Madness. Everyone is returning crap or trying to buy more crap on sale. I’m the former. My sister gave me a nasty sweater.

I’m quietly scoping out the guy in front of me. About 5’6”, hot bod, great ass, I want him bad. I lean forward, “You have the hottest ass.” He turns and smiles.

Larson is hot. He knows it too. He also knows I want him bad. He is also my sister’s brother-in-law. He’s straight; not narrow. I know he’s not going to fuck me, but he flirts with me enough that I think I can get him if he’s drunk enough.

The store won’t take back the sweaters. Bought on sale “as is.” My sister is a cheap as bitch. Larson and I decide to go to lunch—away from the mall. We make small talk on the way to my car. I offer to take him to my place to blow him. He asks if I’ll swallow.

We laugh. All a big joke. Except I’d blow him in a New York fucking minute.

We stand by my truck deciding what we want. I’m cold. I’m wearing only a t-shirt so I get in my truck. Larson jumps in the other side. We go back and forth on restaurants. I feel like Mexican. He wants Chinese. Whatever.

I ask him if he got laid over Christmas. He says “no.” I’m shocked. How can a guy this hot not get laid constantly? He shakes his head, “It’s a mystery isn’t it? To let this go to waste…” he points to his dick.

I grope his thigh. I tell him if he were gay, he’d be getting it all the time. “From you!” he laughs. True. Very true.

I don’t move my hand.

He shifts. He asks me to move my hand. I ask him if it’s because he’s getting hard (I can see his bulge growing). He lies and says no.

“So you’re not hard?” I move my hand to his bulge. He’s rock hard. I realize I’m close to getting him.

Larson pushes me away. I apologize.

We do “the dance,” where I convince him it’s not gay to get a BJ from “a fag.” I throw all the usual bullshit logic at him: it doesn’t matter who straight-guys are with, they think about someone else anyway, so close your eyes and dream. How “fags” give the best head. A top point earner: no one will ever know. I blow other straight guys all the time. And my favorite: it’s no big deal, you’re just getting your rocks off.

I know I’m going to get him. If he weren’t interested, we wouldn’t be talking. He needs me to beg. He needs to pretend to resist. Finally, a breakthrough: “So no one will ever know?”

He is mine.

I drop his seat back a little. The console between the seats gets pushed back so I have unobstructed access to his crotch. I pull his shirt up and kiss his hairy stomach. I love his silky happy trail. I’ve seen it enough at the lake that it’s memorized.

I move down to his crotch. I’ve been rubbing and groping it. He’s rock hard. I pop open the button on his jeans and unzip. I get a slight whiff of his crotch. Now I’m rock hard.

I pull back the band of his underwear and his cock slaps against his belly. Larson sighs. I slip my hand down to cup his balls and play with his taint. With my other hand, I lift his pulsating shaft into my mouth. He groans softly.

His dick is not that big, but he’s so beautiful that I don’t care. It’s a nice dick and it goes down easy. He coos just enough to be hot, without sounding like he’s watched too much porn.

I look up. His eyes are closed and he’s got a silly grin on his face. I take him back in my mouth and go all the way down. I gag a little. Even though he doesn’t make me gag, I know how straight-boys love that shit: “My dick is so big he gagged on it!”

Larson tenses and whimpers slightly. He doesn’t warn me. He just cums. I’d swallow anyhow, but I’d like a little warning.

His dick still in my mouth, I look up to him. His eyes are still closed and he’s smiling. I continue sucking. I’m thinking about blowing him again. I hear a car start. I sit up.

The mini van in front of us is pulling out. I don’t think the mom inside would have even noticed us if I hadn’t sat upright by pulling my head out of Larson’s lap.

“Shit!” Larson yells, “She sees us!”

The mother gives a sly smile as she turns to see if all is clear behind her. “She’s cool.” I smile, grabbing at his still-hard dick.

“Dude, she could tell!”

I ask him who is she going to tell? Besides, she smiled. We’re safe. He’s not convinced and starts to put away his still-hard dick.

