Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do you hook up with older or younger guys most? Which are the best shags?

When I was younger, I hooked up mostly with older guys (bit of a story there), now I tend to go for my age or younger (with notable exceptions). Older guys have more panache--they're into it to have a good time. Younger guys tend to be in it to get off--I like teaching them how to be a good lay. Sort of a draw.

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Ben said...

I like older, they know what they're doing and, more often than not, make sure you get off even if they've already blown their wad.

(awk)Word said...

I've seen some 16 year-olds that look like they're 25: tall, built, hairy. They were just too damn young.

Forbidden Light said...

I am in this older man phase...I'm talking 50 or older! My body needs that experienced touch...

I also love the contrast of being a young black man with older white men!


P.S. I am from the Bay Area, too...We should totally be friends!