Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fill Up

It’s Thanksgiving. I’m with my family. More about another exciting family weekend later.

Drove up to The Ranch. Grandparent’s owned the ranch for decades. It’s no longer the money machine it was in it’s day, but it’s self-supporting. The Ranch is also our “family compound.” Holidays are all held here. Miss out on a holiday and we will talk about you.

Almost there. I stop for gas in the middle of nowhere. It’s dusk. The sun has set. There’s still some light. The place has a lone attendant. He’s young and cute. He offers to put air in my tires. Why not? There is a pump in the front, but he motions me to the back.

He squats to put air in my front tire. He makes sure I can see his big package. Bending over for the rear tire, he shows off his ass. The kid is not subtle at all. His redish hair gets darker as the light dims. However, his beautiful smile radiates.

Standing up, he asks if I need anything else. He’s hard. His pants look as if they’re about to burst open. I bite: “Yeah, what’s in your pants?” I feel like I’m in a bad 70’s porno.

I move forward. He seems surprised that I’m unzipping his pants. When his warm dick flops into the cool evening air, he gasps. I play with it. Our faces are close together put he won’t look at me. I kiss his cheek. My lips scrape on his stubble. I move to his neck and nibble. He gasps again.

I think he’s dreamed about doing this, but it’s never happened. Baby, I’m gonna make your fantasy come true. I rub his muscled chest and arms through his old T-shirt.

I drop to my knees and pull his fat cock into my mouth. Hard before, he’s now like a rock. I can barely get it away from his stomach. I slurp for a few seconds and he unleashes his load. Thick and chunky. A lot of it. I milk him completely. Every drop is savored and swallowed.

Standing up, I move to kiss him. He turns away. There is no fucking way that he’s getting off without getting me off. I nibble on his neck as I tuck his junk back in his pants. I ask him if he wants to blow me. He mentions about going back to work.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

I unzip. Semi-hard, it’s out in a second. Moving forward, I slip it into his pants. I thrust forward. My cock slides through his flannel boxers and amongst his dick; his balls. It’s a tight area, so it feels warm and nice. I’m horny, so this won’t take long.

Thrusting forward, I grab the back of his neck and pull our faces together. We are breathing heavy on each other. So close to kissing. He won’t. Straigh-boy shit. My cock is rubbing against his bush and down to his balls. The soft underwear is rubbing against the other side. Feels nice. He’s getting hard again.

I hear a car pull up to the pumps and honk.

He tells me to stop. I just grunt and keep thrusting. My face is buried in his neck. He smells like grease and sweat. It makes me hornier.

The car honks again.

I thrust faster and harder. I tell him to grab my ass. He doesn’t. I say it louder. Out of fear, he grabs it and pulls me close.

“Anyone here?!” someone yells.

“Pluh… pluh… please.” He grunts.

I think I hear the guy approaching. I nut. It’s been a few days. Big load. Very wet. That makes me smile.

I push away. “Customer,” I nod to the front.

The kid runs off, zipping up his pants.

I drive around the corner. The kid is filling the tank of some SUV. I can clearly see the wet stains around his crotch. I dropped quite a load. I drive off rather proud of myself.

If tradition holds, that will be the first load of many this weekend. And if my luck holds, I’ll need to get some air in my tires on the trek home Sunday.


Supplicant said...

Hey! Welcome back! That was hot. I'm glad you nutted in his crotch. It seemed appropriate.

SickoRicko said...

That was a great story! Don't stay away so long!