“No seconds?” Larson stops. He looks at me. I think he finally realizes I’m not some drunk sorority bitch getting him off. I live for dick. His dick.

His dick flaps as he flexes it. I move back down. I take his hairy balls into my mouth and suck on them. They aren’t very big, but they have a fantastic musk.

I push his jeans down so he can open his legs and I can get in there better. I stroke his hardening cock and tongue his balls and taint. His ass is so close I can’t resist. My tongue pokes down by his hole. The guttural noise he makes tells me he is seriously digging this.

Jeans are off. Legs are in the air. Anyone walking by will absolutely know what’s going on. He doesn’t seem to care; neither do I. I poke my tongue into the dense mass of hairy along the crack of his furry ass. I get in deep. I chew and play with his musky hairy hole as he moans in pleasure.

Still jerking him, I move up and start licking his balls again. They pull up. He’s close. I feel his dick harden more. I take Larson’s aching cock into my mouth so he can nut. With my free hand I finger his hairy hole. Typical straight boy: loves to have his ass played with.

“I’m gonna…!” is the warning I get. My mouth is filled with his jizz. It feels like more than before. I swallow.

I pull up. He’s looking right at me. I get the feeling he was eyes wide open this time.

While we were busy another mini van replaced the empty spot in front of us. They’re not around. I’m sure they saw something. “I should go…” Larson is pulling up his pants.

“No thirds?” He double takes. I smile.

Larson gets out, thanks me and starts walking to his car. My cock is aching in my pants. I pull it out. I will not be able to drive with this hard on. I’m going to have to JO before heading home.

I look down and spit on my unit. Looking up I see Larson heading back. I assume he’s lost. I roll down the window. He stands there, insecure. His hands are jutted into his pockets.

“Um… were you joking about thirds?” He asks the ground, not looking up at me.


He looks up, waiting for me to invite him in. I’m still stroking my dick.

“Um… did I thank you for the, um…”


He nods. He’s still waiting.

“Um… should I have done… you, um, know”

I don’t, um, know. I just look at him.

“Um… not [points to mouth], but [hand job motion].”

I nod for him to jump in.

He hops in chatting. “I got to my car and I realized that I was, um… fuck!” He sees my hard-on. I put his hand on my dick, close my eyes and kick back. I hear him whisper “big” as he begins to stroke.

Straight-boys give lousy hand jobs. However, because they’re straight boys, I’m into it. Their awkwardness is hot.

“Spit on it,” I command, eyes still closed. He stops. I open my eyes and look at him. “Lube it up.” I close my eyes again. He spits on it. The warm spit in the cold truck feels nice. If I wanted to I could nut right now. I don’t.

“A little tighter,” I instruct, keeping my eyes closed. With his free hand, Larson plays with my balls, my taint… His finger touches my hole. I gasp. He won’t lick my hole, but he will play with it. I like that. I like that a lot.

I open my eyes and look at him. He is mesmerized watching his hand pumping my shaft while the other pokes at my hole. “Want to fuck me?” I’m not joking. He looks at me. “Seriously. Do you want to fuck me? I’m tighter than any pussy you’ve been in.”

He lets go and sits back. I lean over and open the glove box. I pull out a condom and some lube (I was a boy scout and I’m always prepared). He looks around at the parking lot.

I want some dick in me, so I cut it short. “Look, no one’s going to see. No one looks beyond their own little world. Get your dick out of your goddamned pants and fuck me.”

I throw the condom at him. I lube my hole. Larson quickly pulls open his jeans and slips the condom on. He doesn’t take his jeans off. For some reason that turns me on more. I pull off my sweatshirt and put it on the plastic covering the spot where the middle console goes. It’s not going to be comfortable, but otherwise it will be annoying. I put a little lube on his dong as I slide into position.

Larson looks a little lost. I have to direct him. “On top.” “move over.” “That’s not it.” I guide him in. “Push.” “Harder.”

“Holy Christ.” Larson calls out as he enters. “Oh, holy Christ!” I pull him down so it’s not so obvious to any passers by what’s going on. Of course, my legs are in the air and his foot leaving marks against the steamed up windows.

Larson’s a nice fuck. Good rhythm. I keep telling him to fuck harder. He complies. I tighten my “grip” around his shaft. He is loving it. He puts his head next to mine as he fucks my ass hard. I tell him how much I love his cock. He grunts with each thrust. I wrap my arms around him. I want to kiss him. Bad. If I don’t get this over with I will kiss him and ruin everything.

“Are you gonna cum in me?” I whisper in his ear. I’m pumping my cock hard.

He begins to buck wildly and crying out. “Take it! Take it! Take it!” Sweet Larson is blowing his load in my hole.

I was hoping to cum along with him. It’s taking me longer. I pump my cock frantically. Larson sits up. He leans down and spits on my dick. He’s so close to sucking it. I nut.

Cum spews all over my chest. I lay there breathing heavily. I wipe the jizz off my chest and the lube off my ass with my t-shirt.

Larson looks a bit lost. He’s trying to process. I thank him and begin to dress. I’m making this casual. It’s no big deal even though it is a very big deal. I grab the back of his neck and tell him he’s an awesome fuck. I give his back a congratulatory smack. I want to say, “See? This isn’t gay…” but it is. We both know it.

He dresses and hops out. He looks back at me. I make the “my lips are sealed” motion. He gives a thumbs up. I see the condom on the floor. I flick it at him and it lands on the window of the car parked next to me. He laughs and shuts the door. I watch him (and his hot ass) walk off into the cold to find his car.

I drive off wearing the only top in the car: an ugly sweater. I’m going home to send my sister a thank-you note.


Supplicant said...

Hey! Welcome back! I've waiting for the next installment. I really dig your writing.

Question--What kind of truck do you drive? What color?

(awk)Word said...

Thanks, buddy.

I drive a Dodge Ram 2500. Black.

(awk)Word said...

Hey, Supplicant:

I love that you're into ritualistic cock worship and hockey--two of my favorite pastimes...

We should chat...

Supplicant said...

AWESOME! Did you buy it purely to be the master of so much mechanized testosterone, or do you actually have some practical use for a truck that big? The lukewarm environmentalist in me just had to ask, but I don't really mean it. That's a fuckin' cool truck!

Yeah--I bet you could fuck a guy in a parking lot in a truck that tall and not get noticed. Reason enough to have it (if you can afford the fuel bill!).

I'll drop you an e-mail.

(awk)Word said...

The truck is purely for the sex appeal. No practical need (I have used it to haul stuff, but I could always rent/borrow a truck). The environmentalist in me gets knocked to the side by the testosterone boiling in my balls.

It's not the first time I fucked around in a truck in a parking lot--although it is a first for me to get balled like that. In high school I did it in a little Datsun truck... I guess I was more limber back then!

SickoRicko said...

Great story! Great pix! Glad you're back, too!

A-list said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you liked it. Did you go to my XXX blog too? Click in the right corner under Rule the City at Night

nickwallacesmith said...

great combination of pics and story! will be back for more. take care. nick

nickwallacesmith said...

reckon your pic-story-pic etc format works very well!! will be back for more. nick

(awk)Word said...


Yeah, I'm a visual person by nature. I like to add pics, for two reasons: 1) Not sure if my descriptions do my fucks justice, and 2) some of my fucks read this and get freaked when they see pics that look just like them ("they'll know it's me!"), so sometimes, it's a bit of a diversion from what they actually look like...

...oh, and also, I love looking at naked men!

nickwallacesmith said...

hey (awk)wurd, same as me - rarely do a post without some visual element - pic or some scanned material, etc. take care. nick

cum.lover said...

Supplicant is as cool as you. I wish that he had a blog or a website.

Anonymous said...

Didn't even look at the pics. Awesome story.

(awk)Word said...

@Anonymous: Thanks!